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friday 13/01/2012

My new personal enent

thursday 12/01/2012

wednesday 11/01/2012

Good luck everyone ! We all should win some clintz ! smiley

Actually fuz not gus

saturday 07/01/2012

Come on, we're only 1200 smiley

friday 06/01/2012

Event more than likely starts tomorrow, making today the final day for registration. Please join now or never. Don't miss this one!

thursday 05/01/2012

We're at 16 people already. 2/3 of the way to being able to start!

Prize list so far:
Me: Jackie Cr, Dregn, Robb Cr, Veenyle Cr, Noodile Cr, Terry Cr, Smokey Cr, Edd Cr
AG Canela Ld: Qubik
NGT_Starzy: Raeth
Yurieu HoA: Rolph
The_HoAx: Nakata, Heitachi
FW howlrmonky: Akendram
0 Dragonette: Arnie, Ashiko, Troompah, Neil
LB_Abnormal: Arno
skittish: Edd Cr
shippal: Oshitsune
UM_Korovief: Raeth
Lord Cristian: Terry Cr

Take part in actions: Рождество в GNF. and One Card - One Pillz..
Receive chance to win a collection card in Новый Год в GNF 2013.

wednesday 04/01/2012

Back to the topic at hand.....The prizes have still not been awarded.....what is going on here smiley

tuesday 03/01/2012

-Just watch a video, like it and comment that GWN-repent sent you
-Prizes might be awarded every 10 players and every 200 likes, prizes will be ranging from 9k cards to 100 cards
-GWN 1,000,000 Plays For 2,000,000 Clintz

monday 02/01/2012

Help me ... and earn a chance to win some prizes.
(read the rules)

Help me (lotto)

saturday 31/12/2011

"Kate, Today at 13:20
Hello Krunstall,

I’m sorry to tell you that your request to take part in event: Happy New Years created by DjGSP has been turned down smiley"

Up vote -- > Down vote

I guess I didn't meet the requirements of speaking / typing english,
must be the accent. smiley

friday 30/12/2011

Nearly at 50 players, last couple of days to sign up! smiley

thursday 29/12/2011

15 people have joined yet

Thank you very much, Toxica.

wednesday 28/12/2011

deleted well that link didnt work at all smiley
just in case

here's a link that isn't a hyperlink. sorry for the difficulty

tuesday 27/12/2011

-Anyone can join
-Unlimited Number of people can join
-Entry fee: 500 Clintz
-4 Players win the jackpot, 1st wins Bloodh, 2nd wins Lola, 3rd wins C Beast
-Donations accepted just message GWN-repent

saturday 24/12/2011

Cool Concept! Looking forward to it! smiley

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