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friday 05/08/2011

Maniiak's level 50 lotto - free!

Join for your chance to win one of the free cards!

wednesday 03/08/2011

Go Saho!!

monday 01/08/2011

3 x 1000 x 100 Lottery

smiley Daaaaaaaaaang

Sign up now! smiley

Details on event page

It says english not american or aussi

saturday 30/07/2011

This has beeen discontinued

Tried of losing do to a miss pill?
Think you have the best deck?
Come try playing with no pills.

I would trade it. and set my own price since its the only one!

70,000,000? ha, I'll ask for 140,000,000 !

friday 29/07/2011

wednesday 27/07/2011

This is my first event so don't hate.
This is open to all players that can speak English but only 32 can join, so join fast. the entrance fee is 500 clints but winner gets the jackpot so the prizes are good. The deck it type1 but cards perm banned are NOT allowed.
*I am also accepting donations*

Hey everyone!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with me, I run events regularly and have a wonderful group of competitive, well mannered, extremely selfless and generous regulars. These events have become known as the CC Circuit, which you can find more information on by checking out my profile and joining the FREE information event found there.

This event is going to be the 14th event of the CC Circuit and my 1st official team event. You should expect an extremely challenging event that will test each and every one of your Urban Rivals skills and will really push you to your limits. The formats I've created for this event are incredibly difficult. The best team really should come out on top in this event, though I genuinely expect everyone to have fun.

Basic information-

-Teams of 3 with one team captain.
-Multi format event that puts a huge emphasis on teamwork at each and every stage.
-An entire team advances or is eliminated at the same time. There is no individual advancement here.
-Generous prize payout, as always... My last event, AGGRESSION, cost 500 clintz to enter and the first and second place finishers are about to split a 50,000 clint prize pool.

Are you up for the teamwork challenge of a lifetime? Are you the best team of three in Urban Rivals? Can you handle any deckbuilding task and goliath of an opponent that is thrown your way? Prove it! Gather your best team of three and join-

CC's Epic Team Event

Please message me with questions =D Thanks!

tuesday 26/07/2011

I'm in it to win win it
you should enter to its a good prize

Is it over !!!!

monday 25/07/2011

Mods i have a one hgere alwready this is for the general forum since im giving an idea to the ppl.

Low draws are always going to happen eventually, and unfortunately, you have no control over who you're going to face when you get one. But what if the field was leveled--if everyone got a low draw at EXACTLY the same time?

Show your oppenents just how good you are when the unsung heroes of your deck are the only weapons you can wield! The stakes are high, the stars are low, and the deleted are about to begin!

The First Official Event That I've Created After Reach Level 40 smiley
The Rule Is Simple, Seems Everyone Love Football smiley
Only Need 16 Participants.
Fee 300 Clintz.
Winner Will Get 70% Of The Jackpot smiley
Runner-Up Get 10% From The Jackpot.

Here Is The Link >>> http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=52094


This lotto will begin on August 6th and end 2 weeks after. Everyone will be given 5 random numbers and if your number gets chosen from random.org you will be eliminated. However you may reduce your chances of being eliminated by giving me money to lower the amount of random numbers you have, all "bribes" will be put back into the prize pool and I keep nothing for myself.

sunday 24/07/2011

Read the question carefully. I do ask for they names in english. Hint the last part of the children's names means star in english.

And the entry is 5k smiley

saturday 23/07/2011


Whats your MagiBeast!

find the beast thats right for you,try to evolve it,capture new ones!

All in this awsome event!

CHECK EVENTS COMMENTS FOR HELP,and always be sure to check the event rules


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