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wednesday 08/02/2012


We reached 500 players!
1st Chikko Cr
2nd Terry Cr
3rd Terry Cr
4th Arnie

The winners will have 1 week to request prizes

I accept donations for the event!

I'm organizing another event, but only for Portuguese speakers (all rules/comments ... are/must be in Portuguese). If you speak Portuguese, we have at least 100k in prizes: Jogos de Março - MR HoN - 100k de prêmios garantidos (veja detalhes)!!

tuesday 07/02/2012


This is just to test the standard 25 format out.

1) Entrance is FREE...

2) Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

3) ENTRANCE... is free. I have short term memory loss but I believe I mentioned that. But If I didn't, well yeah, it's free to join.

4) If we get a good amount of ppl to join, the end date will be pushed forward (as that way, players can fill out an observation WS (I'm still in the process of making one, but I'll send it via event mail once I close applications to the event) of what clans they encountered most, did they enjoy the new format, what things should change, etc.) If we don't, well I'll still run it for the hell of it.

5) It'll only be a week long. Once enough players join, I'll confirm a start date 24 hours before officially starting the event (Give or take a few hours, depends on when I get online).

PS: The Dollar signs that replace the "S"s are an implication of something. Ooh, discretion FTW!

monday 06/02/2012

1st, 2nd and ken chan's 3rd4th are godly.
3rd is cuuute smiley

sunday 05/02/2012

Because of low interest the event has been deleted. Donations have been returned.

saturday 04/02/2012

Wow I thought its new game . Sign me in

Sign me up . My first day in forums
Name : KiraDeathAngel

monday 30/01/2012

We need 9 players to start the event !!

saturday 28/01/2012

Ten teams already registered with at least two more on the way AND several free agents looking.

My events always fill quickly. I say that not come off in any way as arrogant or boastful, but rather to really drive the point home to everyone that your window to actually join this exciting event is quite limited. If you plan to play do not hesitate! Grab a partner and join now as the event WILL fill. smiley

friday 27/01/2012

Hmm i suk at lotos, so im not gona join, specially since the admission fee is 1k, maybe ur nxt event.

tuesday 24/01/2012

sunday 22/01/2012

saturday 21/01/2012

I sincerely think your picture should have sincerely won.

But it sincerely did not.

Anyway. The top 3 Place has been given. It's enough food for the eye and I won't frown if Toxica requested closing this thread.smiley

friday 20/01/2012

Please do not bump this... it is really old...

wednesday 18/01/2012

1st : 23% of the jackpot
2nd : 17% of the jackpot
3rd : 15% of the jackpot
4th : 13% of the jackpot
5th : 10% of the jackpot
6th : 8% of the jackpot
7th : 6% of the jackpot
Clintz will be given on standing to fights
Cards :
Miss stella
{ cards will be given by lottery result )

tuesday 17/01/2012

Been a while since my last event so let's do another.
Yoda's New Blood Challenge

Simply put:
8 cards
No more than 32*
No doubles
ONLY cards currently available in New Blood packs (this will change with new releases).

500 clintz to join and all the money after Kate's fee (+ some stuff put up by me) goes to the winners.

Make it open so others can join

monday 16/01/2012

Join and spread the word!



saturday 14/01/2012

A better player always need 3 things :
3.Lucky This event will show you how that can be : As i said , donations will add Extra points Imagin some numbers between ( 100-500)
Fight with all players.. (1+1+1+) Will make you the winner .. Helpful: Donations ;
Lucky : Imagin number ( like lottery ) ;
Strong: Fight against all players smiley

Rules :
least 1 time or at most 3 times.
2.Imagin a number bethween ( 100-500)
3.Your number+your fight-points avarage , The most maked points will be the lucky-strong winner smiley
4.The winner will be founded very soon.
5.Your donation will give you extra points and Extra chance to win XD..Give any donations ( any kind of card)

http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=60956 --> Lucky Storng Honest & Helpful smiley

friday 13/01/2012

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