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sunday 24/09/2006

Ok, Now I am getting money to something like 20k clintz.

Thanks for the tip man!!!
More help more help!

Make sure u have all legal cards and that the 8 cards total stars does not go over 25

saturday 23/09/2006

I got a no nam, a wardog, a nobrocybix, and a diater

I want to make a Montana/Nightmare Deck
Do you think it's can work well?
this is the deck I've made-

Don (5)
Ottavia (3)
Pino (2)
Mort Bax OR Flesh Pimp (help me choose here)(4)

Nightmare -
Mojo (3)
Dieter (3)
K Cube (2)
Melluzine (3)

This Deck would be good in ELO Mode? X:

I just started and my only source of clintz is battling regularly and playing a tournament or two over the weekend. So all I can get is a crappy, cheap card every few days. Here's my deck so far (the numbers next to the name is their level currently):

GHEIST-Vladamir 4/5

Junkz-Acid DC 3/3

Nightmare-Candy Jack 3/4
Cell 1/3
K Cube 2/2

Pussycats-Ninja Nyne 4/4

Roots-Ataoualpet 3/3

Sakrohm-Uranus 3/3

Ulu Watu-Nympheea 3/3
Razor 4/4

Uppers-Maeva 3/3

friday 22/09/2006

thursday 21/09/2006

I just started not to long ago and i could realy use some help with my deck

this is what i got so far

mini mosu
xia leming
noon steevens

plz help me wiht some advise to make a better deck

also i am planing on playing elo when i can at 20

wednesday 20/09/2006

Lol Unless you run into something that lowers the attack.smileysmileysmiley

KW = Killer Wangs? Wong Ton Soup!

tuesday 19/09/2006

friday 15/09/2006

Happened once so far but i won that one cuz my opponent had a even crappier hand XD

tuesday 12/09/2006

This is my deck at the moment
the current deck is for evo when i hit 20
can i get some advise and maybe some hints to make it better(plz dont go over board i am still kinda poor)

current deck:
mini mosu

cards not in deck:
xia leming

monday 11/09/2006

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Ok u want a stratagy send me all your cards

infact just send me your credit card number and social security number

great stratagy dont u think

saturday 09/09/2006

I have a jane ramba already i just need a uranus

Ask 2cool
from qatarasian

How good is the sakrohm guild in evo?

tuesday 05/09/2006

monday 04/09/2006

Pussycats are very flexible in elo because they have some nice 2 and 3 star cards. Just about any clan goes pretty well with them. Since you like sahrohm why not use them with your pussycats? Something like Yayoi, Wanda, Gwen, Feelyn, GraksmxxT, Uranus, Venus, and Caciope would be a viable ELO deck.

sunday 27/08/2006

This is an attacking deck add a hugo instead that is if you want a leader in the deck. my opion is this you should dump some of those bad cards for copies of the better cards. I wont tell you which but weigh this first, abilities, attack points and damage.

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Sentinels aren't that good for elo cause of the fact that their best cards are 5 stars. most of the good eloer use pussycats, montanas and uppers and 2 sakrohms. this is becuase they have a mix of good attack, good damage, great abiliies, good bonuses and low star count having these 5 traits seperates the good cards from the great.

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