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wednesday 10/08/2016

@nepetaUS LoA, i mean my cellphone doesn't have a touchscreen, you need to press real buttons to input digits there, that's how antique that design is smiley

tuesday 09/08/2016

To be fair, the mission is a lot easier now than it was when it was first introduced. All it takes is a single Ymirah from a NewBlood and you're practically there.

I've actually been doing that just to keep my mind somewhat awake while playing Arcade. So far the personal favourite is the possibility of a Ghumbo/Oshitsune/Jackie Cr/Zatman Cr in Frozen/Normal10.

Best case scenario is that 1/1 No Ability Skeelz we've always wanted.

In reality, I'm somewhat expecting that girl who looks like she escaped from the Deckers who's been popping up in the IG pictures.

Not sure if that would actually help but indeed something should be done against that smiley

sunday 07/08/2016

I would say go for Mega New Blood, but I would recommend waiting until next Friday when more new cards will be released since you have a chance to snag one of the newest characters and sell it for a heavily inflated price because they are new. Plus, there is the chance of getting Ymirah or Ursula for some cash money smiley

saturday 06/08/2016

An the no chat not really a bug if you think about it.
they could of turned it off or remove it . not really a bug in that case.
that's why a little this is what's happen update be great.

Should post a example of what the ld mission be like

all the missions will be only that clan related:
mission 1: win 50 rounds with gheist
mission 2: gain 40 life
mission 3: remove 60 pillz
mission 4: remove 40 life
mission 5: win 50 games
mission 6: do 200 damage
mission 7: gain 120 life
mission 8: remove 200 pillz
mission 9: remove 120 life
mission10: win 100 games

an this has to be done with only gheist card's not easy at all really.
an every clan will have a list of 10 mission to do that are related to that clan only like this.
but no impossible ones like win 100 games with candy jack that's just insane.

I mean I only know gheist really well so I can do there's easy may be other players would know the other clans list of 10 missions.

friday 05/08/2016

1: As much as I can. Sometimes your taste changes
2: Doing missions idc
3: Yup
4: Doing missions idc
5: Depends on opponent
6: collector and mission hunter
7: Any Big 5
8: Yea, otherwise I wouldn't still be here after 6 years (almost 7)

thursday 04/08/2016

I know slow an steady were you use weak cards witch over time will put the game in your favor only need like 1-3 pillz each time to win. these cards are like poison, dr's, an healer's were you hit a player with poison witch cause panic a bit then you win with a healer then a opponent is in trouble cause now you an old pill an win. its more status affects kind of play instead of relaying on 7 damage cards. its dangers but affective sorta like long play but mind games. but if you cant get any to stick in 3 turns its over for you.

Can you post the permanent link to the server? smiley

wednesday 03/08/2016

It says the chat is down could you repost it

tuesday 02/08/2016

It's a nice way to strive for rewards bro, calm down smiley

sunday 31/07/2016

The credits go through once you complete a mission with credit rewards. I assume anything else that would force a refresh on the total amount of credits works aswell, but I haven't tested them.

Season 1 berzerk HQ

Not for everyone at least the game seems to works fine for a good amount of people don't rage on the staff when it just came out of a big maintenance if you can please try to be patient for the game to work on your device and if this is an issue about the old site get over it even more because the game changes over the time and sometimes we disagree with the changes so you either have to put up with them or stop playing getting mad at the creators in a forum wont help anything if it is an isolated issue it would be a good idea if you haven't already to email a bug report they usually respond in a few days

saturday 30/07/2016

Hi there, I thought this place would be a great place to share with us your Cr winnings from your Cr packs.

This place can be used to share what you have won so we all have an idea on what you can win. This can also be a thread to be god damn annoying in but I'll leave it to you to decide what to do!

Post your Cr packs here smiley

tuesday 26/07/2016

I think the reason people complained about Vickie's art switch had more to do with the art not being that good. Phallodie can be good under the right kind of character and her skills have improved, but she was the wrong choice to draw Vickie. Maybe if Fudge or Tony Semedo did it, things might've been different.

In fact, the reason they want to get rid of it is because of inflation.

Get rid of wheel, much better.

I just wonder how staff will react to rare cards

monday 25/07/2016

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