monday 20/11/2006

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I quite don't agree with Fujiwara because if you play at the ELOs, the 5* cards are usually not a good investment. In order to do well at the ELOs, concentrate on building a deck with 2 clans. Try out an Uppers & Pussycats combination, I think thats the best combination but you could always try something new.


Just play during tournament time dude!

I think copper is a better choice than dragan in elo..

sunday 19/11/2006

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Unkown smiley lol

friday 17/11/2006

That a pure defense deck... (6 cards would have dmg reduce and all would have or dmg or atk reduce...)
i suggect u use sakrom with another clan, like sentinel or junta...

Yeah they were 39 to be precise XD

thursday 16/11/2006

La junta and roots are two clans that give very good value for your clint spent. There are characters in them with good stats but since not as many people use them their prices are low.

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You are still level 11... things will change in the higher levels. smiley

wednesday 15/11/2006

Haha pure offensive but i still hate pussycats

Tak naprawde to nie sa ci do niczego potrzebni smiley
Chyba ze nie wiem co oznacza cancel bonus...

friday 10/11/2006

First of all, you should see the "ELO system" under "Games Rules"
Secondly, the most basic tip i can give you is to exploit your cards bonuses.

thursday 02/11/2006

Hey there can some1 please help me setup a elo deck i dont have alot of clintz and i cant buy im at my wits end

tuesday 31/10/2006

Why? what do you gain by doing that?

sunday 29/10/2006

Sell your sigmund, get some money, and then it will be easy to build a deck.

thursday 19/10/2006

1 hit KO is not really worth trying in ELO
need clan members to do the 2 but the overall power are so low
the two handy ones are Xia and Windy Mor i think

wednesday 18/10/2006


saturday 14/10/2006

I've got all the availables..still missing some of the collectors..i was hoping someone could give me a good suggestion for tournament deck, and some good suggestions for ELO decks. it would be big help!

No sorry. and does anyone have a wanda.

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