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wednesday 20/06/2007


that would be a great idea. If they could work something like that.

tuesday 19/06/2007

Yup, the best room for evo is the Lost Warehouse, if you want to continue to play evo in Dark Corners and win easy points for the daily tournaments you are free to do that, but there will never be a Dark Corners room especially for evo simply because true evo players (meaning players that really want to evolve cards not the ones looking for easy points) are playing in Lost Warehouse.

So my personal advice is to play the game like it was meant to in Dark Corners and evolve your cards in Lost Warehouse.

I'm closing this subject now.

Zoltan was cheap the other day.... Get Nanastasia too... Her power=opp power can be devastating depending on how you use it.

Quite true...unless u choose nightmare....kenny is a good card....u use its ability to regain life and bonus to stop upper's attack minusin bonus!

monday 18/06/2007

Okay. Thanks, Sven. The Creds seem more important anyway....

sunday 17/06/2007

saturday 16/06/2007

Freaks/Nightmare is a good one,Also Bangers/Nightmare,the only hard against these decks is it cost you a lot of pillz,you should be able to use uppers or sakrohm wich has - attack reduction to lessen pillz smiley
Ok here try this:
Miss Ming-2

Juicy Lord-3

If you like,you can also use unevolved cardssmiley

friday 15/06/2007

Ielena and Kenny win so many matches, it's not funny anymore. And these 2 are just another reason to play damage reduction a.k.a. Gina Glitt.

But I am thinking about replacing Uppers with Ulu Watu. I just don't have Gaia yet :/

Same for me...juz hate it when I'm fighting with Kawan..........he looks very wierd and powerful....but still..dont ue junkz..use sentinel instead..

Kerozinn a must havesmiley
hey man i also used that decksmiley,though i swap windy mor for level 3 and charlie for a level 4,clara is also a good pick,lots of stop abilities and stop bonus,you can call raven's deck: " a killer deck "smiley,its very awesome

To summary what Goth is trying to say is to use a so called "combo"smiley,most decks are all stars-pussycats,sakrohm-uppers,pussycats-la junta,fang pi clang - uppers
What he meant is to help each other(most of the time pussycats is the best support clan i know,second is sakrohm).
Those Sentinel cards you listed has only high power,did you imagine if you fight uppers or ulu watu,they make take you alive but sakrohm can reduce damage then attack you on one single hit,well if stop ability doesnt not pass,sakrohm will be victorious smiley

Thank for your comment

i have more idea

1. power+, damage+ = star of opponent card
2. power+, damge+= pill that u use

thursday 14/06/2007

It depends on what you're after... I don't recommend GHEIST, though. Nightmare with stop opp bonus, maybe, but stop opp ability? You'd get burned by most clans... Except maybe for Freaks and roots.

wednesday 13/06/2007

I recently ran into Ambre, Lamar, Yayoi and some level 1 Pussycat in ELO... needless to say I had no chance at all, not even theoretically, to win that... -.-

Use a lvl 2 Jane Ramba and a lvl 4 Bryan smiley

tuesday 12/06/2007

Ambre is courage 3

But the thing is StormWind EVO, the bonus being active for the sentinels meant my deck was apparently too strong, and i was blacklisted by that person, not a moderator, with the description of my wrongdoing as having a overpowerful deck due to drawing these cards.

Oh right..i did not know, sorry. I will follow that.

monday 11/06/2007

Ps: I have low star cards because is the best that i can buy for the moment.

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