saturday 29/09/2007

I need help with making a good deck. At the moment i have 122 clintz but can get more quickly. In my deck i have:

All are maxed out except Sakura and Matthew who will be soon. Any help will much apreciated.

For cheap yet strong cards,search through the clan FREAKS...

So if i levelup and come over 25 stars i in the room but nobody cant callenge me
tanks for help

Ok....thanks anyway

Buy 2* credits and buy full deck+booster

My idea is
marlysa cr-2
windy mor-3
xia leming-3

Lost Hog:- 5 Opp Attack Min 1 i think..........

Yeah using Kenny makes the life gained per damage as well as the damage itself more, meaning a bigger gap in your life if you win, allowing you to win easier.

Check past post:
10k to spend!! ~ need help
Some deck ideas there.
I still advise you buy an All Stars - Pussycats since you can sell in the market, but All Stars - Uppers is the next best thing, smiley

Kerozinn *5
Elya Cr *3
Windy Mor *3
Xia Leming *3
Zatman *3
Gina Glitt *3 / Frankie Hi *3
Samantha *2
Rubie *3

This is good deck to start with and has alot of potential for change if you buy new cards and get their unevolved versions. Uppers bonus helps you save pills for support bait attacks to spend on Fang Pi Clang defenders, you have 2 Stop Opp Bonus, 2 Damage Reducers, some walls, damagers and Stop Opp Ability. The deck is low on power but strategy with due experience can help out alot. GG's! smiley

Rubie's price when up badly =(

UR fun facts#25:the highest attack point a man can go is 168

friday 28/09/2007

Normaly the clans with less cards get the new cards...

and then from what I see they give cards acording to the rest of the clan card!
pussys are a really good clan so they gave them one rare and on common (good) card! and they gave them high stars this way you won't be able to use the new cards plus charlie, clara and yayoi!

At this moment I think they are trying to "equal" the clans power!!


thanks! smiley

Mori tou were right!

Its fun to interact w/ other

Im gunna make some more decks now ill post them lemme no wat you think smiley

Wow lol cracking down

230... does that happen? can't you only get 160? or do the cards have additional bonus for multiple leveling?

thursday 27/09/2007

Keanew, or Otakool should be fine too.
Sentinel have a lot of useful cards too, although, they are not very good at lower levels.
I wouldn't recommend playing freaks, unless you get yourself a Splata, which is expensive too.
I agree with Zhupons on the cats. They are powerful, and useful too.

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