wednesday 18/05/2016

Neat. Such a shame Lola and Clive took a hit for Berzerk, I really liked Berzerk for Roots/Gheist weeks. Gemmz and iffler seem like decent enough additions, might have to shift away from the 444 format with them as a result.

sunday 15/05/2016

For missions: do it
For prices: DONT YOU DARE!

In survivor the plays who get the post wins for the Day/Week or month in each suvivor mode gets credits (or tokens in some positions).

1st win 20 Credits.
2nd to 3rd win 10 Credits.
4th to 10th win 5 Credits.

1st win 30 Credits.
2nd to 3rd win 20 Credits.
4th to 10th win 10 Credits.
1st win 10 gold Tokenz.
1st win 10 silver Tokenz.
1st win 15 bronze Tokenz.
2nd win 10 gold Tokenz.
2nd win 10 silver Tokenz.
2nd win 15 bronze Tokenz.
3rd win 10 gold Tokenz.
3rd win 10 silver Tokenz.
3rd win 15 bronze Tokenz.
4th win 10 gold Tokenz.
4th win 10 silver Tokenz.
4th win 15 bronze Tokenz.
5th win 10 gold Tokenz.
5th win 10 silver Tokenz.
5th win 15 bronze Tokenz.
6th to 10th win 5 gold Tokenz.
6th to 10th win 10 silver Tokenz.
6th to 10th win 15 bronze Tokenz.
11th to 25th win 5 gold Tokenz.
11th to 25th win 10 silver Tokenz.
11th to 25th win 15 bronze Tokenz.
26th to 50th win 7 silver Tokenz.
26th to 50th win 7 bronze Tokenz.
51st to 100th win 7 bronze Tokenz.

1st win 50 Credits.
2nd to 3rd win 30 Credits.
4th to 10th win 20 Credits.

saturday 14/05/2016

^Something that didn't work out for you

That's what I need.

thursday 12/05/2016

The Website looks good but when you click play, that part of the game looks terrible

tuesday 10/05/2016

Read all the cards history then you can see who will become cr

monday 09/05/2016

Not all 1 star cards are useless. Wanda is better than her 2 star version at 8/1. Pretty much any Pussycat can be played at 1* since they still get their DR bonus...

Well leader wars would be made with different rules to boot

sunday 08/05/2016

I never want to see this game die..I just think heavy advertising will help.

friday 06/05/2016

Damn you str8t to h3ll, -RetiredPill!!!!!!

thursday 05/05/2016

I'm not for modifying card stats but since the staff has already gone there with the semi-evos, how about we change Prot: Attack to Cancel Opp Att Mod? I mean, it's probably one of the lamest abilities in the game. Plus, only a handful of cards (less than 5, I think) have it...

monday 02/05/2016

Wish there was an exp gain freeze functio . but if u used it ur card is no longer marketplace traceable.

sunday 01/05/2016

Just get the mobile app, and buy credits through that thing. It's way cheaper, and most mobile services accept all sorts of credit cards. smiley

saturday 30/04/2016

"Putting a requirement to pay... and then hastilingly throwing a big prize to justify it was not the way forward"
Putting a sizeable requirement to play in the first instance of the mode without telling us what to expect in return other than "it's worth it" or any guarantees that the mode even works is the way backwards.

friday 29/04/2016

6 messages

The matador is el jaguar smiley
and the biker is sarah

thursday 28/04/2016

6 messages

I gess dt could give leader wars tickets
an elo is arcane tickets but have more then just one way to get them cause seems like is better odd's of winning the lotto 3 times in a row then get 1 ticket.

wednesday 27/04/2016

This thread is what I'm on this game for

Oh I'm sorry....I wasn't aware of that smiley

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