thursday 01/03/2007

Then if gheist have a 8 powered card it wont be able to join the ELO for like jackie, banned from ELO, but if the damage of that card is 4 below, maybe, or if it ends up as a 5 star

It will be put up in a few minutes the send messages haven't come up yet smiley smiley

When tania is first played her power would become 5 with the help of ambre then when you play striker, he would stop tania's ability thus allowing striker's bonus to take effect..tania's power would be reduced to 3..

wednesday 28/02/2007

Lost Warehouse Mode
Abcdevo HAN - Titan
Wednesday 21/02, 10:45

From now on, I will be using the suffix (HAN) when I play in Lost Warehouse. Onfire came up with this magnificent idea.
In this way, I want to show that I will always play to get more exp for both players by letting the weakest character win.
In case of a star-eq aequo, I will use no pillz, and I suggest my opponent does the same, so the random factor will have free play for that one.

If you want to win vast amounts of exp AND be recognizable to other players, just use the suffix.
I hope this works and I didn't overlook a similar proposition in the forum...


I think this is a good idea to avoid problems....

tuesday 27/02/2007

Hello deneus when i was still cant buy credits im using la junta-sentinels it really 0wns but u have to use this:
heres a list of em
La junta-13
leo or bruce-3

Rebecca or Klaus-2
Copper or Chloe -5

U could wisely choose a combo of chloe and rebecca or klaus and copper and anything else but still i think sentinels need more so players can have a solid decision of picking sentinels as their deck

Wtf i wonder why people really like pussycats-fang pi clang

sunday 25/02/2007

I think it's only fair if you are playing with damage reducing cards

If u think ur lucky i guess ill buy 20s and those 50s not bad at all but u can get gary and phonos in these decks otherwise if u really think u wanna have the best cards ill go on 50s but still there are rares like gaia,jackie graksmxxt who are really harder as those lvl 5s

When you have added your pillz and you get the power * pillz the bonus adds an additional 8 atk ...

friday 23/02/2007

Ya but join me please see me for details

10 messages

Glad to know you got your Dream deck already bro,
GGs! smiley

thursday 22/02/2007

Ill have the same scores with Das-ushigo, but instead i'll give both Kawan, Lao Cr & Sum Sam Cr a 4 instead.
GGs! smiley

Also if i should sell some - which ones and y?

In a life gain deck you might want to add Bridget from Leaders and Kenny from Nightmare , even though they are kinda expensive smiley

Hehe got the same clans for my elo
but mine is

La Junta
Jane Ramba

All Stars

Eryton is easily smothered by defense card because of his 5 damage. And he is so big for ELO

wednesday 21/02/2007

I like the deck, but i would still prefer it built with Timber over Hugo then i would replace Nanook for Gaia.
GGs! smiley

Xfactorx, u should have only 1 Leader in your deck for its ability to be activated. When u have 2 or more in the same deck, their abilities get cancelled.

La junta-sentinels is good however i use leo instead of bruce so i can have a lil def

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