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monday 31/12/2012


friday 28/12/2012

Its a good noel card smiley this makes two 2 star pill manip for frozn smiley (unless im overlooking another as im not looking at the list)

thursday 27/12/2012

New cards tomorrow. predictions are Bangers, Saks, Jungo, and Skeelz.

tuesday 25/12/2012

She is available in the NB, she isn't on the top due to the fact that she was released a month ago. Just look for the Junkz symbol, and you will see her name.

saturday 22/12/2012

Shouldnt Romana be available in the packs now ?

friday 14/12/2012

Hoping for Montana, Jungo, Sentinel and Frozn

tuesday 11/12/2012

I'll close this subject in a few hours, if you have something decisive to say the time is now. Anyway I think there were many interesting things in your post, either pro or against this idea and we definitely need to take some time to think about this.

sunday 09/12/2012

I suggest you close the topic now that the less-than-relevant posts are flowing in.

friday 07/12/2012

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Although it seems that most of you would be somewhat open to this feature, I think there are still many question unanswered and we'll put this idea aside for the moment. I don't feel that this feature should be a priority for us.

We have other ideas regarding collector that we'd like to discuss with you, I'll open a new post soon.

I'll close this post now, if you want to add something to what was said, you can contact me at feedback@urban-rivals.com or you can use the survey here : http://www.urban-rivals.com/to/surveycr/ , i'll keep it open for a while

thursday 06/12/2012

friday 30/11/2012

You need to reach 100 points and finish the deathmatch to complete it.

You also need to complete the legendary missions befor it first too.

thursday 29/11/2012

Junkz , GHEIST Fang pi clang and Freaks I think

tuesday 27/11/2012


I'm looking for around 5-6 highly motivated players willing to organize cool and entertaining events. Those events would be sponsored by the staff. smiley Here are the prerequisite :
- excellent english writing skill
- willing to organize events for the english speaking community, and international events
- good experience in the creation of (large) entertaining events
- being in love with UR smiley
- being cool, patient, able to manage arguments

If you want to join in the EN community event team, please directly PM me ! smiley

thursday 22/11/2012

Wish we could vote here

sunday 18/11/2012

See post 18 or 24 or 37 or 42.

Nice tip, that's a very easy two credits. smiley

saturday 17/11/2012

I hope the next Ld mission is for Krazan Ld.

thursday 15/11/2012

Junks, All Stars, La Junta, and Fang Pi Clang

tuesday 13/11/2012

I downloaded the update and now i cantidad lograr back in help

sunday 11/11/2012

The page is still there, but the event has ended long ago so there's no reason for you to go there.

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