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saturday 04/01

I would guess Monday...

hot logo UR 58 messages

Best way to generate crypto is doing the "Up" missions in EFC mode every week...

friday 03/01

Happy New Year everyone! We wish you happiness, health and the new year brings to all of you whatever you wish!
Our gift for the new year? The Christmas editions of the issues are available for free download:


Have fun,
CCN staff

monday 30/12/2019

No new staff banned cards?

saturday 28/12/2019

Every account got a copy of Rhizom Noel on the 25th of december. You dont have to do anything as it was automatically added. No notifications were sent it just happened.

@HipHoppa: Im hoping that due to everyone getting a copy it wont be in NB packs.

friday 27/12/2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Quick question - On the mobile app, cr packs are 5000 instead of 6000 - is this a permanent change?

thursday 26/12/2019

hot logo UR 32 messages


monday 23/12/2019

Yes, but it's not very clear:

"This pack will be exclusively released on mobile today until Sunday at 11pm."
Yes. It will be released until Sunday. Pretty long time frame for a release. smiley
And how long is it available then?

"Then, it will be available on the web version and we’ll notify you immediately!"
I could use the Dark Helmet meme again: When will then be now? smiley

edited by Isolator GUB monday 23/12/2019, 15:34

Since the descriptors are no longer in their bio, it's safe to assume the event is over.

sunday 22/12/2019

Nah. Correction M2 sansot.

tuesday 17/12/2019

Dont you think, Bumdo too strong for EFC. Too many Riots.

"x2 drop rate so people can’t complain about not getting a fair opportunity..."
I'm wondering if you got more information on how much the usual droprate is for cards like this.

To sum up the german comments, most are sad that there a) there are no missions, b) we don't even get an answer and c) that those exclusive chars drop way too fast and nobody is really happy with them (possibly) going CR/Mt at this speed.

@hehexoxo: "Was it common for cards to have missions to obtain them back in the days? Wondering why there is some sort of expectation for it, or is it just a thing because of merweiss?"
When they started to release those strong (big5-like) cards for each clan it was officially said that there will always be missions to get a chance to obtain at least one copy for free (so that the game can't be accused being pay2win or that there is no "milking of the cashcow"smiley. That's how I remember it.

And beware: Even if the banner is still on the frontpage:
The 24 hours are over.

edited by Isolator GUB tuesday 17/12/2019, 11:32

sunday 15/12/2019

Totally agree with queeen, they should bring back Survivor T1 to give a home to some of the banned 2* and 3* cards

saturday 14/12/2019

Hydra is the only semi evo this week. Can be used as a 7/5 4* with ability. smiley

friday 13/12/2019

I feel like this could've gone better

Didn't phil leave the game?

wednesday 11/12/2019

We're is my card UR

monday 09/12/2019

Forgot "and by luck if you met him ingame".
Just added it. Sorry 'bout that.
Those other options you're mentioning @izy (EFC&Terminus) I got no numbers on how many were given out. Terminus should be very low statistic wise, I guess. EFC?
And this is why I'm writing "AFAIK" = As far as I know.
That's clearly not official. So thanks for your instructions. But they're not very conducive. smiley
I've only forgot that we were able to get it by luck and addedd it. That 's all. "Chaos" is sth. else. smileysmileysmiley

But if you want to contribute: How much is "multiple weeks". 2? 3? x10 = 20 or 30? Is that enough to affect the price?
Maybe we can get an idea about how many copies are in circulation because of that solely.

Since the latest update (mobile version) I am unable to properly change my deck within the collection screen. After selecting the deck I have saved, it does not load on the right hand side of the screen for me to make changes to it, plus the 'my decks' window stays on the screen and I am unable to get rid of it.

I have deleted and re-downloaded the app but this hasn't made a difference and my phone is currently updated to the most recent iOS. Also this only occurs for me on the mobile version of the app not the pc version

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