wednesday 25/07/2007

I was just playing a game that i thought i would win, but it was a draw because plus life takes effect before poison.
i had loma noju level 3 and they had zoltan as our last cards. they had 7 life and i had 3 and i was poisoned. since they had no pillz left, i used fury on loma noju and did 3 damage and gaining 3 life, but poison caused me to end up with 4 life toosmiley oh, well. at least i know now that poison works last

tuesday 24/07/2007

Awesome thnks smiley

As said many times:
1) randomness makes games fun, next time you will be asking to have only 4 char deck and preconstructed boosters and that will be tottally dull
2) random and non-random rulesets have quite different strategies; if you want to emulate the random game in non random fashion you should calculate the chance to win times card damage, so both cards "win a bit", but that would lead to totally unfun game

1) winning 25 vs 49 is common, its is more then one in three chance, betting majority of your pills on the outcome of this is pretty poor bet; nothing wrong with game when you lose like this; if you want to even out the odds, play more games
2) winning 2 vs 32 should be quite rare BUT if you keep playing agains such "impossible" odds, you will win one combat in about 4 games; for my feeling, this chance is way too high for the ratio
3) note that generally playing lot of pills vs lot of pills tends to be very risky business

Maybe all we really need is an example in the rules: 5 pow with 5 pills vs 7 pow with 7 pills tend to "score" 1:2.

Lol...the faces symbolise your fair play rating...the more games you have time out or leave the more your "fairplay" face will change...angel - extremely fair...Green Face-very that fair...Red-unfair player.

To avoid that face from changing do what my buddy told you smiley

Because of his level surely this not for ELO. What cards do you have already? So we can start from that.

monday 23/07/2007

Splata *5
Crassus *4 / Skrumxxt *4
Maciej *4
Boris *3
Miss Ming *1
Graksmxxt *4
Uranus *3
Caciope *1

GG's! smiley

I might try an Ulu Watu version with Rass in the scene since i have affinity to the Ulu's. GG's! smiley

Hikiyousan *5
Rass *3
Gaia *3
Nanook *3
Gabrielle / Feelyn *2
Yayoi *4
Charlie *4
Gwen *1

But even then.. with my 2 damage I his life total drops to 3, poison does nothing and he gains 1 life = 4

so.....Ya.......There's A Bug!

Coz Opp Used 5 Pillz Hehe

Team: Courage3
Each character in Ambre's team gets the ability Courage3. When played first in the round, their Powers are increased by 3.

+1 Life per turn
At the beginning of each turn, after the first one, the player with Bridget in his/her team receive one extra life point.

+1 Pillz per turn
At the beginning of each turn, after the first one, the player with Morphun in his/her team receive one extra Pillz.

+1 Damage Team
Each character in Timber's team gets an additional damage point.

+6 Attack Team
Each character in Hugo's team gets 6 additional attack points

XP x1.2 Team
Experience points earned by each character in the same team as Vansaar are increased of 20%.

Counter Strike
The player with Ashigaru in his team always plays second for the opening round of the fight. If both players have Ashigaru in their teams the order of play is random.
There's the info

sunday 22/07/2007

Hi, guys I've just played this game for few days, so there r some abilities i don't understand how they works

For ex : I play in danger zone ... Svelthlana(power=2) with 2 pillz VS a power-8-character with 1 pillz .. who win ? Does Svelthlana's power change into 8 becoz of her ability ? If she win, that's strange becoz her price in market is really cheap smiley

Character A has bonus : STOP OPP ABILITY
Character B has bonus : damage+2 & ability : STOP BONUS
A vs B ... is ability damage+2 triggered ?

Character A has bonus : STOP BONUS
Character B has bonus : damage+2 & ability : STOP BONUS
A vs B ... is bonus damage+2 triggered ? smiley

smiley smiley smiley Yup, 3 questions ... hope that's not too much smiley Any help is appreciated .. especially from pro smiley

I wanna make a good point,some are always need in help of elo decks,i have seen some playing elo almost perfectly BUT I ALSO SEE SENIORS AND not yet level 20 intend to be "wannabee"...dangsmiley

I just wanna make the boards clean and having fun,so from now on if you ever need help used them in a good way you will have experience and strategies

Good gamessmiley

Let Me See...............If You Fight Clara And Alexei Together.................Clara's Ability Is Gone And Alexei's Ability Is Still Alive.................True?

saturday 21/07/2007

Thank you finally some1 agrees with me that this is a pointless thread. hopefully more people can agree, plz admin close this threadsmiley

Lets be honest if you could just select the level the card that you already owned, then you would only need 2-5 copies of the card to be able to play it at any given level, considering that you are suggesting that the change is permanent. Under the current system, the cards gain exp and therefor have a shelflife for ELO playability. So, under the current system you have keep buying new cards as your old ones gain exp and therefore have to put more money into the game. I think that is what the developers intended. Its a great game, but it costs money.. sorry

The symbol is a sun.......soleil means sun in is etoille if i'm not mistaken....

friday 20/07/2007

Very good cards, now it's time to make a post for Nightmare, Montana and Roots smiley

thursday 19/07/2007

Thanks ppl reelly appreciate the advice

wednesday 18/07/2007

What about


tuesday 17/07/2007

Match one:
Elo Based:All stars will win
Non Elo Based:Uppers will win,we all know they dominate elo with jackie(currently jackie is banned to balance uppers)

Match two:
I dont know,but i bet whats with these leaders?But still if with power,leaders will dominate,whats the point of making a match with a clan without bonussmiley

Match three:
Junkz makes up a good pair vs pussycats,although junkz lacks defense,pussycats will surely win smiley

Match four:
Elo based:fang pi clang
Non Elo based:sentinels
Please note:They are a good match i guess,kerozinn and copper(no bonus) makes a good couple

Match five:
Gheist doesnt have too much POWA,but roots has ratanah and noodile who has solid 8 power

Match six:
Bangers and ulu watu has same bonus,ulu watu has a lot of high power cards BUT what good on bangers is you can use the level 3 vermyn n,juicy lord as level 1,meroo as level 1.Moreover ulu watu has wee lee and tanaereva on non elo mode.
Elo based:Bangers
Non Elo based:Ulu watu

Match seven:
La junta and Nightmare,no connection at allsmiley
But the fact that la junta will own because of some solid power and abilities especially the old cr - general cr

PS:Not all are im talking are just about elo,also on normal games

Good games to allsmiley

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