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wednesday 02/11/2011

Our Last Breath season of giving

this is a all is welcome free lotto hosted by Our Last Breath

tuesday 01/11/2011

I thank you for your help.

Only two more spots left!!!

Please is my first event and you are all welcome to participate.
name full stars event
1st Jakson and jackpot
2nd Pegh
3rd Stiko.


Updated Rules:

5 members per guild

Stage 1 - T1 (No big 5)
Stage 2 - T2 (No big 5)
Stage 3 - ELO (New ELO rules)
Grand Finale (For the winning side only) - Custom Deck Format

In the first 3 stages the guilds work together as either New or Old school, then the winning side has a choice: either all the guilds on that team win, or fight to the death winner takes all. (so either all players on the winning side get an average prize or top 5 get great prizes)

The Courtyard of Shadows presents A Season of Giving.
100 clintz entry free but all participants must donate a card valued at least 500 clintz.
All prizes go in the prize pool.
Your score determines your prize.

monday 31/10/2011

* Members of Friends of the Cruzcampo shall put to point from 24/10/2011 to 6/11/2011; can people outside the guild to join from the 31/10/2011 to 6/11/2011 .

* The event will consist of 3 phases:
-the 1 st Phase (11.07.2011 - 11.18.2011) will consist of 16 players who play each other to 3 hands which remain empty and removed the last 4 points with less deck Format: F1Calc-Ray
-The Phase 2 (11/21/2011 to 12/02/2011) consist of two groups of 6 persons each and are classified for the finals the first two in each group facing 3 empty.
Deck format to be determined
-Phase 3 (12/05/2011 to 15/12/2011) will consist of a link between the 4 finalists for-all in 3 hands empty and then come out the winner and runners
Dek format to be determined

* Note: If the event can take a pace forward phases.


sunday 30/10/2011

@ ohlolz
it wouldnt have been the year at all, as it says 2011 at the end. Which i highly doubt is the day or month.
but basically how it is done is DD / MM / YYYY same as here in aus smiley

saturday 29/10/2011

Cmon, who doesn´t want to win a Caelus Cr+ jacpot for the price of 1k ?
plus add in some cool deck rules smiley
Tell your friends and guildmates about it

wednesday 26/10/2011

The players in the event need to go to the event. They will then see at the top a box asking if they agree with the event or disagree. They then need to select agree (or disagree if they think something is wrong). If 75% agree then you can award the prizes, if they don't then a mod might have to get invoved because its mean ether the players are being mean to the winner or there is something wrong with the event.

tuesday 25/10/2011

I'm letting players outside the original level range enter the event, especially if you want to play in Ulu Watu

Thank you trippie for your additions however some people differ on some of these ideas such as deck switching. Some find it distasteful while others don't mind. But if you are going to switch decks let your opponent know ahead of time that. smiley

saturday 22/10/2011

Greedy people win smiley

Official start date for the event is November 1st. The event continues to grow and there is more reason to join all the time! There is still time, but it's running out! Become part of the CC Circuit and join MILESTONE 2 today!

friday 21/10/2011

I suggest lowering the entrance fee if you plan on doing the event.

monday 17/10/2011


Join now! A low entrance fee, only 200 clintz.
A lottery for all players!

sunday 16/10/2011

Should I post on here to enter?

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