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tuesday 17/07/2012

I definitely do see your point, but for me personally, it's more worrisome when an entire clan has to be planned against. You can't build a good ELO deck without having a plan for dealing with SoA and high attack manip. Kalindra, on the other hand, is just one card that may or may not get drawn, and definitely does not guarantee a win.

I think she joins a large group of other conditional "ha ha I win" cards, including, but not limited to:
-Any strong LPD
-"Super" poisoners (Ex: Azel, Greem, Karrion)
-Huge attack manip cards with high gap (Ex: Sammy, Troompah)
-High powered or high attack manip 8 damage SoA (Ex: Cliff, Wardom, XU52)
-High-gap pill recovery cards (Ex: Tsubame*, Dregn)
-Spyke smiley

The reason she seems so scary right now is that most people just aren't used to accounting for her. When everyone fully understands her "automatic win" conditions, she will be much easier to face.

Just my two cents... I definitely do understand why a lot of people feel she's a cheap card, though, and I am definitely not opposed to her catching a player ban.

*Tsubame and Tino is my favorite "conditional auto win" combo ever. Whether Tino wins or loses, a furied Tsubame with bonus can 1HKO afterwards, in some cases creating a fork that there is absolutely no way to beat by Round 2. Better yet, it's possible to build a deck with the both of them that holds up fairly well vs SoB, SoA, and attack manip.

Ok deck. I would personally change the deck to Selma, Raeth, Hawkins, Taljion, Ector, Puff, Baba and Tyd.

Interesting deck, If possible I would change Sayura to Shifou.

monday 16/07/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ongh to Benicio and Sunder to Dagg.

I really like copy: bonus opp which is why i suggested Lorna.

friday 13/07/2012

Thnx guys, but im not that rich... smiley anyway nice suggestions... atm im gettin' my money for Haaken... and Kalindra and Dagg won't see light of my collection for a long long time... any presets ya want to share? smiley

Thank you for the suggestions

thursday 12/07/2012

I'd drop Lizzie to Elvis and up Bernie to Lola
Then upgrade Niva to Askai and drop Scopica for Mindy or that koala

tuesday 10/07/2012

Thanks guys smiley

I had the same problem and i still have another smiley i tried to go on elo but they said my deck can't exceed 25 but i take cards out my deck but still the same thing pops up what do i do? Please help!

saturday 07/07/2012

Annuqa would be a great card for your last 3* spot.
Oh, and Brittany over Wanda for your deck seems the better idea because of the attack manip, methinks.

friday 06/07/2012

I find mono nightmare pays off moe than half decks

Nice deck. I would personally change Scopica to Gerald because i really like copy: bonus opp.

thursday 05/07/2012


Interesting deck. smiley


Explains the basic things you need to know when you want to make a new deck.

Every Week.
ELo score will reset on Monday on another ELO Tournament.

Good Deck. But unsure if this deck could reach higher than 1300. smiley

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