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monday 07/05/2012

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saturday 05/05/2012

I used to have that problem with that exact same format idk how it happened but it's fine now...

thursday 03/05/2012

Anuther necroer who can't read threads.

p.s its on the fight screen next to the chat tab.

friday 27/04/2012

@hobbyham, id take the credits. With my luck i can typically get a pack with enough card equity that can give me more clintz.

In the past i've gotten 2 tsubames, kolos, cortez, miss stella when she was new, spyke... But then theres also those packs where te best card you get is aigwon noel... Still taking the creds...

monday 23/04/2012

Detective Gums - Titan - Blowing Mindz Training English
Thursday 19/04, 16:45

I can't advance in some of the Ld missions. I have Naja Ld and Kreenk Ld's last mission.
Fraggle - Admin - Clint Staff English
Thursday 19/04, 17:46

@detective gums: we are aware of this bug, caused by a recent upgrade of the missions backend (otherwise quite better). It shall be fixed soon.

sunday 22/04/2012

Oh God. smiley smiley

saturday 21/04/2012

Of course the two LDs that I wanted most (Skeelz and Ulu Watu) are two of the last three released. smileysmileysmiley

thursday 19/04/2012


Its probbably as they have released a new quickbattle selection system that is messing things up for you. If I read it right its going to be really bad for the game

Fraggle - Admin - Clint Staff
Today at 18:19

The quickbattle has been improved today, especially during in tournament rooms during tournament times.

Various factors are taken into account: avg stars (mostly but not only), global winrate for the deck in the gamemode (if enough data), recent winrate of the player in the gamemode (if enough data).

We are still working of the various values but no one should ever face a 40* deck vs a 20* deck, it's mathematically impossible.
I think the min/max (for extreme case) can be around 5*-6* difference between the 2 decks.
Remember the hand you draw is not the same as the deck you have. Some decks (played by very good DT players) are very unbalanced (like 7x2* and 1x5*).

We are taking a very close look at the matchmaking and we are quite satisfied with our latest change.

New cards tommorrow! Predictions are Roots, Piranas, Berzerk, and Fang Pi Clang.

wednesday 18/04/2012

How to use ''timber'' ??

thursday 12/04/2012

@thaozal, it sais, "she killed her husband... And a large section of the guests". Some guests probably escaped, but her husband would either reincarnate as nightmare, or some other way. You must recall that this is only what uma thinks... Those whom disagree should refer to aniki. Everybody thought we'd get nightmare or sentinel, however it turned out to be somebody disguised as sentinel. Maybe jared played dead and escaped. Although very unlikely.

But who knows, maybe we will get the priest whom married them.

Btw, just to correct you, when i said everyone, i reffered to those whom were killed... You know, everyone of whom was killed, not attending, or not guests. Confusion of context i guess

wednesday 04/04/2012


I am not saying clear ennough.
That times I face was three 5* and a 4 *. The opp use bangers and amber.
One of it cards get 14 power. I was swept by this guy.
I tried one time with 20* 4 cards too.

Anuther necroer who can't read. smiley

"You need to of brought credits to be able to trade with other players (this includes secure trades)."

tuesday 03/04/2012

Wow smiley i love this smiley madeup:

monday 02/04/2012

I went on to the list of message boards and i saw that a thread called ELO changes was the newest news post. Sdly it was a necro noob. smiley

friday 30/03/2012

@tititoro: Sometime after a new clan release means any ammount of time after a new clan, not counting solo missions, its been missions - vortex - new missions - berzerk - new missions - ????? - new missions.

tuesday 27/03/2012

Kinda rare to see 2 "x=x opp." cards out in the same month, let alone 2 3-star legendaries. Kinda sad that one of them had to be the best and the other had to be outclassed heavily by arguably every other 3-star in their clan.

monday 26/03/2012

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Maybe Ctrl + F5 or clear your cookies.

saturday 24/03/2012

tuesday 06/03/2012

Lol Thanks HonorGuard smiley

I suppose we can close this now?

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