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wednesday 20/07/2016

This is crazy all the rb and 1st wave ld really wish there wasn't a limited time though

monday 18/07/2016

No i know about that, i do that but i make sure i posted it on right forums lol

no its always deleted. sometimes like atm my thread has stayed but this is first time it has done

friday 15/07/2016

Freaks are very good the way they are, Berzerk on the other hand would be much better with min.1 But the value of the clan could significantly change

thursday 14/07/2016

For a cheap junkz deck i'd recommend

Now i recommend saving up for Jiro (only 6.5k)
Other than that replace it with Berserkgirl, Stiko or Travis Ld
And lastly end with Skyler. (honestly its not the best deck, but its probably the best discount deck you can create right now)

tuesday 12/07/2016

Those resques are just overreacting smiley

I don't use the old site only the new site

monday 11/07/2016

Sup guys maybe some of you know me from FR I am really pi**ed that FR is closing but I haven't played UR for 2 years and I came back 3 days ago and I would to say it is just as awesome as FR and I don't see it as Pay to win game I have been playing for 3 days already level 30 and got 850k from just playing arcade mode season 2 and I haven't finished it yet and I only bought 20 credits to access market so for anyone from FR who thinks this pay to ein game just give it a chance it has improved alot but I still think we should get a little refund for the time and maybe money we spent on FR personally I made 15 million collection in FR and only bought like 50 jewels so not really that mad smiley

New one is still not so user friendly.
Too much clicking and scrolling compared with old version.

sunday 10/07/2016

I've beaten frozn hardcore with this:
a.i. can't defend with tiwi or snorker and pillz a lot against high-threat cards.
Bublgmm is splashed to replace Nastanovix and force some more pillz from opponent. Better use Hawkins instead if you have him(a.i. fears -pillz more than +pillz)

Anyone whose been around for the last few years I've been doing an unoffical Mr. Clint City pageant where fans vote for the guy who will get some fan art of his victory. I tend to start it when the Miss Clint City pageant starts, but since the new clan hasn't be released yet, I'm thinking of waiting until they get a wave or two of are released. (It would also give some of the clans a chance to play catch-up or let alone get a man to compete.) So what do you guys think? (Also remind me when is said new clan coming?)

saturday 09/07/2016

Ombre Cr- That bad sorcerer has the best art by far imo. I just won one in elo last week and I must continually fight the urge to evo him because of how great his art is.
Jackie Cr- Most OP card for the longest run. No one can debate how much ur heart drops when they see this card in an opponent's deck, It crushes most competition and aside from the newest cards released recently it has had quite a run and can take down all big 5 at 4*s.
Jonas - I always identified with uppers as a clan coming from more of a wealthy upbringing and green being my favorite color and Jonas seemed like the one who looked most like me.

friday 08/07/2016

I don't know, i'm no strategist but huracan with 0-pilled high threat card(mama killa, el divino etc) makes a.i. throw 10-11 pillz every time, so i don't understand how this hq might be difficult. A.I. totally doesn't know how to play vortex! But again. i'm stuck at different HQs so i guess each player has his own difficulties

thursday 07/07/2016

Sorry i meant that give say 5 choices {2 sakrohm rest random clans} so that if u chose the sakhrohm which is weaker then the other cards u will get ur bonus instead of the stronger random card therefore u wont get any bonus

wednesday 06/07/2016

I don't know muh about WP ecosystem, but if they support Unity engine then it might be possible. Whether or not they'll seek the 5% market share is another matter.

tuesday 05/07/2016

Pffft, big deal, just throw Jeena at her smiley but seriously yes, she's insanely broken, hope she gets -25 penalty for dt and moves to survivor soon

monday 04/07/2016

smiley Well, i hope that was somewhat useful or at least not too obvious or at least made any sense at all smiley

Rb, not Ld. But yes, that does look like Toro. We have also seen Bodenpower and presumably Aldo or Don in the various staff announcements.

0C DanTe, question is not who was leader os Skeelz and Ulu Watu(that's obvious) but who is at the moment since Caelus and Tana went Cr

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