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thursday 15/09/2011

x ELO x any questions PM I look to start playing ASAP

Hi everyone, I'm currently hosting a large battle event with around 200 participants. I'm currently trying to eliminate players, but the requests don't seem to be going to the server (i.e. I ask to withdraw a player and nothing happens). Has anyone else had this problem/know a solution?

wednesday 14/09/2011

No i dont believe u can see their deck but they cannot get into the event room without the right deck so thats okay.
It is possible if u tell everyone that when they battle they must send u a screenshot otherwise no.

I am not sure about the group one but i believe so.

monday 12/09/2011

Join plz!!!!!

I'm sorry to hear Fishy smiley

sunday 11/09/2011

Very kind words... I sincerely appreciate it my friend. It is you, and people like you, who keep me playing this game and creating events. Everything I do is for you guys! I'm so glad you enjoy my events!

saturday 10/09/2011


A whole new kind of event which gives my opponent the power.

thursday 08/09/2011

I was gonna make it berserk themed but... Wanted it to be more diverse

wednesday 07/09/2011

If more than 50 players join I will add a CR to the winners prize that is worth at least 50k!!! Come take a look!!!


Check it out!!! Brand new format and event!!! A CR worth at least 50k will be added to the winners prize if there are more than 50 players!!!! Come Join!!!


tuesday 06/09/2011

smiley I cannot enter I am better than a Guru!Things are preety strange in this tournament...Suspect facts,like the one that is for Gurus,or the surprise at the fifth prize...And,to enter you need to pay 2000 clintz!A usual Guru does not have so much!And,even if he has,if you are not chosen to play in the tournament,the 2000 clintz are like threw on the window! smiley smiley Oooohh...I can't understand!!! smiley smiley

monday 05/09/2011

saturday 03/09/2011

There hasn't been a UR fanscript competition this year!smiley
How come?smiley

friday 02/09/2011

Join up

thursday 01/09/2011

Whats ctz mean and how i know about it

Hi Everyone,
I've opened another event with 300 Clintz entrance - The great combat

It is built in 3 main stages and consists 256 players:

Stage 1: 256 players divided to 32 groups with 8 players in each group. Top 2 proceed to next stage.

Stage 2: 64 players divided to 8 groups with 8 players in each group. Top 3 proceed to next stage.

Stage 3: This one is divided to 3 categories. "Champions Cup" is for those 8 top players finishing in 1st place
in each group and battling between them for the mega prize. "Masters Cup" is for 8 players finishing in
2nd place in each group and battling between them for secondary prizes. "Defenders Cup" is for 8
players finishing in 3rd place in each group and battling for smaller prizes.

In general, 24 winners from 256 players is quite good. I think it would be enjoyable. And i need alot of players to sign in.

Oh... If there is +10000 rated green, first place from "Champions Cup" gets additional 10000 Clintz. smiley

The event is located at:

Have fun smiley

tuesday 30/08/2011

Last day to sigh up.

Oooppps.... wrong link. Heres the right one http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=53857

monday 29/08/2011

Survivor T2 of August 24th:

Minos Bz
agent pital

ELO top of the week August from 22nd to 28th:

0 Demo
-- Ganone --
0 hi5oka
7 p3dr0

Survivor ELO of August 27th:
SKP MaxmMaxa
0 Demo

DT on Sunday 28th at 6pm (GMT + 2):

2nd EX_max57680
3rd EShugohuisman
4th MC-Ouroboros
5th RicalE_HorroR
6th Ex-Codinho
7th PermanatorWMD
8th {IR3} Sanders
9th Narco_BD
10th 0_Neich

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