friday 09/02/2007

That a good onesmiley

I know the ulu wata good smiley
those eco freaks smiley
Can you make me a deck with a maxed Lewis too?

Hahahaha you a bunch of sick people lol no wonder i like you smiley

thursday 08/02/2007

Then try Bangers they a tad bit cheaper lol...but they work just as well as Ulu Watu with the exact same bonus smiley

wednesday 07/02/2007

Let you play second during round 1

Well CMC, you always have the choice of leaving. If you like it then play and if not, then you can choose something else you like. Like you said, lots of free real games out there, so get out there smiley. Thanks for your opinion anyway.

tuesday 06/02/2007

Nightmare and/or cards with the 'stop bonus' ability.

Any other got any better idea ? smiley

monday 05/02/2007

Can somewone help me with an elo deck plss ive got those cards:
ALL STARS:alexei,lamar,lewis,eyrthon,
FANG PI CLANG:lost hog,kinjo
LA JUNTAsmileyython,no nam
MONTANAsmileyon,flesh pimp,rosa,gary,ottavia,pino
PUSSYCATS:babyq,gwen,wanda,noon stevens
ROOTS:narendra,yookie,billy bob

sunday 04/02/2007

Yes, this deck has a possibility to dominate ELO, believe me, haha! i hope i get a Sukxmxxt soon, wakoko! GGs! smiley

saturday 03/02/2007

Yup yupsmileyjericho have a good ideea with hugosmiley

Heyy la junta haves damage 2 not -2 opp damagesmiley pussycats have -2 opp damagesmiley

tuesday 30/01/2007

5 messages

So, now i have frankie Hi and Samantha soon Zatman but I think it will take a little more time to get a rubie,

monday 29/01/2007

I'm thinking I might. I know it sounds like whining, but a good 5/6 times it seems that randomness is in my directions....him having 16 attack and me having 64 and him 'mystically' flooring me, after I had also furied too.....well I guess the button made sense, it sure made me furious smiley

Thanks guys.

Now I might seem a bit of a newbie here *having played very little and being low ranked in general* but that hardly seems fair to me. The fact that I don't know, you could make a deal with a few friends 'hey you let me win a few from you uncontested and I give you this say...700 point card. The guy doesn't mind, because 3 uncontested matches takes him like 3 minutes, but in the meantime that person goes up in the rankings, and potentially gets a CR card.

There are also other things I have noticed. Just this coming tournament I had the last 3 matches *I hit first at the beggining by pure luck* basically sit there every turn for what felt like 2 minutes then take their turn. Making the game last almost 10 minutes, pretty much my last 30 minutes of gaming involved looking at cards and devising combos whilst I waited for this player to hurry the heck up.

Is there a limit on how many matches you can play? or is it bassically a 'who has friends, wins' ordeal like I am seeing it to be.

saturday 27/01/2007

Yeah i know but sentinels andjunkz are good right

friday 26/01/2007

The problem with those unevolved cards is that they evolve after a few games (the low star cards usually upgrade after a few won games) and you have to either buy new ones or change the deck.
Look at the prices of Nanook, Caciope and other low star high power cards at the market.
Since I started playing ELO their price have been steadily going up. No player without a strong cash backup can afford them (i can but i don't want to pay such high prices).
So I like to play with a fully evolved deck. It also saves me the trouble of having to change the deck constantly.

The decks I usually use are ulu - uppers and junta - roots, depending on the decks i play against and the mood i am in.

I also played with montana - nightmare. That really is a fun deck and you can surprise other players with it. Because let's face it, the top ELO players are more or less using the same decks. So sometimes it is refreshing to play against an other deck.

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