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saturday 20/05/2017

I have a theory of EFC matchmaking system:
You ask for an opponent (quick fight or play again buttons).
Your encounter will be found from top to down of the available players list which are in search of an opponent
Then, on the next fight will occur from down to top of list, followed by top-down, and so on.
The image below explain that. Z palace, C. ring, Z palace, C. ring, Z palace, EFC tower, C. ring, Z palace, EFC ring, Z palace, Polit arena.

Someone please let me know if this stupid system change someday because it doesnt seem attractive to me waste hours and hours of my week jsut to stay at the very same position or fall insanely down to make newcomers happy (just for the moment because when they reach some significant score they will suffer this).


wednesday 17/05/2017

Here lies another thread with Death complaining smiley
C'mon dude, give it a rest. It's starting to get boring and irritatingly repetitive.

tuesday 16/05/2017

Kid... I closed that thread...


no you don't owe me anything famalam. I do this out of the goodness of my heart darling. I could leave if you want, but deep down we all know I am the shitposter we need but don't deserve.


Funny just as I was about to send them I got BLed for 2 weeks. Im legit, but I told you my PMs were empty when I got back amigo. The reason I bring it up tho is cuz that's how members were when I was there. Tbqhwy fam I doubt any admins tried to drain the swamp since then, so I just assume it's the same.


Numbers are so high because they killed so many other game modes so people are forced in. If staff were to break down the numbers honestly you'd see a different story than what you think is happening. I've said it before: EFC is a cash grab with no competitive substance so it'll bite the dust in time. I also play, but very rarely because imho (Gunner don't ban) the game from long ago > game now.

wednesday 10/05/2017

What's also nice about that deck is that it will probably do well in daily tournaments (if you replace Mim with someone like Hector) and is a great starting point for Raptors as a whole. Also, whenever she pops up again, try to get Chopper Ld to replace Ratchek as she is almost strictly better.

friday 05/05/2017

Yea this post is very old they have updated efc a lot since this post may be some one should close it.

thursday 27/04/2017

He would be playing for the first time in this week. thats why no league what alotted to him so can use any deck to play first 5 matches of week

wednesday 26/04/2017

Oh, okay. that makes sense. Close thread, please. smiley

Struggling against Watu & Piranhas ey.

So I reckon I'd try Attack manip clans for the Watu, and for Piranhas it's anything not too bonus dependent tbh, like Bezerk, FPC, cards with kick-ass abilities like Dokuja Ld, Graven, Leopold etc.

tuesday 25/04/2017

Thanks Gunner, can you close this thread I will speak to Creedmor within HoA

saturday 15/04/2017

Mods please close thank you!

friday 07/04/2017

The efc atm is balanced around release dates sadly, i would love an actual balance, i hate when they release lets say a new 4 star and the card that rotates out is a 2 star that the clan needed only becuse of its release date

monday 03/04/2017

It work like this : winning 10 games give you 10 points lose 1 game = - 1351351 points, all that to end up getting half of the prize for someone with 500 points less than you

wednesday 22/03/2017

OK thanks, time to beat these hardcore Frozn smiley

monday 20/03/2017

Okay thanks!

sunday 12/03/2017

Ah, Freaks + Pussycats used to be a very popular combination back then with Baldovino/Diana/Liona/Clover/3* Charlie/Esmeralda/Ella/Shazam

But now, I feel like Freaks are better paired with another clan- like you mentioned Ulu Watu instead of Pussycats- since back then Freaks cards had little damage and relied solely on their poison, and Pussycats could provide the life gapping that Freaks need. But now Freaks has cards like Arturo, Antoinette, and Ramath. they might be better paired with another defensive clan like Roots for that SoA that Pussycats can't provide..

But I might do Freaks / Pussycats in Polit Area with Sera M1/ Liona / Madelone / Choko / Clover / Shazam / Wonald / Ginger

R.I.P my clintz smiley (Something I don't have in the first palce xD)

friday 10/03/2017

@nayrSlayer your completely right. on the way the point system should be tweaked you should lose less points for fighting some one lower then your zones but if you win aginst that stronger deck witch since its lower zone would be much stronger should give more points for the game if you win.

a point tweak like this would make the mode more fun but be harder for staff to do all the math. may be you lose half the points for each zone lower then you to a point.

if your zone say tower fighting a dark corner should half the points lost if you lose. double if you win cause that's one up hill battle. an odd's are you will lose with a +80% change of it being a loss.

wednesday 08/03/2017

Yea, state of features generally tested in beta sites not the replacement of mayor game mode. smiley

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