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sunday 29/10/2006

Sell your sigmund, get some money, and then it will be easy to build a deck.

thursday 19/10/2006

1 hit KO is not really worth trying in ELO
need clan members to do the 2 but the overall power are so low
the two handy ones are Xia and Windy Mor i think

wednesday 18/10/2006


saturday 14/10/2006

I've got all the availables..still missing some of the collectors..i was hoping someone could give me a good suggestion for tournament deck, and some good suggestions for ELO decks. it would be big help!

No sorry. and does anyone have a wanda.

thursday 12/10/2006

Dang thats a nice deck

monday 09/10/2006

A very strong deck indeed. how i wish i have 32000 clintz. lolsmiley

Yeah, I figured those would be among the best choices.
Now I just need to lvl Havok and Chloe to keep the options open,
and ofc get more pussycats, or whatever.

Thanks for your tips! smiley

sunday 08/10/2006

Or you could assess the situation, and take one hit in order to up the odds of dealing harder hits.

Finally, I got some money.

Frankie Hi



My cards are:
Aureli(max)-lvl 2
rebbeca(not max)-lvl 1
Kinjo(max)-lvl 5
brandon(max)-lvl 3
ottavia(max)-lvl 3
yookie(max)-lvl 3
aldo(max)-lvl 3
wardog(max)-lvl 2
flyer(max)-lvl 3
zdrone(max)-lvl 4
tell me which cards to put in y deck and not to put in my deck.i only have 74clintz and 3 credits.I'm earning clintz to buy wanda.If any of you ppl out there could privately sell me wanda at a darn low price,I'll appreciate it alot.(can't private exchage coz never buy credits before.Won in tournaments.)

saturday 07/10/2006

I agree with bulbazar. Just play the game for now. Evolve all you chara, earn credits and clintz.
Then focus on 1-2 clans. It should come naturally to develope fang pi clang since you have 2 chara of that clan... (but they worth around 600 both of them... so if you prefer another clan don't worry). Or you can decide to focus on La Junta since you have a lvl 5 chara of them............

thursday 05/10/2006

In fact it depends whiwh clan do you want to take. No nam is strong at level 5 so maybe try to play Junta finding other Junta cards.

Malmoth, Zdrone or Lost Hog (a one shoot killer) can be played easily but they dont belong to the same clan so you will not have their bonus. Do as you wish!

You must buy credits at the shop

wednesday 04/10/2006

What do you think is the best clan for ELO? can you rate them from
1-*dunno how much clans we have*?

monday 02/10/2006

I'm sure that there is too...but I can't figure it out just yet.

sunday 01/10/2006

I am evoing all my cards for ext turney they are only in one battle they will level up.

saturday 30/09/2006

Nightmare -
K Cube

Total levels - 13

Sentinal -
Total levels - 12
Total Deck levels- 25

Any tips?
What other cards would be good?
and would this deck be good for ELO Mode?

and I've also thought about replacing the Havok with Timber, with Timber Mojo and lelena can be GODLY
and this deck has kinda low damage, do you think I should replace or should not? X:

Thanks for all the help. =]

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