sunday 22/04/2007

Just read the Pinned post by Stormwind to understand the rules in the Lost Warehouse. smiley

Hi, can someone tell me
1. what the best deck to be paired along with Junks deck? I was thinking using Junks/Roots..since so far I already got Crystal, Brandon, Kawan, Keanew, Veenyle, Beltran, Yookie
2. what's the ability does this card have (if they do have one)? I was thinking of saving c to buy them..
all roots card that got ability except one I got

saturday 21/04/2007

This topic is closed. Really there's nothing more that needs to be said on it and it's just getting hijacked left and right.

There is no "official" correct way to play in the Lost Warehouse. However there is a level of respect for the opponent that should be maintained. I'm working with the Devs (though the going is slow because they have a lot on their plates right now) to get some better enforced rules and new standards for the Lost Warehouse so people stop trying to use it as a hunting ground for BP/Clintz.

However I do feel that if you bear the EVO or HAN tag or challenge someone with that tag you are agreeing to play by those rules. Failure to do so means that you are also failing to respect that opponent. Which gets warnings, after which I nail someone's butt to the wall for.

If you politely air your grievances, and they come back with an insult. I can nail their butts to the wall. (and by polite I don't mean insulting or cursing or using a rude tone. If I find out ppl are baiting for insults, I'll get you too).

If you privately tell me about these people, I will talk to them. But if you don't bear an EVO/HAN tag or request EVO/HAN when challenging then really there's not much I can do. EVO/HAN is NOT a enforced method of play in the Lost Warehouse, it's just an accepted method by the player base that benefits both players. I cannot and will not force people to play by any style (shy of talking to people who are using maxed out decks to harass the players of the Lost Warehouse, since that's not what it's for).


friday 20/04/2007

I agree, hehe! smiley

Among your builds, the first is a stringer choice:

Bodenpower *5
Vermyn N *4
Juicy Lord *3
Saddy *3
Graff *2
Nanook *3
Gaia *3
Gabrielle *2

Regarding your last build, just remove the Ulu Watu cards for:

Lyse Teria Cr *3
Ottavia *3
Pino *2

Simon + Giovanni power wayahsmiley
am i right hehe giovanni can do 6 damage BUT he has 5 power(yes rubie has 5 too but did you know shes a combo of SIMON + giovanni)...don is a big monster eh?hmmm prove it to me will yasmiley

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I agree with 0VmanTitan, try to aim for this deck and update this post when u have new cards in your pack.

Striker *4 (around 2000 would be a bargain)
Alexei *4
Marina *4 (around 3000 would be a bargain)
Flo *2
Frank *2
Methane *4 (around 3000 would be a bargain)
Meyen *3
Selsya *2 (around 2000 would be a bargain)

Well i suddgest you just keep buying Action packs and hope you get lucky.
GGs! smiley

Well Sacman, there are 2 reasons:

Play EVO only in Dark Corners and Lost WH.
- You play in the Dark Corners to get points once you level your cards. These points can be helpful in winning daily tournaments for alot of clintz.

Play HAN only in Lost WH.
- You play in the Lost WH to level up your cards quickly. That is it. HAN does not work in the Dark Corners.

tuesday 17/04/2007

All Stars, most definitely. Well you can also consider Uppers.

Depends on what All Stars cards you are using, I would consider, Charlie Lvl 4, Yayoi, Alice, Gwen, Feelyn, Dolores Boss and maybe worth considering the new card, Clara.

monday 16/04/2007

Whatever happened to leveling the cards I want Maxed rather than points and experience?Sometimes they are Lvls that do not suit your suggested play.I groom cards for use in my hands.I don't care if I win or lose my EVO long as I can get the card I want leveled.

sunday 15/04/2007

Just wonderin i've got 55k an i don't know if i should invest it into another clansmiley

Ewwww..tu parles speak french grrrr??? thread closedsmiley

saturday 14/04/2007

Lol oh for some reason i took u seriously! i thought u actually had all of them...

friday 13/04/2007

Yup Falcon's computation is correct. Skrumxxt chance to win is which is eqaul to 57% while Kenny will have around 43%. If luck hates you then Kenny will sure win.

Hmmm i cant answer it....i cant answer a free skrum and hiki too smiley

thursday 12/04/2007

In my opinion, Ulu Watu can stand on its own, even in a prediciment in which you only get one of its characters, for example, Hikiyousan has 8 attack, Joao has 6, Nanook has 8, and Gaia has 7 and -3 attack, min 1

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