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wednesday 12/12/2012

Not refreshing the page but the battle room by clicking refresh button, the one next to the "quick battle" button

that happens to me too, sadly enough when i set my new record smiley
even my problem was not solved before but now i know how to prevent it

wednesday 05/12/2012

Ya, that's a lot of battle points. thanks for your advice mate smiley

saturday 01/12/2012

Well its all about how you play, some players choose to pill a bit on ambre cause everyone expects the bluff i have lost to people doing this and beat people this way. keep an open mind no card is without attacking ability smiley

Ashley to lance or jessie

thursday 29/11/2012

Nice deck. smiley

wednesday 28/11/2012

Congrats on 100 bro your a great player smiley

tuesday 27/11/2012

You need to score 100 points or more in 1 deathmatch AND stay intill the end of the deathmatch.

monday 26/11/2012

This deck is legen .... wait for it...

Try Essie over Quinn shes a sneaky smack smiley

sunday 25/11/2012

Sigma even is a bit risky, you gotta get that poisonin round 1 or 2 i didnt think of til just now, maybe sigma to anakrohm or dobbs ld, though sigma can be a huge bluff/low pill card

saturday 24/11/2012

monday 19/11/2012

Lucy to leela shes a monster smiley

You will start to see more uppers and junks for sure but if it works keep it as is for now. though danae would probably be more use vs ghiest then lorna would tbh

Na boh --> lilou

If its not specified for a clan you can use any clan smiley

saturday 17/11/2012

thursday 08/11/2012

The survivor mode bit confused me smiley

The deck can also be run in extended smiley

monday 05/11/2012

Interesting deck. smiley

friday 26/10/2012

Nice deck. I would personally change Bristone to Leviatonn. Drs arn't that help full in T2 or deathmatches but Leviatonn can stop cards like kolos.

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