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thursday 11/10/2007

Actually, it would be benificial for the noobs in the warehouse coz kinjo's lvl 5 right? so lots of XP!

wednesday 10/10/2007

If u want to make full ulu watu for type 1, than this could work
wee lee
ice jim

i think that using less than 25 stars ensures low star count in your hand, and its great for tournaments, since the more low stars win a round, the more points u get, although u can trade wee lee with hikiyousan if u want

Lol just play in tournaments and maybe do as jimbo says and buy some credits , i'm thinking of buting some soon so i can make my deck smiley

tuesday 09/10/2007

Vansaar realin only helpfull for training cards in the lostwarehouse , as for other leaders deffinatly ambre smiley

The ability or bonus which doesn't get cancelled or stopped always prevail in any given situation..which mean that Windy Mor's ability goes through,his bonus is not cancelled by Elixir's stop opponent bonus..he therefore has damage +2

In the above situation: nothing cancels or stops Windy Mor's ability,right? therefore it prevails and Windy Mor's bonus of damage +2 still apply

This is never a matter of whose ability or bonus comes or gets applied first..just remember.."the ability or bonus which doesn't get cancelled or stopped always prevail in any given situation".

I think this thread should be sticked to the wall so future questions about this matter would be avoided..

Gheist all stars would work if you aren't playing elo, but if you are then maybe drop xu52 for methane (i prefer high power cards to high damage cards so i don't use xu52 much anyway)

To make the ultimate deck for fight type two, use 8 charlie (s). Her ability lets you negate two points of damage so if your opp uses something like vicke, that blocks your bonus, your in luck. Also, charlie does have 7 power and deals eight damage.

If I were want have a Collector card, I couldn't only buy credit. I need win ELO

I actually would use them both. smiley

monday 08/10/2007

Thanks for tha answers, i thought about that because otherwise Morphun will be better choise than Hugo most of time ( especially when most of your characters powers is equal or greater than 6) but in this wise Hugo will be a good choice too.

Its just random...this is wat just happened to me...

Venus with 6 pillz vs Dr Saw with 4 pills and I lost...hmm...lol..w/e. His Dr Saw one hit mine...

Random factors are really stupid and I hate it..lol

Yes their abilities are all the same (exepct kenny and mojo are +2, and hel and Ielena are +1), but if you have to choose between a card lvl 5 I would certanly go for nistarok, great power and great damage reducer...

but is you want a leader than I guess with this cards I would choose bridget!
If you gain 3 life in one battle pluz kenny with fury you would allmost for sure win!

I mean you gave 5 damage and you gain 10 life from him plus 3 from bridget, tat means you'll have a total 18 damage!

if you make your opp use his S.O.A. in ielena and make him spend his pillz in her, mojo and hel you will certanly win with kenny and with 18 damage it is not likely that you lose, but you have the question of the lot of S:O.A: out there and you have the damage reducer that are leta to this strategy!

Random has its ups and downs but the worst is when you have nearly double your opponent's attack for that round and lost....even if its 42 against 82 for example. Thats the only thing that aggravates me quite a bit. Usually its alright.

Its really a type 2 deck.

Try this

Keanew (save to buy Kawan)

Dr Saw
Z3r0 D34d
Meyen (but save to buy Vladimir)

Yeah I guess that's the reason random? I hope so..
because not much have symbol..

That's what exactly what I mean Drapth..
I put Dan as damage reducer
and I put bunny as decoy
and you can finish them off
with Kawan and walmoth, etc

Just wondering, if I buy cards from the shop, i still won't be able to sell my cards in the market publicly or privately right? Cause I got 15 credits from tournaments right now and will probably get 20 by next week. Gonna get a Danger pack and just hope I get at least some good cards if i can only sell to Kate.

True or u could just get a blocker..lol. If the enemy attacks with a strong card, it could either be a bait or kill u so u have to choose carefully. For example, Nistarok is sometimes used as a blocker or a hitter so it all depends on the player. See wat other cards the enemy has and their ablities. If u just use a block like Uranus, if its a bait, u don't loose 5 to 7 pills and if its a bait, u do good damage against them. But its all matter of gambling actually and the random factors which I hate alot.

Sometimes, the strong cards can be quite predicatable. Cards with poison will usually go first to assure maxium poison damage. Low attack and High damage cards are usually used as baits. Cards with +x life per damage are usually equiped with lots of pills to assure the win.

Some other cards can be pretty unpredicatable. Kinjo, if all ablity/bonus/fury in effect, it can 1 hit you instantly. 12 damage and bam, u are dead. But it could be used as a bait so u would use alot of pillz against it. So as I said before, its all bout gambling half the time even if you know ur stuff.

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