saturday 06/01/2007

Do Uppers go well with Montana?

friday 05/01/2007

Everyone keeps suggesting Ulu Watu with Uppers. Looks like I have to look into this....hmmm

I had 3 of my cards evolved to the next level at the same time once, but didn't notice it then.

Well 1st get to know your cards and clans see what and whos abilities and bonuses you like the most then take it from there...if its credits you after go to the shop but credits dont buy you skill remember that only training does.

good luck for the futuresmiley

I'll go with All Stars as well, they're cheap with good stats and abilities...

thursday 04/01/2007

I hav josh
he always loses doesnt matter how many pillz i give him


I meant if you clintz are alot sorry not if your cards are good lolsmiley

wednesday 03/01/2007

Sellin carlos max level smiley

Yup I know what you mean. We've all experienced that before and yeah it can be a little frustrating when your winning or losing depends on luck but as what Suicidal has mentioned, that's why the Danger Room is there. Have fun!


tuesday 02/01/2007

If you starting a uppers deck make sure you have Samantha she is ideal for any uppers decksmiley

monday 01/01/2007

Zdrone, Ratanah, Lewis, Uranus, No Nam, Vermin N, Eryton, Rebecca Ive got DJ Korr but i dont like himsmileysmiley

sunday 31/12/2006

I have mojo but if you want to use her to get life you have to be willing to use up a lot of pills for damages and power. It helps you get life so I guess that evens it out. Other than that she's really cool.

saturday 30/12/2006

friday 29/12/2006

In elo you should mix 2 clans.

attack : power * pills= attack
"-x attack" takes away a certain amount of attack from the opponent
"attack x" adds a certain amount of attack to itself
go here for more information

Hugo is the best.i guess

thursday 28/12/2006

Try a ALLSTAR / UPPERS combo the allstar clan rips through the ULU WATAS hehehehe although i have a ULU WATA / UPPERS deck i always have a problem with allstarssmiley

wednesday 27/12/2006

Eyrton is what you call a sleeper. Nobody sees him comming.

Ok, thx. Il try this, best of wishes - 0-Jade

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