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saturday 29/09/2007

Rubie's price when up badly =(

UR fun facts#25:the highest attack point a man can go is 168

friday 28/09/2007

Normaly the clans with less cards get the new cards...

and then from what I see they give cards acording to the rest of the clan card!
pussys are a really good clan so they gave them one rare and on common (good) card! and they gave them high stars this way you won't be able to use the new cards plus charlie, clara and yayoi!

At this moment I think they are trying to "equal" the clans power!!


thanks! smiley

Mori tou were right!

Its fun to interact w/ other

Im gunna make some more decks now ill post them lemme no wat you think smiley

Wow lol cracking down

230... does that happen? can't you only get 160? or do the cards have additional bonus for multiple leveling?

thursday 27/09/2007

Keanew, or Otakool should be fine too.
Sentinel have a lot of useful cards too, although, they are not very good at lower levels.
I wouldn't recommend playing freaks, unless you get yourself a Splata, which is expensive too.
I agree with Zhupons on the cats. They are powerful, and useful too.

Yes Geodge, everyone knows what Kenny does...thats why you keep your opponent fixated on him and use him to bluff, while you hit him with something else more subtle.

What lvl2 card should I use on a deck with Havok, Hugo, Skinner, Luis, Carlos?????

I think I only bought credits once to get the ability to sell my cards on the market. Since then I build up a good card pool with strong cards and deck possibilities.

You should aim to get a decent tournament deck so you can make it into the top 50, preferably top 25 or better. Getting into the top half of the players on a tournament is not too hard with a little practice and that way you should get the credits needed for booster packs. You should focus on getting booster that have higher chances on strong tournament cards like cards from Uppers or Ulu Watu.

All Stars 15*

Lamar 5*
Marina 4*
Striker 4*
Flo 2*

Uppers 10*

Zatman 3*
Rubie 3*
Gina Glitt 2*
Samantha 2*

That's what I would use I think. 3 Stop Opp Bonus, 2 Stop Opp Ability, 2 damage reducer and Big Z. It has very strong average hands and the best hand should be able to win almost everything. Even the obviously weakest draw (Rubie, Gina Glitt, Samantha and Flo) should be able to win with a little skilled play and a fury Rubie.

A even more offensive version would be this:

All Stars 14*

Lamar 5*
Loma Noju 4*
Striker or Alexei 3*
Flo 2*

Uppers 11*

Zatman 3*
Rubie 3*
Franki Hi 3*
Samantha 2*

In this version you are sacrificing your damage reducers for more offense and damage. Another (expensive) alternative would be to change Uppers to Dorian 4*, Zatman 3*, Gina Glitt 2*, Samantha 2*. You'd lose your second Stop Opp Ability and some damage but you'd get more power and damage reduction. But this version would use 3 unevolved cards: Alexei or Striker, Gina Glitt and Dorian. I think Rubie and Franki Hi look better than Dorian and Gina Glitt overall.


Ah! Thank you Stormwind smiley

Question 1

Jenny and Kevin have different uses in the game, they supply variety and a cheaper version of "Marketable cards" used for ELO. Meroo on the other hand is a valuable 1* star card making him a marketable card (7/1 with bonus); meaning you sell him evolved and buy an unevolved version. There are a multitude of marketable cards like *1 Gwen, 1* Noodile and 1* Meroo.

Question 2

We are still hoping for one of the two to be a Collector card (Miss Chloe), I believe that will happen next year when the entries for the next Miss Clint City begins. Rosa still gets my vote, smiley

Question 3

Marketing cards is your answer. Since Alexei is a 5/4 with ability Stop Opp. Ability, IMO he is best utilized in his unevolved version to compliment Lamar or Charlie or a potential Fury attack with Striker leaving you a valuable extra star in ELO. I personally horde Alexei unevolved but the current market is too overpriced.

GG's! smiley

wednesday 26/09/2007

That would have a lot of style and bla bla, but no point!

abilitys are made to use like they appear and if you are abble to use one card (and supose to) before his final level his ability comes before that! like gina glit, who has no point in use at lvl 3 so his ability comes in her second level, this way people use it more.... what would be the point of she having -» lvl 2, -2 damage; lvl3, -4 damage!

Hhmmm...i guess if you have uppers then use montana..and la junta is,i guess best paired with bridget because increasing your life plus reducing your opponents life immediately is the best tactic to beat an uppers deck...well that's just my opinion

tuesday 25/09/2007

Ermm my advice dude is just to save clintz ,

Perhaps, those 13 battles are all won in a row... after a long time of testing less than perfect strategies, this one, the Jacko ruse finally works.

monday 24/09/2007

Do not insult people or tell them to "f' off" in the forums. We will come get you for that.


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