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friday 29/06/2007

About bots,i think there are really some i suspect especially EVO MODE which is really "scripted"...this makes the macro easier to program,but still i just play the game and who knows if you are using a macro,shouldnt you be level 99 by nowsmiley

So it could pwn ppl smiley

wednesday 27/06/2007

But what is the fun if you play that way ?

"Yeah, 2 Hikiyousan and 2 Tanaereva in my hand again...i love my deck of two cards"

After some battles with the same cards and the same strategy you get bored

tuesday 26/06/2007

I prefer Hugo because he has higher power/dmg and he works all 4 rounds of the game. As an opponent of bridget you just save your pillz when defending, with hugo you have to waste at least 2 pills throughout the entire match (if you want to win with 2 successful attacks).

monday 25/06/2007

Lamras ability is stop bonus

Thx guys smiley

Try calculating your level vs the level of your opponent, maybe that has an affect on the amount of clintz you gain for winning.

sunday 24/06/2007

Jerre you can match up a 1 tier deck of
bangers/Sakrohm/Uppers - Just add one leader and the deck will be nice as said by zuleta smiley

Yeh, I dont have Lao yet. I could sell a majority of my doubles/triples and get him though.

Iam using saddy ,graff ,juicy lord ,vermyn N

saturday 23/06/2007

Did you meant elo deck?winifredsmiley
oh well if its for elo,wanna try mesmiley

friday 22/06/2007

New cards have been added for freaks, can they do the diference now?

thursday 21/06/2007

Well sudoku is a type of tournament in french forum,if you speak one you will understand about itsmiley

wednesday 20/06/2007

For a freaks Sent deck depends on what your using it for, if its ELO I use

Miss Ming

Dragan CR

For non-ELO



Dragan CR
Miss Chloe

With this deck you have plenty of stop with Chloe/Miss Chloe and they can also win a round for you with thier 8 Damage and Dragan and Havok do very nice damage and are hard to stop if you have been trying to stop the freaks poison ability


that would be a great idea. If they could work something like that.

tuesday 19/06/2007

Yup, the best room for evo is the Lost Warehouse, if you want to continue to play evo in Dark Corners and win easy points for the daily tournaments you are free to do that, but there will never be a Dark Corners room especially for evo simply because true evo players (meaning players that really want to evolve cards not the ones looking for easy points) are playing in Lost Warehouse.

So my personal advice is to play the game like it was meant to in Dark Corners and evolve your cards in Lost Warehouse.

I'm closing this subject now.

Zoltan was cheap the other day.... Get Nanastasia too... Her power=opp power can be devastating depending on how you use it.

Quite true...unless u choose nightmare....kenny is a good card....u use its ability to regain life and bonus to stop upper's attack minusin bonus!

monday 18/06/2007

Okay. Thanks, Sven. The Creds seem more important anyway....

sunday 17/06/2007

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