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tuesday 08/05/2007

You can find nearly all cards here http://kirlad.no-ip.com/juegos/urban-rivals/
It's in english and only 20 characters / abilities are missing, partial stats indeed, not full characters.

I agree, wakokoko! wahihihi! smiley

sunday 06/05/2007

I don't think this is possible, although there are players that don't speak french, you can't force the french players to speak english because they outnumber all the other nations in this game and some of them simply don't speak english. smiley

no.1: french players don't read the english forum, so it's kinda useless to write here
no.2: this game has it's origin in france
no.3: most (and the top) players are french, so it's normal that most of the messages will be in french.
no.4: in an international game everybody tries to comunicate as best as possible, more known languages the better, but you can't enforce a language to be used.
no.5: this topic doesn't really belong here so I guess I'll close it now.

good luck to everybody in comunicating with our french friends smiley
(lucky me I speak some french...smiley )

Just throw in a random 2star from another clan, like Marlissa, or Graff, pretty good, with stopp bonus/ability abilities.

saturday 05/05/2007

I tried both together, but I'd win every other game. It's decent, I have,



The gheists do decent because of the poison and stop opp. ability.

Ok, so only the different card of the same clan will get the bonus clan.
anyway thank u for the help, all

friday 04/05/2007

Thank you admin for adding the new feature for our private guild rooms! smiley this will benifit not only people who want to train and build but also benifits the guild in hole for doing it amogsnt eachother!

thanks for adding theses two features that i can activate and deactivate as options for our guild room smiley

In this room, the randomness factor of the game is desactivated. The highest Attack always win.

In this room meant for training your characters: the XP is calculated as if the lower level character has beat the higher level character, then the sum of the XP won is multiply by 2, and split between both players in equals shares. Level up bonuses are actives but there are no battles points for each round and no KO bonus.

If you want to play daily tournaments, it is better to run just 1 clan with doubles or even triples.

In ELO it is definately more efficient to run 2 clans because of the diversity and larger card pool.

They had an announcement about how all soleil cards would only be available for 6 months. that was at the beginning of the year (or maybe last year).

wednesday 02/05/2007

Well saying a cards level three abilities might be a spoiler of some sort. smiley

Tournament deck or elo?
jane ramba
jane ramba
KO UR OPPONENT WITH FURY in 2 rounds if possiblesmiley

tuesday 01/05/2007

Nice suddgestion Ibtd, smiley

The only changes i would prefer are to change Kati for Charlie *4, then change Xia Leming to Windy Mor to counter Lamar, this tactic makes it even better since Charlie at level *4 can be used as a bait card or a chump blocker. Elya is a character that can stand on her own with out her bonus, just be smart enough to play her during your turn... If your opponent has Stop Opp Ability , then play her with one pill and see how your opponent will react... will he over commit?
Clara is cool to me, with the Freaks in the game and the super strong bonus of the All Stars, she can outmatch a desperate Striker trying to do some damage with 7 pills. Lastly, i would honestly play Ulu Watu instead of the Fang Pi Clang, their grip on ELO has weakened, but their remaining supporting cards are still a threat to any deck in ELO with Nanook, Gaia and Gabrielle.

GG's! smiley

Check ur inbox,
GG's! smiley

I'd like to make a deck with girls only..pref. with the pussycats and some other group..any suggestions?

monday 30/04/2007

Ewww actually i encounter some good problems when i was facing some good decks-ulu watu-pussycats
3 pillz-feelyn(-2 power) vs tanaereva-2 pillz
so its 15 vs 16....tanaereva will still own
3 pillz gabrielle(+2 power as bonus) vs tanareva-2 pillz
so its 21 vs 20....tanaereva will loose against gabrielle
TAKE NOTE gabrielle is a version of feelyn...all are with its bonusessmiley

Yeah it's a problem for both high level and low level. Bad connection isn't an excuse. I just started playing this game, but I have to go to a internet cafe every tournament (which is quite far from where i live) with a good/decent connection since the internet connection in my area is bad, so I don't make people wait/waste their(and my) time.
I say people should be (at least temporarily) banned if caught often wasting time time!
Either it's because of bad connection or worst, a Clan strategy!
1 time it's forgiveable but more than that no way!

sunday 29/04/2007

I need to make a evo deck using these cards angelina feelyn graziella pino sheitane aldo dacha macha dieter dolores boss endo gheistling giovanni qwen meyen ottavia simon kati kenny rosa morphun estalt kinjo don luis coraille kati vassili clara vladimir plz send your ideas to me and help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Basically, all Damage and Power increases and decreases are from mostly card Abilities and Clan bonuses (bonii?). One exception is by Pilling, your Power gets multiplied into your Attack score for each battle round.

saturday 28/04/2007


Check it...contains some comments from WHAT IS "power opp"...all aboutsmiley

Well i know that its an average of all your Guildmates points in normal mode and ELO mode. Hope i helped you somehow... smiley

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