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thursday 31/05/2007

Lol cos UR loves to make us pay big money for rare cards

You'll have to keep then 'till september...

LOL sneaky i like it and dont like it so its 50/50 im still how ever digging the build we got smiley

I quit pure offense decks when I became a senior. In the late game, a deck that does a lot of damage but can't back it up with power is useless. I realized this when my former deck (composed of cards with 7 damage) was eaily beaten by a montana deck... As embarassing as that is.

Bloodmoor, thanks for agreeing. Your Sakhrom deck is awesome, btw.

Bridget gives you 4 lifes in total, not 3 like 1 Fujiwara Evo said......

After each round you get a life (if you are not killed that is), there are four rounds, so you get four lifes.....

1. You can't stop a leaders ability. At least not that I've noticed. The abilities are only nullified by the 'Cancel Leader' bonus
(when they have two leaders out, neither of their abilities work).

2. I think you mean Zlatar rather than Zatman. All the abilities apply at once, so because Zlatar's Ability is NOT blocked, it works,
and Vickie's Stop Opp Bonus is blocked, so Zlatar's bonus is active (provided there is another uppers in your hand).

wednesday 30/05/2007

I believe that an EVO deck is the strongest tournament deck, there are different variations and counters for it tho..
Well to me the perfect tournament deck is what i'm using consisting of evolved cards:

Jackie *4
Jackie *4
Jackie *4
Rubie *3
Rubie *3
Rubie *3
Zatman *3
Zatman *3

Yeh...what both of they say is true...

EVO is not supported officially. EVO has no real utility anymore.
Please play normallly in the Lost Warehouse.

Thread closed (I validated it so everybody knows).

tuesday 29/05/2007

Yeah theres a lotsmiley
Almost all decks are all starssmileysmileysmiley
and all has also pussycats toosmileysmileysmiley
anyway heres a deck im using 3 clan tier deck,works all the timesmiley
Noon steevens-1

vermyn n-3


if you dont like it heres a good deck weve been playing by 0cr-warr kid(aka finga)

caciope or halley-1


Evo = a non official way to play that whoever is starting for the turn plays 6 pills and only 6 pills. No fury yada yada .. there is apost about this...

ELO is an official way to play that has limitations to your deck.

OMG dude, why bring up this post again with EXACTLY the same answer as the two posts above?? smiley

monday 28/05/2007

I recommend you reading the rules carefullyl. It makes it very clear this and more things, such as "life pills"

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It's all about demand and supply bro, smiley

sunday 27/05/2007

Well i'd say use nightmare and sentials since copper pretty good and kenny ain't that bad

All in there with various calculations


Is it just me or is this question posed every week?

I still feel the manual is pretty clear about it, though. ( http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=battle )

Hm. I just see that the example there is WRONG, though. Obviously, on that picture, 6 Pillz are used, not 5 as is said in the text. (Yes, 5 ADDITIONAL ones to the one free one gets [Attack is NEVER 0].) I doubt that this is the source of confusion, though.
Now that I look closer... the whole picture does not match the text. With THAT I would indeed get confused (A 2/1 card is said to be a 4/4 card... I find 2=1 and 4=4 a statement a bit...daring.) Maybe, please, change the example so that the manual fits the example?

saturday 26/05/2007

Maybe u just meet the wrong people. I try to play evo to benefit both players. Some players think they know what evo is and they really dont understand it. Some people are dishonest but so be the world.

friday 25/05/2007

Lol elya aint a bad card...you may not defend urself against those skrumxxt..but i bet elya can beat those skrumxxt smiley
Combo with uranus...you should swap gaia or ice jim...cause ur only defense is with gabriellesmiley

Humm... clans do interfer in battle results? Not the bonus, I mean if using some clan or some card against other clan or card would be more effective?

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