tuesday 28/08/2007

Cool nightmare deck thats really fun



Charlie lvl4
lvl 1 pussy

I agree with 0- JP......XU52 Is Better........And a Fury-Gain Life Deck Is Better.

I would use Amelia.....im buying amelia and i have a fully evolved bhudd.......but bhudd is a good damage!so try both amelia and bhudd smiley

Confuse 3 Cards(More Better than the first one)
Same info..........
But it can be used in 3 rounds........

sunday 26/08/2007

Freaks because of the bonus u can make it hard for your oppenent to win.

saturday 25/08/2007

For Elo purposes, buy Saddy due to higher damage or Juicy Lord for damage prevention if that's what your missing in your deck, smiley

Lol mine is fully evolved

friday 24/08/2007

Kenny duh so obvious

Zatman, Rubie, Frankie Hi, Samantha
Since you are using Nightmare, you want to minimize your pill usage, most opponents are forced to play pills against the Uppers so these are some good choices, once you have timber in play, you get good combos with them as 7and 5 damage!
GG's! smiley

I would use Copper, not all decks are GHEIST, but beware that there is a Tier 1 GHEIST deck dominating the current meta. GG's! smiley

wednesday 22/08/2007

And i loved my Sakrohm/GHEIT deck =\

Now back to Ulu Watu/Uppers

I believe that Memento Mori has a point, if you are going for all of the cards like i did, then you should definatly buy the full pack, action, danger, and cool packs, but if you are looking to make money like I do now, then wait two weeks and when the new characters come out, buy the packs right away, that way you can turn around and sell them and make a huge profit

tuesday 21/08/2007

I've tried all stars - gheist but that did not work out very good

monday 20/08/2007

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Oops, wrong thread

sunday 19/08/2007

Thanks guys ,i know the cards can have more than 8 power by ability (courage,+power,team courage)or bounce(+2 power) i was just wondering if the power reducing in Maciej include this increases, i just thought the power reduce deal with the cards as the same as Power : Power Opp only with the base power my mistake.

Yup there are nothing special about them other than some CR are some of the best cards in Urban like Guru,General, Lyse Teria and others.

I say don't. Those cards can be useful if you know how to use them properly.

saturday 18/08/2007

Yh thx for thtsmiley , i agree that EVO is not a forced set of rules but i can see where Apollo is coming from , where players ensure a victory using fury espically in lost warehouse

I don't get it, how come people on 4% some people have green faces , i'm on 94% and i'm on orange smiley

The +8 bonus against the -10 bonus, is closer than you think... smiley
because the - 10 bonus has a minimum, where the +8 doesn't have a maximum smiley

also, Junkz has some pretty strong cards usable for ELO...
I prefer them to Sentinel most of the time.

but the real question here, is which clan would fit well with Junkz?
maybe Sakrohm, good Damage reduction, and not bad Power/Bonus.
-8 can still make the difference.

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