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monday 05/11/2012

If you allready had him form a past mission then i have cleared your cache which should give you the credits.

sunday 04/11/2012

Thanks for that hey still bad timing when they released that stupid sheep

friday 02/11/2012

hot 124 messages


friday 26/10/2012

tuesday 16/10/2012

Nvm i bought new cards and it workng now

wednesday 03/10/2012

60 damage with Valentina Ld.

wednesday 26/09/2012

The Stark Words..... i want an Eddard card.

tuesday 25/09/2012

I said at most

i acknowledge that i spouted out an arbitrary number
but i was just building on the discussion of whether or not UR needs more Cr releases, and i feel that any more than 10% would make it somewhat less special

how about you, Thoazol? What would you deem to be a proper rate for Crs?

monday 24/09/2012

Not sure if you guys know this guild champs are not automatic. they need to be set up but guild founder or he can turn on so admins can make the champs. i hope that clears some questions up

friday 21/09/2012

Its been so long smiley

thursday 20/09/2012

Like I said on FB, it's not necessary Igniss, his relative, or a Gheist; he just likes the sewer for some reason.


You might have found that during fights you lost BP and levels instead of gaining BP. It should have been fixed and your levels should have returned to normal.

If you have any more problems or you think something hasn't gone back to what it should be please could you contact support, link can be found under the green ? or use this link http://www.urban-rivals.com/staff/contactus.php , and they will look at and try to solve your problems.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks for the help,


monday 17/09/2012

Ban dorian unban zatman
Ban marina unban striker
Ban jeena unban lou
unban wee lee

sunday 16/09/2012

The problem is you can't give penaltys to Drs with out effecting good Drs and pussycats (who are actually quite good in DTs).

wednesday 12/09/2012

hot 189 messages

I have gail and lois ld

friday 07/09/2012

Well to be fair, gheist does have annibal and methane who are definitely useful(maybe not as much as draheera in mono). Roots may have some pretty nice 4* support, but they lack in the 2* department. That goes for my oppinion of unbans at least. Not a big fan of miken moose.

thursday 06/09/2012

I think the danger zone was removed ages ago (or its only for players under level 20).

monday 03/09/2012

A man can dream smiley

thursday 30/08/2012

I don't think Bill is jared. I think bill was anuther gest to the same wedding part where Jared got killed so uma killed Jared and then went on a killing spree killing other gests including Bill.

wednesday 29/08/2012

If you have a bug send a support request to Urban Rivals otherwise they don't know what to look for to fix.

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