monday 14/05/2007

What I do is go for KO's, leave some pills left, have the lower level characters fight higher levels, and I don't have any level 5's. I get about 25 per win and 8 per loss.

Hmmm, been a long time since i left this game, many may not know me but those that di could you guys catch me up on what's been going on and who are the new Freaks. intresting clan ability.

Yup stop ability kills Copper especially if it is comming from Striker or Alexei with bonus.

sunday 13/05/2007

I have 4 junkz,

I'm going to replace crystal with malmoth when I get him. He's not very cheap though.smiley
I'll probably go with uppers. So far i've got samantha and frankie hi.

I'd say La Junta is the better tournament clan.

saturday 12/05/2007

Macumba kati windy mor

friday 11/05/2007

Here's what I found out from experience.

1st turn: Hit with Nina (poison 2 min.1)
At the end of 1st turn: N/A
2nd turn: N/A
At the end of 2nd turn: poison for 2
3rd turn:Hit with gheistling (poison 1 min.1)
At the end of 3rd turn: poison for 2
4th turn:N/A
At the end of 4th turn: poison for 1

The last poison overrides the first poison at the end of next turn.

Here's my experience of your so called "randomness"..

My Bunny(no pillz) vs Natrang(7 pillz).... Bunny wins..... lol...

Actually, I lose more fights that I guarantee I could win than those fights that I doubt I could win...

This subject has been debatted a thousands times. Use the search feature to know our answers about it.
Closed, thank you.

thursday 10/05/2007

Fine I will answer it. You guys can just type in search you know. smiley

Basically HAN is the style solely designed for warehouse. All you do is let the lower level card win to maximize the exp gain for both players. Now the new feature assume lower cards win, so HAN is no longer necessary.

Still I have the tag on, just so others know that I will play a different level card whenever possible in the warehouse. smiley

Arkadaslar bi sorunuz olursa bana sorabilirsiniz pmden.

wednesday 09/05/2007

You can bounce in and out of ELO during the week. No problem. You won't lose any points or something.

I so have to disagree. Ielena is awesome, she really is. Sure, Stop Opp Ability hurts, but with Nightmare you should really have no problem to play around it. Seriously.

With Sheitane first turn and Kenny and Ielena still sitting on your hand your opponent should get multiple migraines thinking about how to stop all of these. Just imagine you would have someone like Gina Glitt or Uranus on your hand as well. Sure it's constructed, but it demonstrates that Nightmare can easily outplay Stop Opp Ability if done right.

Yes, Ielena is a 5 star card, but she comes with the important 8 Power to take down cards like Lamar (well, pretty much every All Star actually), Hikiyousan (even though he doesn't see much play) and other Ulu Watu or Dorian. Even though damage reducing hurts, it only hurts half as much as against other cards. Example: Zatman defeats Graksmxxt and deals 1 damage. Ielena defeats Graksmxxt and deals 1 damage while you gain 1 life. This can be enough already.

Oh, and when it comes to the all mighty Pussycats, Ielena and Kenny defeat them on their own already. These 2 together with Sheitane and her poison are Pussycats well... err... nightmare if played right.

After all, Ielena can deal a devastating 10 life difference blow when she furies, just like as Kenny can win games with his 15 life difference fury. And as long as you are willing to sacrifice them if you have to, your opponent has the trouble of dealing with them.

And don't underestimate Dieter.


tuesday 08/05/2007

You can find nearly all cards here
It's in english and only 20 characters / abilities are missing, partial stats indeed, not full characters.

I agree, wakokoko! wahihihi! smiley

sunday 06/05/2007

I don't think this is possible, although there are players that don't speak french, you can't force the french players to speak english because they outnumber all the other nations in this game and some of them simply don't speak english. smiley

no.1: french players don't read the english forum, so it's kinda useless to write here
no.2: this game has it's origin in france
no.3: most (and the top) players are french, so it's normal that most of the messages will be in french.
no.4: in an international game everybody tries to comunicate as best as possible, more known languages the better, but you can't enforce a language to be used.
no.5: this topic doesn't really belong here so I guess I'll close it now.

good luck to everybody in comunicating with our french friends smiley
(lucky me I speak some french...smiley )

Just throw in a random 2star from another clan, like Marlissa, or Graff, pretty good, with stopp bonus/ability abilities.

saturday 05/05/2007

I tried both together, but I'd win every other game. It's decent, I have,



The gheists do decent because of the poison and stop opp. ability.

Ok, so only the different card of the same clan will get the bonus clan.
anyway thank u for the help, all

friday 04/05/2007

Thank you admin for adding the new feature for our private guild rooms! smiley this will benifit not only people who want to train and build but also benifits the guild in hole for doing it amogsnt eachother!

thanks for adding theses two features that i can activate and deactivate as options for our guild room smiley

In this room, the randomness factor of the game is desactivated. The highest Attack always win.

In this room meant for training your characters: the XP is calculated as if the lower level character has beat the higher level character, then the sum of the XP won is multiply by 2, and split between both players in equals shares. Level up bonuses are actives but there are no battles points for each round and no KO bonus.

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