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tuesday 20/02/2007

Kk, just wanted to make sure.
GGs! smiley

Now i need only the LVL upping to ELO.
I'll hope this construct and these guilds can win. Ofcourse if i can handle the cards!smiley
Lets Rock!smiley

monday 19/02/2007

K, I'll try that one smiley

Hmm... Well maybe i'm wrong about the guarantee of your 1st deck having a 5 star cards... My apologies.
GGs! smiley

For me..the only deck that would be fitting for him would be a defensive type of deck..with life steal of course,imagine mojo stealing 8life..hehe..but mostly,timber is good only for a fun deck..then you've got to have damage reducing cards..maybe ulus..if you have the money,try going for uranus and graxx..but really,what deck are you building? ELO,tourney,of fun?

sunday 18/02/2007

Clintcity.org smiley

I concur, the best offense is defense. Selsya is a great 2 star card. XU52 & Methane are your offensive backup while Kenny will have a field day with Fury. XU52 is indeed an expensive card; and he is similar to our ever popular Lamar. Methane on the other hand as a card its self can be humbled to a 7/7 Stop Ability, he is also similar to our ever favorite soccer dude Striker. Vryer on the other hand is just a Keanew wannabe but can defeat both Gabrielle and a Flo if used properly. He may be removed for Meyen, similar to our Lewis. So i must say that All Stars is also a good combination. Hope the deck brings you GGs! smiley

If lamar went agains't Ielena... both with 6 pills in the danger room, who will win?
Test with me... smiley
GGs! smiley

Thank you everyone for all the help... but then what is attack??

I one la junta!do you sell?

Its also skill Nikoa. Luck is a big contribution to winning but if you anticipate well, you win, much like the game of the generals.

saturday 17/02/2007

My were

vermyn n
zodiack=sold to kate

1life would be good. The chars could seem weak againts other clans but you'd get 16 life! That would be turning this game into... I don't know... Yu-Gi-Oh! mix with Lord of the Rings? For now, more chars of each clan is fine. Nightmare and All Stars need more characters.

smiley i want to arrive to ELO mode too

thursday 15/02/2007

Nah, Fang Pi Clang are just that, fang pi...if you know chinese, you'll know what that means. LOL Their abilities and bonuses can be easily negated, so if you're thinking of one round KO, good luck. Cos a well prepared player won't be defeated by that.

I'll go with Sentinels...good power and good damage. If you want a single clan deck, Sentinel is better. Throw in a Hugo and your opponents will be having a headache. LOL

Depends on who you are fighting with and what cards you use. If you use low level card and beat your opponent's high level cards, you get more points....about 30 on average.

I'm averaging 20 per battle. Dang, thanks for the info 0-JP. Looks like I've got some more work to do....

Can't find the request link or something like it.....Err, I should probably just msg Kane right? LOL

wednesday 14/02/2007

Stick with the cards that you have. Like a prayer i say to everyone in both NOYP! & Nasty Noypi;
Never use your clints unless it's a bargain, save it till you get your pack from your tournament credits and use your savings to buy cards that would support the cards that you have obtained from your pack (Picking your pack is whole different subject). If your new cards suck, then keep them and repeat the process. This is the only way non-premier users can prosper in Urbane Rivals.
GGs! smiley

tuesday 13/02/2007

I would say go for a Hugo and boost your attack even further...its strategic aswell, making your opponent play more pills then he should lol

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