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wednesday 12/09/2007

1Wise-TPW for ELO there is no need of Cr'ing them, just ban and enough.

tuesday 11/09/2007

I think levithon and kawan look cool

monday 10/09/2007

Hum.. Freaks are not a really good clan. Because their bonus can be used only once in a game... So if you want to play freaks, play them with another clan. I think Pussycats is a good association. I can't help more beacaue I don't know freaks cards very well... Sorry :S

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The random factor still has its extreme effects sometimes, but it doesnt affect you as much as timeouts i would say. I believe timeout points should be increased because it costs me time and points during a tourny when my opponent times out smiley

sunday 09/09/2007

I've had the same problem and I know I didn't lose connection because I was on another site in another window and was still functional. It's the site and it gets buggy at certain times of the day.

Sorry i must of forgotten amelia

From the "JOIN ROOM" page:

[coup picture] Take note that in this room, during all daily tournaments, the number of bonus points awarded for a character levelling up will be limited to 0 pts, KO bonus are also limited to 2 pts. Finally, everybody must be visible during a tournament.

However I think that it was 5 points before and even more before that. When I started playing here I used to get up to 30-40 points by KOing fast and keeping lots of pillz

saturday 08/09/2007

Yh ulu do have better cards but i would still consider getting a good blocker uranus or vermyn N

Lolz if only people were that generous

friday 07/09/2007

cassio-2 or gwen or noon stevens .-2......what do you think???

Close this??????

thursday 06/09/2007

Lolz lamar deffianlty

1st round play safe then watch what card your opponent picks now you can outsmart him with 2 round and win it or win 2nd and last round for a ko

You can't even sell cards....

Oh no i cant buy a 2nd Ielena smiley

wednesday 05/09/2007

vermyn n-4
juicy lord-3
jane ramba-3

No good thinking intelligently if you can't think fast. Anyone could take their time and use a calculator to get the same results

Thanks for the answers everyone, and Momento Mori for another question and answer. I found the other threads that address the ability confusion for me. Thanks for being patient with a beginner!

Since this thread seems to be more active than the one I made my suggestions in .. smiley .. I'll post 'em again (with some refinements) over here.

1) distribute winnings less evenly - coming 51st out of 3000 should be worth more than coming 1500th - currently both get same number of clintz and 1 credit - coming last still nets the same number of clintz, but no credit. A different distribution would make the tournaments more exciting for those not in the top 50. (Some maths to follow in a later post).

1a) no prize for anyone scoring 0 or less in a tournament (due to timeouts)

2) let the server pair up players for matches (at least for tournaments - perhaps have it as an option you can turn on at other times) - no "challenge/accept/reject" process. The server should keep track of how long each player took to respond to their last 20 turns, then match them with someone who plays about the same speed as them.

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