monday 09/07/2007

I made a 2 star deck, for non ELO play durring tournaments.
it utalized similar qualities, though i included Wanda.
Graff is very important in a 2 star deck.
Windy mor, Xai Leming, and Marlyssa Cr are great, since Xai Leming, and Windy Mor have 6 power at level 1, 2 and 3.
Sheitane is great, for poison, won many games for me.
then Veenyle is outstanding, 6 power, and -3 damage min 2.

I usually use a deck of 8 low star cards to get over 100 points in a daily tournament, then pop in an 8 5 star deck to let other players get points.

friday 06/07/2007

Hey. thanx for all of your suggestions. im currently trying out what 0-JP NN has suggested. it's working pretty good. i'll try some different suggestions next week . thank you again smiley
- kegan_anreda

wednesday 04/07/2007

Strike back is meant only for Leaders in my opinion, it would make a particular Clan with that ability too strong.smiley

monday 02/07/2007

I had Ambre in an ELO deck, it was Allstars primary, with some decent damage reducing support cards.
As for Montana, go with Hugo, because that basically means that the -12 attack min 8 will always be active, where normally you need to use at least 1 pill to gain the benefit.

Try freaks and allstars smiley

Hav u guys tried freaks AND allstars smiley

sunday 01/07/2007

Hi, okay I'm still pretty new to ELO, and before starting to use unleveled cards I want to build up my collection. My current deck is:

All Stars -

Pussycats -
Dolores Boss

Now, I imagine given how many cards are coming out soon things may change, but at present this deck lets me win a lot more than I lose, but only within say the 1000-1100 region, I tend to get owned by Sakrohm and Uppers. If clintz wasn't an issue, and bearing in mind I want to keep a fully leveled deck, does anyone have any advice to offer about where to start going with my deck?

saturday 30/06/2007

Oops, my mistake... I rolled down the price list without knowing. Sorry!!!!!

friday 29/06/2007

It's nice, i guess it won't go that much down, i think its going to stay more or less like gaia, but we will see, it's ability its stopp bonus

And then you question yourself how this got trough smiley

About bots,i think there are really some i suspect especially EVO MODE which is really "scripted"...this makes the macro easier to program,but still i just play the game and who knows if you are using a macro,shouldnt you be level 99 by nowsmiley

So it could pwn ppl smiley

wednesday 27/06/2007

But what is the fun if you play that way ?

"Yeah, 2 Hikiyousan and 2 Tanaereva in my hand again...i love my deck of two cards"

After some battles with the same cards and the same strategy you get bored

tuesday 26/06/2007

I prefer Hugo because he has higher power/dmg and he works all 4 rounds of the game. As an opponent of bridget you just save your pillz when defending, with hugo you have to waste at least 2 pills throughout the entire match (if you want to win with 2 successful attacks).

monday 25/06/2007

Lamras ability is stop bonus

Thx guys smiley

Try calculating your level vs the level of your opponent, maybe that has an affect on the amount of clintz you gain for winning.

sunday 24/06/2007

Jerre you can match up a 1 tier deck of
bangers/Sakrohm/Uppers - Just add one leader and the deck will be nice as said by zuleta smiley

Yeh, I dont have Lao yet. I could sell a majority of my doubles/triples and get him though.

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