saturday 04/08/2007

Yup ELO is more rewarding. Good games.

Another problem, is that if you want to rely on two clans, by using Freaks, and Pussycats, you run the risk of having 3 from a single clan, be it 3 Freaks(which is the better of the two possibilities, or 3 pussycats, which you'd likely have all lesser cats, instead of Yayoi, and Charlie... which would be a problem since your damage would effectively decrease by at least 6.

friday 03/08/2007

Well ulu and uppers...

Welll... I don't like them...

miken moose is only good in a battle one to one without pillz because of its ability, otherwise it sucks, but looking at the clan you picked, it is a good 2 star card...

Tshern is a nice card, but it's min 5 in his ability sucks for real, if you're able use ratanah, she's much better! smiley

Wait... what does "what does poison do?" have to do with problems in the new rooms?

thursday 02/08/2007

Eve 01zulueta they are talking about which to use not how you will play the cards per round of play.

wednesday 01/08/2007

I know you can't be poisoned twice.Darth Telsa I don't think you are right.I've poisoned my opponet twice and the poison that affects him follows these rules.When I poison them once with rosa and then wtith shieatine shietines poison was the one that worked.

Z3r0 D34d is more consistent, and doesn't suffer as much from a stop opp ability than Selsya Cr
Selsya Cr can be used at lvl 1 (however I would not play Cr's at lvl 1 because it would cost me to much).
I play Gwen lvl 1 for pussycats and she costs me plenty already smiley

Restricting ELO play to the Danger Rooms would be a terrible idea for those of use who play in the Pacific (GMT-smiley timezone. By the time we're ready to play in the evenings, all of Europe is in bed, and good luck finding more than two people to play with in the Danger Room.

Plus, for me, at least, I tend to switch back and forth between the two rooms when playing ELO. When I get frustrated by losing a few battles due to randomness in the Dark Corners, it's off to the Danger Room. When having the outcome pre-ordained by the end of Turn 2 gets old in the Danger Room, it's back to the Dark Corners.

Also, I agree that the random factor does even out in the long run. Considering the number of battles you'd need to fight to get your ELO rank into the top 10, there's no way to get there just by dumb luck.

tuesday 31/07/2007

One more thing: i think that it's ability have to be -2 opp damage min 1 and what i said before!


very good question!!!
i think this way:
if laetita's power is 4, that will be selsya's power!
and laetita's power will be 1 +2 power bonus!
so laetita=3 and selsya=4


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Admins can you please close this topic thank you

sunday 29/07/2007

It's better for you to choose two clans you like to plays first

Problem with using GHEIST and Nightmare, is low power, unless you use Miss Twice, and Ielena, you end up with 6 as your highest power card smiley that was why i ended up switching to using Nightmare Roots for a while when i first began playing ELO mode.
but having both Sheitane, and Nina was a fun draw, because nobody knows which one you'll focus pillz on.
that, and Nahi, is a good contrast to Deiter.

Don't use K Cube... you're better with Mojo...
or maybe that's just because i don't like K-Cube... because his picture isn't as good as some of the other Nightmare cards smiley
anyway... Mojo gets tha ability ar level 2, only 4 power, but it's still got more potential than K cube in my eyes.

saturday 28/07/2007

I donno smiley cuz i have some from the nightmare clan too but someone told me before not to use them for some reason.

friday 27/07/2007

I am using same strategy like DerMagus, every time once I manage to collect 100 points, I stop and go do something else. By that time, the guy ranked no 1 already collect few hundred points. Its impossible to squeeze into top 50, so why wasting time to continue playing ?

there is a lot of players coming in to play in the last 30 minutes, and they get same clintz with the guy ranked 51, I think that is unfair.

my suggestion is,

1st - 5th => 4000 clintz
6th - All remaining players => B / T * 196000

where, B = Battle Point you collect in the tournament
T = Total Battle Point (for all player) in the tournament

so, assuming the guy ranked 51, collect 300 Battle Point during that session, he will get,
Clintz rewarded = 300 / 300000 * 196000
= 196

another guy who coming in last minute to play one round and collect 5 Battle Point,
Clintz rewarded = 5 / 300000 * 196000
= 3.27
= 3 (Round to integer)

Both elya and kerazosin will be collecter cards some day. Look at the Soleil (Sun) and it's prices will skyrocket. Personally i'd hang onto it.

You have some real good cards in your set Just not much that goes together. You have what could be the start of a FangPI/Ulu Watu deck. You have 2 of the tougher cards to come by in those sets. Elya/Gaia. Jeff is a very good 2 star with clan bonus. Costing under 200 right now.

I am assuming you are looking for an ELO deck? Anyway check the forum here and with what you got i'd say go with Fang Pi/ Ulu Watu.

Sell some of the other stuff, if you must, Havock can get you almost 8k now.

I hope that helps.

thursday 26/07/2007

I believe nothing would change. The ability of leaders works in the end or beggining of turns, and stop opp bonus works on battle

Then let him in deck, i thought you would prefer More damage with Chad Bread smiley

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