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friday 08/07/2016

I don't know, i'm no strategist but huracan with 0-pilled high threat card(mama killa, el divino etc) makes a.i. throw 10-11 pillz every time, so i don't understand how this hq might be difficult. A.I. totally doesn't know how to play vortex! But again. i'm stuck at different HQs so i guess each player has his own difficulties

thursday 07/07/2016

Sorry i meant that give say 5 choices {2 sakrohm rest random clans} so that if u chose the sakhrohm which is weaker then the other cards u will get ur bonus instead of the stronger random card therefore u wont get any bonus

wednesday 06/07/2016

I don't know muh about WP ecosystem, but if they support Unity engine then it might be possible. Whether or not they'll seek the 5% market share is another matter.

tuesday 05/07/2016

Pffft, big deal, just throw Jeena at her smiley but seriously yes, she's insanely broken, hope she gets -25 penalty for dt and moves to survivor soon

monday 04/07/2016

smiley Well, i hope that was somewhat useful or at least not too obvious or at least made any sense at all smiley

Rb, not Ld. But yes, that does look like Toro. We have also seen Bodenpower and presumably Aldo or Don in the various staff announcements.

0C DanTe, question is not who was leader os Skeelz and Ulu Watu(that's obvious) but who is at the moment since Caelus and Tana went Cr

sunday 03/07/2016

Riots are great currently, pair them up with any clan you like

Pr balthazar
pr cushing
argos / grouchy

is a 13* great half

The mission is bugged,I think

Didn't work. I also tried playing on 2 different PCs.

saturday 02/07/2016

Lol me too came back after 2 years and puzzled on what to do with my clintz

smiley WHERE R THEY!!!!!smiley

Honestly, if it works, it works smiley
I honestly do missions mostly and couldn't tell you what's freaking amazing and what's not.

Sounds really cool. When are you planning to create it?

thursday 30/06/2016

I must say i feel pretty luck smiley
11 mnb packs got me 2 Sloans 2 krangs and 1 Ymirah aswell as a lot of other good rares and uc's. I Think the packs averaged on around 70k clintz each smiley

wednesday 29/06/2016

I just try and make decks for Free Fight with characters of the same clan that have their own missions or help out with clan missions (like gain life or block damage) and I change decks regulary so I focus a few days on missions for one clan and then go on to the next clan... Some missions really take a long time and (like winning xxx rounds with the same character since it depends very much if you have it in your hand or not), but that's just what mission grinding is all about.

monday 27/06/2016

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I finaly beat the banngers but almost lost last sec

sunday 26/06/2016

People share some more of your thoughts

thursday 23/06/2016


Yes, after Junkz now come publish the Low Budget of Sentinel. Here we have a great deck that costs between 12-13K , not to mention that now is a good Clan for DT , only Martha has malus but only -1 , the cards have good damage and little power some cards is offset by bonus. Enjoy it.

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