friday 24/11/2006

Lay in "Evo"
By DA-Soulkiller

You may have already notice that some players add EVO to their nicknames. It shows that they are playing in the EVO way. There's nothing complicated about it but it's very useful to know what it means.

Back in the days of Clint 1, less experience was awarded to the characters for each game, but there was no deck so we were able to build team of 4 characters including 2 high levels characters and 2 characters to level up. Playing EVO meant that the first player would send first its max. levelled character, with only one Pillz while the opponent would select a character he wishes to level up and play 6 Pillz, and so on. When everything was going right, each player ended up with 2 winning characters getting loads of experience (as their wins had come against max. level characters) and everybody was happy.

Nowadays, the basics principles remains the same even though the addition of the deck, makes it a little more difficult to draw exactly 2 characters you want to level up and 2 that are already evolved. The idea is to play first a character you want to level up with 6 Pillz, then 1 pillz, then again a character with 6 Pillz and finally, 1 Pillz. The first to play the battle will play the first character to evolve. If everything goes right, both players will see their characters gain a lot of experience.

Of course, sometimes, both players decides to play the character they want to level up at the same time, with 6 Pillz, and it's not always easy to know who will be the "gentleman" for the next round. The idea is to stay cool, if something goes wrong, finish the game and challenge again your opponent afterward.

There it is, I hope this will help you understand us a little better.

If you don't like the EVO way of playing, just avoid, when you meet one of us, to crush him in one round because we're such easy targets. Maybe one day you too will want to accelerate the levelling of your characters.

Good game to everyone.

Sorry don't have any double lamars

I think it's the attack. The one with more attack attacks first. In case of a draw, priority goes to who's turn it is.

Just a thought... I could be wrong. smiley

thursday 23/11/2006

They are going to, once the Pussycats have been taken care of the admins are planning on moving on the Uppers

wednesday 22/11/2006

I have a cheap deck

tuesday 21/11/2006

Replace this Effing sandy!

Wish i could use it on elo mode one hit k.o.

Buy credits and if you don't want to do that, you have to participate whit a lot of tournaments to get much clints

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I'll trade you bridget for a cell. it's level two and it's relly good, so how about it?

monday 20/11/2006

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I quite don't agree with Fujiwara because if you play at the ELOs, the 5* cards are usually not a good investment. In order to do well at the ELOs, concentrate on building a deck with 2 clans. Try out an Uppers & Pussycats combination, I think thats the best combination but you could always try something new.


Just play during tournament time dude!

I think copper is a better choice than dragan in elo..

sunday 19/11/2006

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Unkown smiley lol

friday 17/11/2006

That a pure defense deck... (6 cards would have dmg reduce and all would have or dmg or atk reduce...)
i suggect u use sakrom with another clan, like sentinel or junta...

Yeah they were 39 to be precise XD

thursday 16/11/2006

La junta and roots are two clans that give very good value for your clint spent. There are characters in them with good stats but since not as many people use them their prices are low.

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