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sunday 14/08/2016

They should definitely keep the wheel but without the option of winning a cr, so that people have a choice if they want a cr with 100 tokenz, or take a risk on other cards for 1 tokenz. smiley

I agree with changing Skiner to Martha and Smith to Irene, as those cards are natural upgrades for both. They are also currently below 3k in Market price. Also try considering Harvey for a 4-star card if you can afford him (He's pretty good in my experience playing him).

If you can get Lehane you can replace Tobbie or Westwood with it. The one you remove depends on your playstyle (Tobbie -> destroyed by SOA; Westwood -> Copsmileyy unreliable versus power and damage manipulators). Lehane is banned in ELO though so consider that as well.

Also, consider replacing Thomy with a 5-star as it still fits into the T1/ELO format. That 5-star will provide you more damage that might lack in your hand. The most affordable and usable is Judge Scare and he's at 1k clintz only. smiley

Honestly, your deck can be used in daily tournaments as is. Good luck in upgrading it though! smiley

Will you actually give 3000 to each person that beats you or only the first one

You can access the market through the collection. You just change the focus to missing, then you can click on any card, which all have a market tab, and bingo. But that doesn't list private sales.

saturday 13/08/2016

The sad truth is the staff killed them

friday 12/08/2016

Mega New Blood thanks for explaining guys I miss-read it my bad

They should make a card where its like infection but for pillz lol smiley -1 pill infection smiley and to make it so it isnt totally OP make the min like 8 or something so you would have to use it early really

I know the decision of the staff is final and I'm sure they have their reasons for it, but it's still a shame to be losing one of the most fun event creators in the last months when the game forums were only full of complaints. He gave all players a chance to win some very nice prizes just by spamming and having fun, getting to know different players, because that meant even beginners could win some great cards to start a competitive decks easier.
But that being said, I wasn't present in the game for long, so I don't know everything that occured in the past and all the events that led to this decision.

thursday 11/08/2016

You don't need to download it simply join us smiley https://discord.gg/mNShXQg

At least we see that this game is not only about getting real money, thank you staff! smiley

I have nothing against the overall aesthetic but I feel they can make her look more unique like making her suit black and pink and adding scars or something idk

wednesday 10/08/2016

@nepetaUS LoA, i mean my cellphone doesn't have a touchscreen, you need to press real buttons to input digits there, that's how antique that design is smiley

tuesday 09/08/2016

To be fair, the mission is a lot easier now than it was when it was first introduced. All it takes is a single Ymirah from a NewBlood and you're practically there.

I've actually been doing that just to keep my mind somewhat awake while playing Arcade. So far the personal favourite is the possibility of a Ghumbo/Oshitsune/Jackie Cr/Zatman Cr in Frozen/Normal10.

Best case scenario is that 1/1 No Ability Skeelz we've always wanted.

In reality, I'm somewhat expecting that girl who looks like she escaped from the Deckers who's been popping up in the IG pictures.

Not sure if that would actually help but indeed something should be done against that smiley

sunday 07/08/2016

I would say go for Mega New Blood, but I would recommend waiting until next Friday when more new cards will be released since you have a chance to snag one of the newest characters and sell it for a heavily inflated price because they are new. Plus, there is the chance of getting Ymirah or Ursula for some cash money smiley

saturday 06/08/2016

An the no chat not really a bug if you think about it.
they could of turned it off or remove it . not really a bug in that case.
that's why a little this is what's happen update be great.

Should post a example of what the ld mission be like

all the missions will be only that clan related:
mission 1: win 50 rounds with gheist
mission 2: gain 40 life
mission 3: remove 60 pillz
mission 4: remove 40 life
mission 5: win 50 games
mission 6: do 200 damage
mission 7: gain 120 life
mission 8: remove 200 pillz
mission 9: remove 120 life
mission10: win 100 games

an this has to be done with only gheist card's not easy at all really.
an every clan will have a list of 10 mission to do that are related to that clan only like this.
but no impossible ones like win 100 games with candy jack that's just insane.

I mean I only know gheist really well so I can do there's easy may be other players would know the other clans list of 10 missions.

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