friday 06/04/2007

Ohh and one more point. Please don´t play evo if you don´t have any cards to train even during tournament time it is unethical and cheating so you will not gain any respect or friend doing it that way.

Errr.....ok.How soon is too soon?I can't say if this is the reason because I don't really keep track of who I play because I always just accept challenges and don't challenge myself.

thursday 05/04/2007

So if i poisen my enemy say with Gheistling and then with Sheitane what would happen?

tuesday 03/04/2007

I meant cant use vickie...sakrohm cards?smiley

Http:// this one cards....

monday 02/04/2007


feel free to visit and make some replies...for me proven that power 2 is better when your facing a power 2 bonus also...:
3 pillz feelyn(ability - 2 power)--->2 pillz tanaereva(power 2)
15 attack vs 18 attack..

3 pillz gabrielle(bonus 2)---->2 pillz tanaereva(power 2)
21 attack vs 20 attack

on the other hand...-2 opp. power:

3 pills feelyn(-2 power)---------->2 pillz lamar(-2 power)
9 attack vs 12 attack

3 pillz jeff(power 5)------->2 pillz lamar(-2 power)
15 attack vs 12 attack

OVERALL power 2 owns---> - 2 power so i say ulu watu/bangers dominates bonus but still there are cards that has ability like jeff has power 2 and will have 7 coz of ability...
oh well thats my opinion you can check out a lots of players playing elo

Exactly how to calculate the number of clintz gained in a battle? Thanks smiley

sunday 01/04/2007

I had exactly the same idea smiley

friday 30/03/2007

If Rosa wins the round at the end of each of the following turn the opp will lose 1 Life points if he has more than 1 Life points. If the opp life points is 1 the ability is canceled.

wednesday 28/03/2007

According to the designers of this game....the random factor is supposed to make it more interesting.Damned if I know how frustration adds interest...but still.Bad enough to encourage 5 star cards...only to find they mostly dilute the points awarded for a win.Perhaps a better way to balance the points is to calculate according to the level of the player and the one he/she beats.

Sure, why not, i'll mp you when i'm available, i already won the first match in my group with 3-1 vs lilkoud, and some practice would be usefull smiley, the rules also say no cr.... so no dj korr, general and other powerfull stuff like that smiley

Arf omg that was almost my deck raven.....but i swap my ramba for a lvl 3..swap wee lee for ice jim... and bruce for amiral py...smiley

- Dont put maxed out characters in your deck, as you wont get any exp for them

- when starting the round (attacking), use your weakest characters (less stars) first, and use stronger ones to the end of the match
- when responding (defending), use your strongest characters (more stars) first, and use weaker ones to the end of the match

- when attacking, if your weakest characters is as strong as or stronger than your opponents strongest characters, Dont use pillz
- when defending, if your strongest character is less strong than the character your opponent plays, do use pillz

- in case of a star = , no one uses pillz, so the random factor will have free play for that round (do use pillz eventually to avoid KO)
- Dont play to win by KO, as you will get no bonus for it, and you will hardly get exp for the rounds that arent played

tuesday 27/03/2007

Yh if you get credits thn you can get sum wicked cards i mean 2 b honest i sold 3 rare cards to get 40k to get my vickie so jus get credits and see if there any cards on the market and spend spend spendsmiley

I can't say what was my best fight, but i can say what was my worst fight, normal mode, excluding elo. My worst fight was when i lost with a general cr (one hit ko card) with fury and 63 attack versus a bunny with attack 12.... after that fight ,some 3 weeks ago, i didn't enter dark corners anymore smiley

Sorry to post about this here, but if u play in old mode at the end of the round (when you have the last card) do you put all your pillz down on him/her

sunday 25/03/2007

DerMagus, of course you can put paxed-out characters in your dack, to help your opponent get even more exp. That's very kind!
Maybe this no-maxed-out-guideline is indeed better interpreted as a hint to get as much exp as possible for yourself smiley

Good games anytime!

Alright. This thread has already degenerated once into insults and accusations. The question was answered. No it is not illegal to refuse challenges. This thread is now locked as I'm not gonna see the beginnings of another flame war.

saturday 24/03/2007

Quote Fraggle - Admin

We are planning on allowing guilds admins to set various options in their rooms.. in the future

End Quote

Excelent idea,,,

Begin with either, so I didn't see what he was so angry bout other den bout the win when both of us got to lvl cards. What im trying to elaborate is, evo should be mutual, not right nor necessity. The 25% xp still applies to pple with a few cards to lvl without evoing. If pple want to play evo they should state beforehand or tag evo behind their name, makes it easier instead of quarrelling over little things afterwards.

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