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wednesday 08/02/2017

Also, the current Newblood mission for Dr Six is 5 Gold Tokenz smiley

Chat was taken out of the game but it's apparently coming back with the update coming February 17th

tuesday 07/02/2017

I used to use Vortex and Skeelz smiley

And thanks! Tourney it is... Harvey is gonna be there.

I'm still thinking that she will look like some sort of cybernetic queen bee. As for her stats, I think something like:

5 star
7/7 or 7/6
Ability: Equalizer: something (I'm leaning towards +1 Pillz, but it could be another attack mod or maybe even consume)

Just my thoughts

HAHAHA, I thought I was too stupid to put for sale. Aight. Gaia will go next time I make a guessing game smiley

When I sell cards, the system message shows "The price you are trying to sell is too different than the current min price".

So my question is = > Does anyone exactly know how to determine the upper limit of selling price by the min price? (any formula?)

Put a sufficient amount. Just at least 1 for Poison and one that can reduce Life.

I only sell doubles though.

*Sorry copied my last post for structure reference. The information is from my previous post on this topic.

I'd just join the bangers.
Lennox, Lucas and Bubbles would be my amigos (the only appropriate word I could thinking for the internet) shann cr Kurt and Raquel would be the best people to go out with (parcore and skating ftw) chlora mc leroy and gyro could cook and art therapy with kreenk ld, graff and pearl (and unique and tailored clothes from joy bennie and dud z + music with Angie willy and Clifford). It'd be pretty tight. Oh and platoona and beeboy for help with homework and such

This has happened to me in arcade multiple times today. It says I timed out before entering a game but when I try again it instantly sends me to a lose screen

I don't think cards should be designed around specific general missions (your example) but I do think that some abilities such as backlash are very rare. It would indeed be interesting to see more of those in balanced and playable cards.

monday 06/02/2017

O ok thought she was all 5* dam thought they added new art.

Also playing for a decade will get you rich over long long period of time lol. prity much do the work.

sunday 05/02/2017

I`ll also add I have never purchased Credits before just to be clear. I can access Market.

DS_dc1998 has all 1376 cards as of current and their percent is 111, so I'd assume that's the current maximum.

" It should be the card above 2 million in gold chest atm "
So the big 5 and 3 others? Sounds kinda unbalanced.

saturday 04/02/2017

How can you eat an ice cream flavored like a salty nut? It's always blown my mind how popular it is but something like rocky road has always been a punchline

If you are going to sell them than yes your are going to get more clintz for a 0xp card than a full one smiley

friday 03/02/2017

You should wait if you don't need the clintz immediatly. Once they get out of the NB packs or go Cr their price will increase.

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Does anyone know the rewards for the 2500 dmg nightmare and the 5000 dmg hive missions rewards?

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