sunday 24/07/2011

Read the question carefully. I do ask for they names in english. Hint the last part of the children's names means star in english.

And the entry is 5k smiley

saturday 23/07/2011


Whats your MagiBeast!

find the beast thats right for you,try to evolve it,capture new ones!

All in this awsome event!

CHECK EVENTS COMMENTS FOR HELP,and always be sure to check the event rules


friday 22/07/2011

You're giving away ONE rare and a cr FOR their TWO rares and a cr? Nice prize you have there

thursday 21/07/2011

There are a lot of factors that dictate how many points you accumulate. Playing faster matchs (so you get more games in), while still winning, will help. Also, beating higher level characters (4-5stars) with lower level characters (2-3stars) will also give you more points. Other things like remaining pills, excess life, KOs, etc add bonus points. You can see exactly how points are accrued by looking at the Daily Tournament Scoring section under the help menu at the top of your screen.

Side note: this post would be better placed in the "Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments" forum.

P.S.- while you can get DT points in ELO room, I personally would advise against it as my experience seems that the matches go longer since people have longer times to make their decisions. Also, ELO doesn't award any more points that Fights Type 1 or Fights Type 2 rooms.

wednesday 20/07/2011

Just enter and wait smiley

M1XTAPE's Event

- Requires a bit of dedication but the prizes are good
- Entrance Fee total = 5k
- Total Prizes are 700-800k
- 5 Remaining places ate the time of this post

Back to Basics

A small event with modified ELO rules. Rego runs till July 25th.

tuesday 19/07/2011

THIS IS FOR EVENTS ONLY! You want sales!

If 100 people join this event I'll double the prize for first place to 20k.(Right now 10k)
If 175 people join I'll double the prize for 15k.(Right now 7k)
If 250+ people join I'll double the prize for 10k.(Right now 5k)
Also accepting donations so more people have a chance to win.

sunday 17/07/2011


Angry Zoo Rate Green!
If this preset reached 800+ I will give away a Laura to a lucky player who comment.
So do post a comment since that will be your entry. smiley

deleted simple easy 1 day lotto invite your guildmates and friends

saturday 16/07/2011

Stage 1 - Semi Finals

All Participants are free to challenge all 32 other countries, the better you do the more points you'll accumulate the more points you have the better your chances are of reaching the Grand final.

Semi FInal 1, 16 players will advance to the Finals due tot heir final scores that will be taken into account on next Wednesday, and the 16 players who fail to will be eliminated.

The Final, basically it's a frenzy to see who can beat all other countries and win the whole event, I wish you all good luck with your batles.

Prizes will soon be verified,and donations are warmly welcomed!

Thank you, for your time!

Diane Simmons.

I look forward for your participation! - Eurovision FIGHT Contest (UR Version)

2 messages

Starts in Monday hurry up

friday 15/07/2011

Deck Format:
Any 25* or 26* decks made of only Skeelz
Caelus Cr is banned in this format
and No doubles

There have been plenty of so call "dead events". So far the only ones whose in control is the person who created the event and the UR Staff. I would advise that you list out the events that you were in that never got any sort of resolution.

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