tuesday 19/12/2006

I do want nightmare deck.and you read my mind Isaiah 8 .im so happy timber is gonna get stronger!

sunday 17/12/2006

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Awtz sabong???ïm born to be a good man"smiley

saturday 16/12/2006

As you know, in all rooms (except the danger zone), round outcome are not totally predictible, attack represents "chances" of winnings.
Read the rules for more details.

friday 15/12/2006

Peoples ARE penalized automatically at the end of each day if they did timeout (the more, the bigger they are penalized).
Their rating is NOT protected.
Everything that is stated in the rules is true, but not "instant" (as it is actually said).


... Could you explain?

Maybe the card that's played last has the the effect?

thursday 14/12/2006

I think tat it would be good if players can interact with each other in battle arena

wednesday 13/12/2006

Al of them r full lvls

I reccomend uppers and pussycat clans smileythey both have a good offense and offense or even uppers and ulu wata's...hmmm oreossmiley

sunday 10/12/2006

Hey plzz tell me

saturday 09/12/2006

G0t it'! ayye natee! smileysmileysmiley

Yeah, im actually asving for my Ottakool, expensive!!!
smiley smiley

I'd use nanook instead of ice jim since u can make fight jim and flo and nanook can damage 4

Sentinel Pussycats v Sentinel All Stars

friday 08/12/2006

Try this linksmiley


Celdin, Bode and whoever else: It's not a problem for consideration.
Impact is always just the same when both characters have not any abilities and bonuses, dontcha think? smiley
Doesnt matter what is cancelled or not...

I hav

vermen N almost 4 star

kinjo 3 star

sai san 3 star

linth 3 star

zodiack 3 star

melluzine 3 star

josh 3 star

ice jim 3 star

tell me a stratigies with them

wednesday 06/12/2006

Wow, thats very interesting CKANE, how about this, since i have a pair of Malmoth, should i pair my Crystal and save for a pair of Keanu? and why is Otakool soo expensive?

tuesday 05/12/2006

Ashigaru does suck though, i agree with you there bill

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