wednesday 19/09/2007

Just one that has no random.

I have found soushee and ashley (both -3 opp dmg) kinda handy in cutting down opp damage whilst my bigger cards dish it out

monday 17/09/2007

If you repeated the match, you would win almost twice as much as you lose. That's is why you call it random.

sunday 16/09/2007

We're patient, we're just telling you how to make the site better, but take your time you're doing a great job... smiley

And thanks for removing the other deck smiley

Jade, with that name the card should be split in for cards at least smiley

I think gheist and nightmares are good...try it

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0 -JP is right,and i use my Ambre when testing also

saturday 15/09/2007


friday 14/09/2007


thursday 13/09/2007

All are cancelled. 2 or more leaders, same or different, in one player's hand => all leaders of that player have their abilities nullified. (Already two of anysort trigger the "Cancel Leader" Bonus which -surprise, surprise- cannot be cancelled and is in fact the only thing that can cancel leader abilities.)

For me..I'd use ambre...but no clz =(.

wednesday 12/09/2007

1Wise-TPW for ELO there is no need of Cr'ing them, just ban and enough.

tuesday 11/09/2007

I think levithon and kawan look cool

monday 10/09/2007

Hum.. Freaks are not a really good clan. Because their bonus can be used only once in a game... So if you want to play freaks, play them with another clan. I think Pussycats is a good association. I can't help more beacaue I don't know freaks cards very well... Sorry :S

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The random factor still has its extreme effects sometimes, but it doesnt affect you as much as timeouts i would say. I believe timeout points should be increased because it costs me time and points during a tourny when my opponent times out smiley

sunday 09/09/2007

I've had the same problem and I know I didn't lose connection because I was on another site in another window and was still functional. It's the site and it gets buggy at certain times of the day.

Sorry i must of forgotten amelia

From the "JOIN ROOM" page:

[coup picture] Take note that in this room, during all daily tournaments, the number of bonus points awarded for a character levelling up will be limited to 0 pts, KO bonus are also limited to 2 pts. Finally, everybody must be visible during a tournament.

However I think that it was 5 points before and even more before that. When I started playing here I used to get up to 30-40 points by KOing fast and keeping lots of pillz

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