wednesday 13/06/2007

I recently ran into Ambre, Lamar, Yayoi and some level 1 Pussycat in ELO... needless to say I had no chance at all, not even theoretically, to win that... -.-

Use a lvl 2 Jane Ramba and a lvl 4 Bryan smiley

tuesday 12/06/2007

Ambre is courage 3

But the thing is StormWind EVO, the bonus being active for the sentinels meant my deck was apparently too strong, and i was blacklisted by that person, not a moderator, with the description of my wrongdoing as having a overpowerful deck due to drawing these cards.

Oh right..i did not know, sorry. I will follow that.

monday 11/06/2007

Ps: I have low star cards because is the best that i can buy for the moment.

sunday 10/06/2007

I do not like it.
It has no defence and if you're against an attacking clan (La Junta, Fang Pi) you get a very heavy pwnage.

If you want to stick with gheist/freaks, maybe this will work-

miss ming
maciej (or vassili if he's too much)


saturday 09/06/2007

People... just read what the staff said... the refusals is the problem. I still think the core of the issue is misunderstanding.

Lower level ELO player has no reason to refuse challenge from higher level ELO. Sure, he can lose a tiny bit of ELO, but he can gain tons of rating if he wins. At the same time high ranking ELO player gets little from winning such match and risks a lot. Besides prearanged matches (a completely different problem and one that can be worked around even under the restrictions) challenging low ELO players is not the way to farm ELO, it is the way to wreck your ELO.

Again. It is higher level ELO who has any reason to refuse challenge. This can get frustrating for both sides but mostly for said high level as he is unable to issue challenge while he has another challenge pending, which he has no intent on accepting.

I do respect the staff for implementing such rule and i think it is a good thing. But i highly suspect there is slight error of what the intent was and how the actual rule was implemented, leading to switching low and high boundary around (probably from perceiving the problem from the point of view of the challenged player - who is the one having issues - and not the one issuing challenge).

friday 08/06/2007

Lol and anyway ppl can change their names and it takes way to long to look up player ID's

tuesday 05/06/2007

You will level up cards quickly by playing normal........


When you play EVO it even goes faster EVO is not obsolete smiley!

Rembember; never let two cards of the same level fight each other (if you have the chose that is) because that will give you the least experience.....
It is always nice for a 4 star to play against a 1 star (both players get maximum experience)
Trow in a Vansaar if you want to level up at warp speed (you only level up 3 cards though......and your opponent will be happy with is a nice bonus smiley )

Go Bangers, Junkz for a while. Try to get Platoona and Keanew

Well sir lavitz,before i made it onto top 25 of elo,i lost a lot of battles...Loosing is a part and really a great part of the game cause this is the part were you learn mistakes - just dont play on dark corners oksmiley...well i guess you got 0cr-warr's reply:losing is better then not me its the best smiley

Randomness was disabled in DZ because alot of the higher players were distressed about the illogical outcomes that the randomizer presented. Alot of complaining -- I mean 100's of new messages hourly/daily -- were being set upon the randomizer.

Because of the community feedback the poll system was used to decide if DZ should be de-randomized. This is the case.

Ironically now that we have a room that does not have random -- alot of the same players who asked for the DZ tweak play in DC & those that were opposed find thmselves in DZ. Funny how life is.

Visit for your UR news fix.

monday 04/06/2007

Actually Ambre is the best leader for la junta with thier bonus all you have toi do is win 2 rounds. With her courage added to the really powerful cards like bryan wardog jane ramba it makes them very hard to beat. You can play less pillz and force your opponent to play more. Attack 6 is attack 6 no matter how many pillz you play but courage 3 plus 3 pillz is attack +9. Just my opinion

sunday 03/06/2007

By the way.. everyone should know that StormWind EVO is a gentleman and quite a sport. Truly if you are going to get in trouble you should hope and pray that this guy is the one who catches you. I'm really happy to see that we have such a helpful and efficient staff looking over us. Alright enough of this butt-kissing.


saturday 02/06/2007

Lol yh i think ELO is like a ranking of the best players but it would be cool to have like one tournament to name the best player to date , all the best smiley

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Riccardo has -3 opp damage, min 4

the better cheap cards (cheap = 1000Clintz or less):
Ice Jim

Hope this helps a bit. Greets and have fun with the game! smiley

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