tuesday 25/12/2018

Np, have fun playing

Good. Thank you Thoazol.

monday 24/12/2018

sunday 23/12/2018

We need a 2* 10/10 card with cancel all ability to end all this

saturday 22/12/2018

friday 21/12/2018

Google this 241543903
You are welcome

Is actually one of my favourite arts I would like to keep it :/

thursday 20/12/2018

It's counted as poison backlash. If you're thinking of the LD mission, it doesn't work there.

You can make a competitive tourney deck for 20k, You cant say the same for Survivor or Free Fight.

Remember max stars (25 or 40) is 100% NOT required for tournaments as you get points based on how few stars you have in hand and rounds won based on the star vs star matchups

For Example the following scores are not unrealistic for tourneys
High Star deck
+20 Win
+6 Loss
+19 Win
Total 45 (2-1)
And low star deck
+11 Loss
+9 Loss
+29 Win
Total 49 (1-2)

Just look for cheap low star cards that can win Pill for pill vs most and deal decent damage or have a decent ability
Examples being
Lil Jey

wednesday 19/12/2018

Artwork: Dyan (the poor foxes!) or Dr Van Wesel Ld (I am fond of mad scientist types). It really depends on the day.
Stats/Ability: Serafina. Her ability alone can win games. Never mind her 8/8 stats.
Background/Lore: Probably Kerry Cr. It’s mostly from my headcanon of her being Sigmund’s ex-medical assistant/ mentee, and while he created GHEIST to ‘save’ the populace from themselves, she created Rescue to save the populace from the GHEIST. (Look, it’s poetic, ok?)

The ps4 an xbox run html5 an java. They stop using flash. But since it runs html5 witch is whats used for mobile games would it make it easyer?

tuesday 18/12/2018

No the worst 2 star has to be Ogoun Kyu

saturday 15/12/2018

Same problem, I guess the 1 month time limit was over. Excited for the new arcade though.

Now THAT would be a good Cr reveal.
Oh you thought Meg was a boring old mechanic? WRONG she was devoured by The Meg and is now on Ulu Watu with double stats and a has a shark with mechanic limbs in its teeth as artwork get Meg in packs now before she goes mt in a week.... What do you mean she skipped Cr? she got eaten by The Meg she dead.

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The latest cr annoucement was 5 november this year and fowling card became. B Mappe Cr ( a special tribute card to french soccer team winning the world cup), Dorian Cr, Kerry Cr and Drorb Cr.

Also at the same time Dragan Cr became Dragan Mt. Mt is short for mythic and are as of today the rarest status a card can get.

Staff created the mythic status to balance the cr system and to make some of the old and rare cr more rare to get. A card go mt when the charatcher either find a new place to live the rest of their ( Ratanah Mt, Dounia Mt, Scarlett Mt and Manon Mt), or when they dies ( Smokey Mt, Kenny Mt, Alec Mt, Nemo Mt, Spyke Mt, Kerozinn Mt and GraksmxxT Mt) or lastely when they get rewarded for their hardwork for many years ( Dragan Mt).

Each mt card have bonus to them. Check out the this thread for the bonuses

thursday 13/12/2018

thursday 06/12/2018

Maybe...thanks for the info, both of you. It would be nice if they'd publish these changes when they make em, but whatevs...

Btw, I've been giving you shoutouts in my youtube vids, whitedragon. I use your nb presets in my nb reviews (address is in my bio). Keep up the good work!

wednesday 05/12/2018

The original LD missions were much more difficult. I can do these in a couple hours in a day total. The missions last a week. imo these are already pretty easy

thursday 29/11/2018

Weekly missions award every ld except:

Bakuta Ld
Buga Baga Ld
Dr Web Ld
Sight Ld
Djanghost ld

Currently any Arcade Season 5 ld reward can only be earned through completing their respective HQ's hardcore mode

You can check here https://www.urban-rivals.com/game/gamemodes/arcade.php
To see which Lds are unlocked by completing which HQ's Hardcore mode.
Keep in mind Season 1 Ld's are unlocked by star count, and some are only unlocked through weeklies.

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