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thursday 17/05/2007

Lol that ownssmiley....you can substitue franki for uranus...for a better def...this deck is awesome for some nasty abilities....but if ever you fight sakrohm-pussycats...your deadsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I'll go, and if I like it, I *might* use your refer addy.

Thx alot guys smiley i think they proberly are the best

wednesday 16/05/2007

All Stars +
La Junta+
Leaders(1 max)+
Fang Pi clang

Which combo and cards work best against uppers!!!

Yeah... discuss strategies, not asking peple "give me the best deck you know". THAT is contributing nothing. Maybe we have different ideas of what is proper for discussion and strategy boards... a blank "give me xyz" is clearly not my idea of it but seems other people's idea. I, personally, find posts without informational content that ask for something without a very clear point of what one gains from it, as offensive as the OP seems to take my post. So I directly return: Tupac, watch your mouth.

And being called useless... what the hell are posts checked for? I hereby state I feel clearly, directly and personally offended by this.

This applies especially to what I have said: looking down the forums there is this "discussion" again and again. But people do not read any more but rather ask questions again and again and want answers presented to them directly... great culture of "discussion" and this has not even something to do with discussing strategy. Giving deck lists= strategy? I do not think so.
Also, I take the initial lack of answers (which made necessary a second post to which I replied only, not the first one) in a way that I am not the only one who has a "lack of interest" in this kind of threads. Pushing your own thread due to lack of answers should rather send you thinking why you got no answers than making you go "push, give answer, please".
But again, this seems to be a clash of ideas of what is a proper "strategy discussion" or even discussion in general.

tuesday 15/05/2007

I think the best is sakrohm.....even pussycats will work...uppers and all stars are not bad but in 2nd or 3rd round...you have to defend ur self getting knockout sometimes...try this one ill experiment next weeksmiley
Caciope-level 1

this is best lol..high power and good abilities to count onsmiley

monday 14/05/2007

Finallysmiley...i posted this question some time ago but it wasn't put in the forums smiley

What I do is go for KO's, leave some pills left, have the lower level characters fight higher levels, and I don't have any level 5's. I get about 25 per win and 8 per loss.

Hmmm, been a long time since i left this game, many may not know me but those that di could you guys catch me up on what's been going on and who are the new Freaks. intresting clan ability.

Yup stop ability kills Copper especially if it is comming from Striker or Alexei with bonus.

sunday 13/05/2007

I have 4 junkz,

I'm going to replace crystal with malmoth when I get him. He's not very cheap though.smiley
I'll probably go with uppers. So far i've got samantha and frankie hi.

I'd say La Junta is the better tournament clan.

saturday 12/05/2007

Macumba kati windy mor

friday 11/05/2007

Here's what I found out from experience.

1st turn: Hit with Nina (poison 2 min.1)
At the end of 1st turn: N/A
2nd turn: N/A
At the end of 2nd turn: poison for 2
3rd turn:Hit with gheistling (poison 1 min.1)
At the end of 3rd turn: poison for 2
4th turn:N/A
At the end of 4th turn: poison for 1

The last poison overrides the first poison at the end of next turn.

Here's my experience of your so called "randomness"..

My Bunny(no pillz) vs Natrang(7 pillz).... Bunny wins..... lol...

Actually, I lose more fights that I guarantee I could win than those fights that I doubt I could win...

This subject has been debatted a thousands times. Use the search feature to know our answers about it.
Closed, thank you.

thursday 10/05/2007

Fine I will answer it. You guys can just type in search you know. smiley

Basically HAN is the style solely designed for warehouse. All you do is let the lower level card win to maximize the exp gain for both players. Now the new feature assume lower cards win, so HAN is no longer necessary.

Still I have the tag on, just so others know that I will play a different level card whenever possible in the warehouse. smiley

Arkadaslar bi sorunuz olursa bana sorabilirsiniz pmden.

wednesday 09/05/2007

You can bounce in and out of ELO during the week. No problem. You won't lose any points or something.

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