sunday 25/03/2007

Alright. This thread has already degenerated once into insults and accusations. The question was answered. No it is not illegal to refuse challenges. This thread is now locked as I'm not gonna see the beginnings of another flame war.

saturday 24/03/2007

Quote Fraggle - Admin

We are planning on allowing guilds admins to set various options in their rooms.. in the future

End Quote

Excelent idea,,,

Begin with either, so I didn't see what he was so angry bout other den bout the win when both of us got to lvl cards. What im trying to elaborate is, evo should be mutual, not right nor necessity. The 25% xp still applies to pple with a few cards to lvl without evoing. If pple want to play evo they should state beforehand or tag evo behind their name, makes it easier instead of quarrelling over little things afterwards.

K-9, You da man!!! That is a PERFECT solution. No question!!!

First, I'm the type of player that only gets 1 card every so often. So, when I want to EVO in the warehouse, I'll either have a lineup of 3 EVO 1 unEVO card OR all 4 cards evolved. What I do is if all 4 of my cards are evolved, I'll play all 4 rounds using no pills since winning/losing has no meaning here. If I have the 3 EVO 1 unEVO, I play the 12 pills on my unEVO cards turn. This way, my EVO card gets exp AND my opponant's cards get exp also. NOW, say I have the 3-1 lineup and i'm up against 2 EVO 2 unEVO. I will play pills ONLY if they go first using an evolved card. All turns where I go first, I dont use pills. I've been playing this way for a little while and EVERYONE i've played this way has sent thank messages afterward. I hope all that made sense. If you see me hangin out in the warehouse and you need to EVO, challenge me and find out how cool this tecnique is!!!

thursday 22/03/2007

(sorry, my english is bad)

I win one Daily with this cards:
3x Ottavia
2x Pino
2x Ricardo
1x Don

but better deck is:

3x Zatman
3x Samantha
2x Jackie (lvl 3)

Ps. if you raise a card in fight, then you take a 5 points bonus.

P.S. Gurkburk is right, lol I didn't become a titan class till I was level 19 with the help of my friends. My best two cards became collectors smiley Melissa and Sigmund, but now I own all of them at level 25, i love Black Credit cards smiley

wednesday 21/03/2007

The problem i see with randomness is it strikes at the worst times. Given the situation posted by angelo, zatman's chances are too high. If his chances were to be cut by 4 or maybe even five it wouldnt be so irritating.

tuesday 20/03/2007

First off I think you are over reacting when you start talking about nuttering the family pet but you are right. Killing their stats wont solve the problem of seeing the same decks over and over again in elo. Depending on which cards are banned, banning cards may also just make people change their decks but soon after their will be thousands of people using the same deck. In truth I believe the only way to diversify the number of decks seen in elo is to change the bonuses. The main reason why the same decks are used repetitively in elo is because people understand the power of the bonuses. Imagine seeing wee lee or some of the other ulu watu cards without the plus two power, but maybe a plus 1 power. Think about there being an uppers deck with only minus 5 attack or something of the sort. This changes the concept of not putting pills on cards like zatman and frankie hi. It makes people use more pills on their ulu watu cards making them all more beatable. I am happy to see UR changing.

monday 19/03/2007

I have thought about putting malmoth in it, but I really HATE samantha smiley I remember playing you sven, but i can't recall who won smiley Btw i have reached about 1300 p with the deck but I'd been happy to exced that score smiley

But poorly, poison cannot KO's your opponent, but hey, it still effected your opponent till final round end, well, for some times, it really saved me smiley

sunday 18/03/2007

All stars, all in all their excellent bonus is better than ulu watu's or bangers ( a power 6 versus a power 4 card is better than a power 8 versus a power 6 card) I agree that uppers bonus is a little better especially with low pillz number, but all stars have 2 playable 5 stars and 3 playable 4 stars cards, they have 2 excelent cards with stop ability ( that are allowed in elo, not like jackie which was a little too much for a 4 star card) and they also have 2 excelent stop bonus cards (excelent for the number of stars they have) : flo and lamar (one of the best cards in this game). it's tough to name the best clan, it depends on your style of play, the metagame, if you are playing elo or not, but based on my experience in elo i've grown to love this clan for their excellent bonus and many denying (ablitiy and bonus) cards, now with the introduction of marina their only visible flaw is covered to some extent.

Lol, that's a good idea Nate, here, it's a competition, even though we're all helpful to an extent, it's still that a competition. You're like the enemy, a weak enemy but an enemy nonetheless. If you can't buy any cards i'll give you a couple so you can get a deck started but don't ask for help lol you have to learn on your own smiley

The deck is not for elo

friday 16/03/2007

As an ex-MTG player myself, I can tell you that UR elo mode is a very challenging game, it's a fast, fun and dynamic mode, it's the only way a player can prove his skills, in normal mode you either play against low ranked players and you win by ko in turn 2 every game either you play against high ranked players and both have cards with 7-8 power and 7-8 damage and it's just like poker, not to mention the random factor in dark corners.
ELO is by far a more challenging mode for any player, and i have to dissaprove with you regarding ulu watu and sakrohm, just like in mtg, the best deck is not the most played but the one that can defeat the most played deck in the metagame, remember that. way back when Madness decks ruled MTG metagame, the Elves managed to win many tournaments just because they distroyed Madness. The same goes here, I tried many deck compositions and I hadn't played nor ulu watu nor sakrohm for 5 weeks now, and every week i managed at least a top 25.

thursday 15/03/2007

Its a cool deck however this is much better advice...swap for lvl 2 jane ramba then....u swap gheistling for nin and then swap vladimir for miss twice or xu52

wednesday 14/03/2007

I would switch out Jackie, because it cant be used in elo, for Dorian. Then switch william for rebecca . You might have a hard time every once in a while because you can get a hand with a lack of damage ability, but you will also be able to own many more people because of the increase in the damage you could do also. It will all depend on the luck of the draw.

Yeah maybe ur right still elya has courage 5(still an ability) could be cancelled by a stop ability which elya will have a power of 3 anyway we all have our strategy skimsa has his point

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