wednesday 03/01/2007

Yup I know what you mean. We've all experienced that before and yeah it can be a little frustrating when your winning or losing depends on luck but as what Suicidal has mentioned, that's why the Danger Room is there. Have fun!


tuesday 02/01/2007

If you starting a uppers deck make sure you have Samantha she is ideal for any uppers decksmiley

monday 01/01/2007

Zdrone, Ratanah, Lewis, Uranus, No Nam, Vermin N, Eryton, Rebecca Ive got DJ Korr but i dont like himsmileysmiley

sunday 31/12/2006

I have mojo but if you want to use her to get life you have to be willing to use up a lot of pills for damages and power. It helps you get life so I guess that evens it out. Other than that she's really cool.

saturday 30/12/2006

friday 29/12/2006

In elo you should mix 2 clans.

attack : power * pills= attack
"-x attack" takes away a certain amount of attack from the opponent
"attack x" adds a certain amount of attack to itself
go here for more information

Hugo is the best.i guess

thursday 28/12/2006

Try a ALLSTAR / UPPERS combo the allstar clan rips through the ULU WATAS hehehehe although i have a ULU WATA / UPPERS deck i always have a problem with allstarssmiley

wednesday 27/12/2006

Eyrton is what you call a sleeper. Nobody sees him comming.

Ok, thx. Il try this, best of wishes - 0-Jade

tuesday 26/12/2006

Actually.... your deck is pretty good....compared to mine, I think u just need a little spirit....smiley

I think it's a good combination....*whisper* not....*clears throat* well... it seems good enough....smiley

monday 25/12/2006

I think you dont know how to count roflsmiley

sunday 24/12/2006

Read the rules... smiley

Also the damage after the battle is incorrect

saturday 23/12/2006

I have both and both are great but I think Lamar is better

Gotta know to find out, experience, smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

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