wednesday 17/01/2007

Im just saying its a good deck, hehe, one that i can;t afford but would want to play, hehe! smiley

monday 15/01/2007

Yip that is correct

saturday 13/01/2007

Wee Lee

this is my current deck, please rate between the 2, tnx! smiley

Any bdy has striker amy or william

thursday 11/01/2007

Bro Kisada, thats the deck that i have been using, its a great deck, it has the besto of both worlds in you play it right, hehe! ggs! smiley^__smiley__smiley__^smileysmiley

wednesday 10/01/2007

Yeah these card are good and usefull but the All Stars are 15 stars and Pussycats 14 so it is hard to combine them with othe.

Yeah Lamar won't fit in my current lineup due to the star count, thanks for the info Dutch.

tuesday 09/01/2007

He is our 'joao'. watch out or he will kick but

Hey Jborris, no prob, none taken but did you notice that little angel smiley there? That meant I was kidding. LOL Oh yeah, I'm still waiting on your reply regarding Lamar. Please let me know in my thread. Thanks.

monday 08/01/2007

Yeah but timber is soo soo situational that can that really be counted, also if your using a leader in a 1 hit ko deck you should use hugo for the 6 attack cause most of them really really could use it

smileyThats a good starter deck bro, i started out with a deck of ALL COMMONS, with my 5 star as Gary. Your lucky with Vermyn N & Wee Lee, IMO, save all your money for support cards, wait to buy your 1st pack and don't be excited to buy any cards yet... decide once you get your 1st Cool Pack, buy Bangers and Ulu Watu cards that you didn't get from your pack, they are contenders at ELO. ggs! smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

saturday 06/01/2007

Do Uppers go well with Montana?

friday 05/01/2007

Everyone keeps suggesting Ulu Watu with Uppers. Looks like I have to look into this....hmmm

I had 3 of my cards evolved to the next level at the same time once, but didn't notice it then.

Well 1st get to know your cards and clans see what and whos abilities and bonuses you like the most then take it from there...if its credits you after go to the shop but credits dont buy you skill remember that only training does.

good luck for the futuresmiley

I'll go with All Stars as well, they're cheap with good stats and abilities...

thursday 04/01/2007

I hav josh
he always loses doesnt matter how many pillz i give him


I meant if you clintz are alot sorry not if your cards are good lolsmiley

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