saturday 21/07/2007

The symbol is a sun.......soleil means sun in is etoille if i'm not mistaken....

friday 20/07/2007

Very good cards, now it's time to make a post for Nightmare, Montana and Roots smiley

thursday 19/07/2007

Thanks ppl reelly appreciate the advice

wednesday 18/07/2007

What about


tuesday 17/07/2007

Match one:
Elo Based:All stars will win
Non Elo Based:Uppers will win,we all know they dominate elo with jackie(currently jackie is banned to balance uppers)

Match two:
I dont know,but i bet whats with these leaders?But still if with power,leaders will dominate,whats the point of making a match with a clan without bonussmiley

Match three:
Junkz makes up a good pair vs pussycats,although junkz lacks defense,pussycats will surely win smiley

Match four:
Elo based:fang pi clang
Non Elo based:sentinels
Please note:They are a good match i guess,kerozinn and copper(no bonus) makes a good couple

Match five:
Gheist doesnt have too much POWA,but roots has ratanah and noodile who has solid 8 power

Match six:
Bangers and ulu watu has same bonus,ulu watu has a lot of high power cards BUT what good on bangers is you can use the level 3 vermyn n,juicy lord as level 1,meroo as level 1.Moreover ulu watu has wee lee and tanaereva on non elo mode.
Elo based:Bangers
Non Elo based:Ulu watu

Match seven:
La junta and Nightmare,no connection at allsmiley
But the fact that la junta will own because of some solid power and abilities especially the old cr - general cr

PS:Not all are im talking are just about elo,also on normal games

Good games to allsmiley

monday 16/07/2007

I prefer Nightmare for some reason....

friday 13/07/2007

Well, i actually believe that a level 2 caciope would be good, and keep he level 4 SkrumxxT.
because, you don't get as many points for a level 5, but your opponent does, if they beat him.

thursday 12/07/2007

Well, if the other three cards are good, you still have a verry descent chance of winning smiley

wednesday 11/07/2007

I found it smiley thx


tuesday 10/07/2007

6 messages

No happy mate there is one tournament thread with 160+ posts makin it at least hotter then the create a card one

And even for the recruitment forum this is an example on how to NOT post a thread if you want people to think you are a reasonable person with reasonable social skills and mental abilities.


Zatman is cool, true.. but I don't see a problem there.
Offcourse, if uppers would get another powercard, than Zatman might get banned from elo. (see ulu watu)

monday 09/07/2007

I made a 2 star deck, for non ELO play durring tournaments.
it utalized similar qualities, though i included Wanda.
Graff is very important in a 2 star deck.
Windy mor, Xai Leming, and Marlyssa Cr are great, since Xai Leming, and Windy Mor have 6 power at level 1, 2 and 3.
Sheitane is great, for poison, won many games for me.
then Veenyle is outstanding, 6 power, and -3 damage min 2.

I usually use a deck of 8 low star cards to get over 100 points in a daily tournament, then pop in an 8 5 star deck to let other players get points.

friday 06/07/2007

Hey. thanx for all of your suggestions. im currently trying out what 0-JP NN has suggested. it's working pretty good. i'll try some different suggestions next week . thank you again smiley
- kegan_anreda

wednesday 04/07/2007

Strike back is meant only for Leaders in my opinion, it would make a particular Clan with that ability too strong.smiley

monday 02/07/2007

I had Ambre in an ELO deck, it was Allstars primary, with some decent damage reducing support cards.
As for Montana, go with Hugo, because that basically means that the -12 attack min 8 will always be active, where normally you need to use at least 1 pill to gain the benefit.

Try freaks and allstars smiley

Hav u guys tried freaks AND allstars smiley

sunday 01/07/2007

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