monday 14/12/2015

Just go for Lyse Teria CR,Jimmy,Avola,Desmond,Vickie CR,Magnolia,Don,Vermaire and voila good Montana deck

I think missions are fine the way they are + just adding a few like they did last year. I'm still working on the Christmas missions from last year...

Yeah, if you earned him in the first 30 days or so, you unlocked his Flash mission which was worth 30 creds...

sunday 13/12/2015

Another problem with Backlash is that there are really only two types of cards that have backlash. Those that can KO (Cortez, Sylvia Ld, Gork) and those that can't so well (Norman, Raquel). On the one's that can KO, backlash is hardly ever a factor. On the others, it's enough of a hindrance that people don't really play with them...

saturday 12/12/2015

Run a Stop: half for a Xanatos Gambit. You either come across no SoA and get free hands to gain life with Roots; or all SoA and wreck havoc with the perfect counters to SoA cards. Either way, you win (assuming you don't suck on general basis).

YOU'RE bad! smiley

friday 11/12/2015

Would like to see Hubert Noel as it would remind me of the Nightmare before Christmas.

I will also like to suggest Mefisto Noel as he gives off a Grinch like vibe for some reason.
It is mentioned that he is somewhat a childish trickster.

This is a four page, one-shot story that is based off an RP I did with a fellow fan. It's about Zbuz and his attempt to get his revenge on Flush. And you learn a little on how the Berzerk's society works and flesh out some stuff with Flush.

You can find the story here: So I hope you like it.

thursday 10/12/2015

*waits for a fight or something interesting to happen with a popcorn packet in hand smiley *

tuesday 08/12/2015

No way to disable it, but I would like to know if they are going to make better animations...

Besides the politics, UR is failing to meet expectations by far.

Look at other games out there... So much more unique and fun.

This is dull, boring etc. The only reason I'm here is because I like to talk to my online friends and play DT because I'm good at it... other than that, if there was none of that, I wouldn't be here anymore...

DM was only good when it had a population that allowed for full rooms.

the problem with DM was when there simply was not enough players.... youd join a match and there would be 3 players in it and youd be a couple of matches behind already, so you simply left. And when you tried to join again, youd end up in the same empty room and now even more matches behind

DM the way it was needs hundreds of players online and looking for matches. This is simply not the reality of UR at this time.

One thing that DM did allow for, that other formats did not, was it gave low star ELO banned cards a place to play.

monday 07/12/2015

I mean with the new players I forgot the the in the heading ha ha woops lol

its supsoe to say


sunday 06/12/2015

The UR App doesn't work. And there have been problems in Training mode in the past and recently. Please fix that as soon as possible smiley

Personally, I am not a fan of using many cards like Gianfranco in half decks. My luck is I always draw them with no other clan member.

Ability: Protect bonus
Bonus: Not active

I'de prefer Sharon over Gianfranco here.

U think like this ...
(web game ) play and win 8 credits
are instal game and earn 1 credits ?

Contact staff at
Or post in this thread

friday 04/12/2015

Never mind I found it myself :

wednesday 02/12/2015

Lately I am just only training and you dont know how many times I fought people who were there for missions. But I dont care altho I dont do it myself feel bad to come there just to mission grind

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