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thursday 24/05/2007

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Maybe it was a bonus...... probably la junta

smileysmileysmileythis might sound stupid but i dont understand the ELO rules still...can some pm and explain me? pleasesmiley

Anybody wanna sell me a Windy Mor for 1000 clintz?

i have a Kati, Endo and Natrang.

Ernieq has the best reply...the best strategy is to bluff opponentssmiley

Let me ask you a question...at school did you ever cheat during exams? or while playing cards...if the answer yes...then my question to you is why are you still moaning geeeez guys its a gamesmiley

i hope they close this pointless thread

wednesday 23/05/2007

Just in case you didn't get the previous post: Yes, it multiplies.

If the ability and bonus don't get cancelled. However, he's at most defensive as he doesn't hit too hard.

Of course, if you were in a guild and arrange it so everyone would lose to you on purpose twice...

smiley I'm not trying that.

You're quite welcome. It's been a while since I've written anything worth writing.

tuesday 22/05/2007

I understand that if i put 6 pillz my attack will be (6+1) * 5 = 35.
Maybe there is ambre there, but i think i play first there,hmm. Not sure after that round the other player just time out.

I gota say ashigaru is the best because the first battle can be the most important and countering is easier than atakin

Personaly i love ashis ability
it gives you the upper hand at the start of a battle because usualy the first battle is the most important

sunday 20/05/2007

Thanks Ernieq,

That helps a lot. smiley

saturday 19/05/2007

Accelerate= speed up; in this case it speeds up the flash graphics of dealing damage and so on; you also need not confirm your opponent's playing a card - the game will autmatically proceed. Thanks, by now, the button stays pushed after you do it once. Since almost everybody will get tiered of the graphics (I think), this is a very good thing. I'd guess that without it, the points in tournaments would be vsibly lower.

In short: It accelerates the display of which card wins and which card loses.
[What I would still like is an accelerated timeout frame. Give me chess watches for a total of 1/2/3 minutes for each player to play all their cards! Would be a nice new room as well. (Timeout==instant loss) One could finally rely on being able to play a fast game.)]

Then the room is not randomised and the higher power card wins. (I wonder how this could be read differently, care to explain?)
The only room where this is the case is the Danger Zone. At least right now.

friday 18/05/2007

4 star to 5 star = 5000 xp

You can do your homework or go to the toliet if the player has not answerd your challenge..smiley

But... it's quite anoying if while you are in a battle with somebody and that person..has not move his/her move...Maybe they are
disconnected .But some of the people don't fight as your level is higher than them and u won't gain much experience
But remember smiley some people may have resons but some are just faking.. smiley Enjoy playing Urban Rivals smiley

thursday 17/05/2007

Lol that ownssmiley....you can substitue franki for uranus...for a better def...this deck is awesome for some nasty abilities....but if ever you fight sakrohm-pussycats...your deadsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

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