wednesday 28/12/2016

Granted, but they can make killer half decks.
Difference between Ector + Pan is small, difference between Ursula + Oshitsune greater but still similar cards, Piranas have more tactical cards I guess with Bonnie Ld + Hawkins. And Dj Korps NM have, Piranas got Langren which is kinda similar, or Fischer for same star count although I appreciate his will occur less often.

sunday 25/12/2016

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Eyrik himself most of the time is a virtual 9/5, and he can make a difference when the power gap is larger, i.e. a 8 power card facing a 6 power card which was 7 before, as said by Rowdy he makes more of a difference at higher pillz.
Also 5 damage really isn't too threatening for a 5*, I think he's great personally if you can win the rounds with this and your other cards!

saturday 24/12/2016


i made this deck tested it an did good to me. if i had more then 1 hour a day to play elo i probably be much higher an not so rusty from my hay day.
i used it in a dt as well posted all my results.

friday 23/12/2016

I never play just to counter Freaks honestly when I see them I know it's an easy 50/50 for them, they pill high get screwed, or pill low and have next to no damage. I just bear in mind the magical 12 damage that I have to get and how I aim to get it (although with Quasichoco and Wonald around, it's 14 damage) Still doable though with most decks not tailored to counter Freaks!

thursday 22/12/2016

What pussycats are unfairly perma banned? smiley

wednesday 21/12/2016

What are the strongest 5 cards in this era of Urban Rivals?

Big 5
1. DJ Korr Cr
2. Kiki Cr
3. Guru Cr
4. General Cr
5. Lyse Teria Cr

In my opinion, the big 5 of today are:

1. Ymirah (I feel like this is just the straight up strongest card in existence)
2. Impera Sloane (The strongest 9 powered card atm, IMO.. the perfect 6 damage with good potential +12 attack manipulation and opponents have no attack manipulation to counter)
3. Kalindra Cr (This card, an unprecedented 10/18 with Timber. Crazy life gap ability)
4. Noctezuma Cr (7/8 bonus stealer with +12 or even +14 attack manipulation. Yeah, broken)
5. Pandora (Overpowered max stats 3*... is often an all stop. Worthy rival of Lyse Teria Cr)

friday 16/12/2016


thursday 15/12/2016

saturday 10/12/2016

Seems fine to me smileysmiley
You could use Ironjaw if you want but Raeth most of the time's the better card.

friday 02/12/2016

Its the otherway round..

Montana is still playable in mono because of cards like
Avola/leone mosses oscar mona angelo waller desmond don 4* carmine...

However to be playable in biclan spiaghi is a must...

thursday 01/12/2016

@HoHazeem , I'd like to use him, but I don't have him, yet ;P

@0 Gunner- , I'm mostly using him in a defensive way. His ability works pretty well with the rest of the carda

monday 28/11/2016

sunday 20/11/2016

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Thanks everybody, I'm closing the topic smiley

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I ECCHI what you're getting at but it's lame

tuesday 15/11/2016

Go for Pussycats then smiley

monday 31/10/2016

Banning most used clan in previous week could be interesting idea. smiley

saturday 15/10/2016

It has to do with hive changing the meta

friday 07/10/2016

It's because people have a hate boner for all the SOA clans. Also a 7/7 on 4, that has a very low chance of having its ability canceled, is really good in ELO, thats half your hp. Basically he got banned for the same reason Arkn was banned for so long, he's in an SOA clan with an above average ability, so people thing its too above average.

sunday 02/10/2016

Uppers is a top tier clan in elo smiley

In case you don't know, the ELO Banlist gets updated every month on a Monday not right away but a few hours later. So if you value your hard earned votes in ELO, use it after the election gets updated ( banned card gets removed from the election) so it doesn't get wasted if you voted on a supposed to be banned card.

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