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sunday 10/12/2006

Hey plzz tell me

saturday 09/12/2006

G0t it'! ayye natee! smileysmileysmiley

Yeah, im actually asving for my Ottakool, expensive!!!
smiley smiley

I'd use nanook instead of ice jim since u can make fight jim and flo and nanook can damage 4

Sentinel Pussycats v Sentinel All Stars

friday 08/12/2006

Try this linksmiley


Celdin, Bode and whoever else: It's not a problem for consideration.
Impact is always just the same when both characters have not any abilities and bonuses, dontcha think? smiley
Doesnt matter what is cancelled or not...

I hav

vermen N almost 4 star

kinjo 3 star

sai san 3 star

linth 3 star

zodiack 3 star

melluzine 3 star

josh 3 star

ice jim 3 star

tell me a stratigies with them

wednesday 06/12/2006

Wow, thats very interesting CKANE, how about this, since i have a pair of Malmoth, should i pair my Crystal and save for a pair of Keanu? and why is Otakool soo expensive?

tuesday 05/12/2006

Ashigaru does suck though, i agree with you there bill

And vermyn...

Ahihi bonus dapat...ayan may wee lee saved ka clintz for nanook gabrielle and ice jim or tanaereva

monday 04/12/2006

Thanks guys, hehe! smiley

Very bad deck, if you draw only card like chloe and the rest are other things..
anyway it sucks..

sunday 03/12/2006

U can buy creditz right?since allstars are the cheapest around of the clans buy them all....tell me when ur done smiley

friday 01/12/2006

Level up fast and try to finihs the fight by the 3rd round, hehe, works for me all the time!

thursday 30/11/2006

I well fight im not scared im strong and mighty hahahahahahhahahasmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

U get more pillz playing EVO --> everytime a card of your gain a lvl u get a boinus exp

mostly u can play OLD --> u and your adversary dont use any pillz winner usually gets 40-50 exp (or 23-30 during tornament)

tuesday 28/11/2006

Haha yeah lots of luck try sentinels

monday 27/11/2006

My best advice for u is to win tourneys if u cant like me u can just participate and get like 100 pts during a tournament in this rate u can have a 1 credit per 1 tournament do it everyday like me and u can get boosters... i advice u buying action pack

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