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sunday 14/10/2007

U shoud try

frankiie hi 3
zatman 3
samantha 2
rubie 3
kati 4
xia leming 3
sakazuki 2
kinjo 5


At the end I always know.. and you wouldn't know that I know that you didnt know how to play against me.. so you dont know and I know and you lose and you have to set subject about that how I know and how you are going to lose every single batle against me.. you diodnt know?

Ithought the same thing to go pysco killer

It really annoys me when they try and ko you in the 2nd round
thats why most of the time i play the unevolved cards first 2 rounds and i only have 1 or 2 to do anyway
maybe pillz should be not available in lost warehouse? (no that would go against the game rules and be too confusing)
i think the best solution is to just challenge higher level players evo or oldskool (preferably evo in my opinion)

also, if the opponent plays to win, just fight back with kinjo 9 pillz 3 fury! yay pwnage!
plus side is that the opponent can have a 5 star to battle when they want to train the cards as well

saturday 13/10/2007

I like the deck but:

yookie yould be good in your because it is a /4 and a damage reducer and you only have jane ramba...
I prefer bryan of burger because of his S.O.A. with tima you'll understande that some times it much better a stop opp ability than a +8 power... take burger vs bryan for exemple bryans ability totaly kills burger power, but in time you'lll se this! but burger aint a bad card at all...
beltra cr , in my opinion since now we have miken moose beltran cr is just obsolet... -.-''

Well if you playing a pure deck I would recommend you use a different Leader that would be which ever you have. I would prefer you play with this build; Ashigaru is the only hero to be used in any Freaks combination, the key is the 1'st round, this would make you decide which is a better tactic since you have Courage / Bonus cards like Miss Ming *1 and Titus or a great combination with the Ashigaru - Splata.

Ashigaru *5
Splata *5
Boris *3
Titus *3
Graziella *2
Soushee *2
Miss Ming *1

GG's! smiley

Actually it won't work because based on the room's description the number of bonus points awarded for a character leveling up will be limited to 0 pts

Here's my deck now

Frankie Hi

Oh yeah, I sold Ambre for the extra clintz I needed for Zatman. After that I had just a little more than enough for Veenyle.

Carlos No abilityAttack +8

Copper Power +5 Attack +8

Havok Ability at level 5 Attack +8

Luis Stop opp ability Attack +8

Miranda Damage +2 Attack +8

Miss Chloe -4 opp damage, min 2 Attack +8

Skiner Attack +12 Attack +8

Zdrone No ability Attack +8

Taken from a post by Stormwind:

First off there are only Guidelines to EVO play. EVO is not an officially recognized method of play by Staff.

How you chose to play EVO is mostly your business the only steadfast "rules" are:

1) You and your opponent should get 2 wins whenever possible.
2) Each player will use 6 pillz on their turns and 0 on their opponents (this rule is flexible as you may need to level a 1 power character and 6 pillz may not be enough. As long as you're only using pillz on your turn it's not that important).

Fury is not usually necessary in EVO. I use Fury to ensure draws. If that's all you're using it for then you're fine.

You can't "cheat" in EVO. You are either playing EVO style or you aren't. Since you aren't playing to win (though theoretically someone is likely to win) you can't really cheat.

Playing to win is frowned on, but that doesn't make it some horrible crime when playing EVO. I personally wouldn't worry about some random person screaming about you cheating at EVO because you used Fury to get a draw. This individual needs to lay off the stress and you shouldn't let it effect you. I say stay the course as you are (from your account of things) doing nothing wrong.

Please also read the Unofficial Rules for the Lost Warehouse by Stormwind

Kawan has 86 attack and Loma Noju has 54. The chance for Kawan winning is 86/(86+54)=61% while Loma Noju has 54/(86+54)= 39%.

Unless your attack is twice your opponent don't be surprised if you lose or win because no card will ever have 0% chance of winning.

friday 12/10/2007

Hey, when you started this subject,the prices suddenly went up!now i cant do this thing buy thomsons...

Well i guess best to find out now than later. ;P

Tha'ts a nice deck, i only don't like that much Dash, but using him well can make you win easy a game.

Try and see if it works with you smiley


Marlysa Cr or Windy Mor lvl 2 or Xia Leming lvl 2 (Now it's the part, as you need one of these cards to balance the clans.)

You switch Marina for Amelia, and then swithc the unevolved 2 star cards for his evolved version, but i don't like much that way

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You can check here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=abilities

thursday 11/10/2007

Look at the ELO deck database and you will see a lot of good ELO decks there that you can adapt to you according to your cards. Just choose the clans you know how to play =D


It will be a viable nightmare/gheist deck if you do darko sugestions.... you can do it without changing Ielena, but I think it gets much better with nistarok instead of ielena...

as you have your deck it ain't a viable deck at all...

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Sorry...I didn't see the news.

Let's say that the ability says that power/damage opp power/damage min your power/damage. Will it have any significant change to the cards being used?

Warren is used as a 1-star and has only 1 power. Selsya also have only 1-power. Dash and Jaoe has only 1-damage. Will giving it a minimum improve their chances?

And remember power or damage added by bonus will be added after the ability resolve so cards like Warren and Laetitia says power opp power+2 so you still have 2 more power than your opponent as long as both bonus and ability resolves.

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