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sunday 27/08/2006

This is an attacking deck add a hugo instead that is if you want a leader in the deck. my opion is this you should dump some of those bad cards for copies of the better cards. I wont tell you which but weigh this first, abilities, attack points and damage.

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Sentinels aren't that good for elo cause of the fact that their best cards are 5 stars. most of the good eloer use pussycats, montanas and uppers and 2 sakrohms. this is becuase they have a mix of good attack, good damage, great abiliies, good bonuses and low star count having these 5 traits seperates the good cards from the great.

Great card for a starter, good card for a clang deck and a teriable elo card. clang gang has 3 one hit ko cards this is one of them, it is the easiest to obtain of the 3, the other 2 are lao (c)- collecter, and kinjo (UC), out of these 3 kinjo is the worst because he requires his ability and bonus. lao is the best cause he has the stop bonus ability but he is one of the hardest cards to lvl and as mention before he is now a collecter.

wednesday 23/08/2006

Of course you are write that Nightmare are quite weak compared to pussycats or montana, but I am not sure that it is due to their bonuses.

How much u selling for?

saturday 19/08/2006

Biduin if you know computers better you'll understand why it can't be possible

Mmm not only for bonus but very useful for the short numbers of stars (when playing in Elo) are pussycats. wanda and feelyn with 2 stars are very good and allow you to create space for cards like charlie or yayoi

friday 18/08/2006

All chars max lvl!
Jane Ramba
Amiral Py

Xia Leming
Windy Mor

plz gimme some feedback smiley

MfG Jack

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thursday 17/08/2006

It would be best to get rid of one of your don's seing as u got two

It should be ok but some of them are quite crap even when maxed

Sell the charcters that u don't want then u can bye more

wednesday 16/08/2006

Try and get at least two from the same clan in your deck

I am wondering if i should buy bridget at level and what id her ability?

tuesday 15/08/2006

Jujj many romanian boysmiley)Wyldebill:I play in team.smiley)but i liked boddenpower,lost hog and good uncommom cards buying.

Nevermind found it.


Thats it for those who don't know.

Hello all I'd like to announce Clan Profiles are available on the Urban Rivals Yahoo Group extension Blog Library located here.


So far we have Bangerz and Nightmare (being re-compiled). We will be adding more soon.

The profile gives a little bit of tips and allows you the viewer to add a comment to the profile for everyone to view.

saturday 12/08/2006

Strategy and tactics? what's your topic's conection with it?

wednesday 09/08/2006

Or you could save your credits and buy the 50 credit full deck pack, which is the best value of all the packs. I've gotten more rares from those packs than I have the 3 card packs. Granted the odds are better since there's 8 as opposed to 3. However you can always sell your unwanted cards (as long as you have 8 left, for clintz).

Heres a great strategy.......join this guild


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