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monday 16/01/2017

Oops my bad; I will close it then it can be passed on smiley

Pr Heraxyn Cr
Victory or defeat: +3 life

Heraxyn was a noble in the Empire of her universe. But after a fight with a monster of the Abyss she found herself tossed into a portal which lead to Clint city. She fought alone on the chaotic streets before meeting drake and Michael who reminded her of the Inquisitors of her Empire. She ended up joining the skeelz academy and is now a professor of Combat along side Cley and finds that chwing Jay and Drake are some of the best fighters she's met. But as soon as she got comfortable, Hive heard of her arrival and quickly made it their priority to send her back, before she learned of their Queen Mother.


It was just an example. of course the objects can be more/harder to get and the time to collect the cards reduced so less people earn the card so it won't drop in prize like a rocket when possible to sell them on the market. smiley

It equivalent to a credit.

Repeat opponents are typical when every opponent has been occupied. This is because when fighting again, your opponent who you just fought would be vacant making them a possible option for a random opponent.

sunday 15/01/2017

We need some stats to work with but it's hard to find out what's in a deck.

I mean it's rude to even ask imo

I've had a thought that CRs will always have a say in what these tiers are

I only wonder one thing will cancel oponent power and modif remove cancel oponent dmg modif. as in case harrow ld fases ymirah will their abilities cancel each other?

Alexei, Loma Noju, Spudd and Raoul are off choices.
Alexei to substitute Striker (and if you have 7 damagers in your deck, he's almost identically effective)
Loma is a potential 8/12 nuke, no support for winning alot of battles so I don't like him.
Raoul is a killshot 9/9 otherwise 9/6, he's too unreliable for my tastes.
Spudd is a roundwinner, but that 4 damage puts many people off.

5* A bit weak here, but has a few good choices.
Crazy Carlo is the tied best 5* IMO, that -4 DR is excellent but conditional. He's a 5* so not dealing damage with him is a bit wasteful, but big cushion and many opponents might not even suspect the offensive pilling, because of his ability.
LaFleur, I prefer because extremely stable damage, super reliable and intimidating.
El Gringo, I like using him in T2 mainly, but unopposed he towers 50% above your enemy. Decent usability.
Essie. Is unstoppable in a fight being a 10 power over your enemy's 5 or 6, but also too low damage wise to matter that much. If you have a 2-3 round winning deck, use her I guess.
Dallas is a virtual 9/8, while he's relatively stable he's also nothing special and not that synergetic. I already have Dorothy if I need to gap with a 9/8, he seems redundant. LaFleur is almost always better.

@KnowledgeLOA every popular game has been the same since it started, game devs with older games are going to find it extremely hard to add to their existing games whilst keeping the gameplay relatively the same for their fans/older players. The game devs find that making a completely new game is a much better idea, btw how is fantasy rivals doing?

On a side note. I TOTAAALLY wanna see a urban rivals tv show (maybe anime style perhaps?) i feel like they'd have a lot of great episodes.

No, they said he'd be available two months after the pack event they had for him.

saturday 14/01/2017

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Ok I found topic about it, I am closing this subject, sorry.

Thanks for informations smiley

Final animations for kids and slowpokes smiley

friday 13/01/2017

1) I like to have a big collection with loads of different cards so that if a card goes CR, the chances will be that I have it (it's a good feeling getting lucky). I definitely have some investments and tools too!
2) I have played all the clans, but the clans that I understand well are Frozn (by far), then Raptors then Nightmare.
3) One at a time, I am going through every clan. I have all the Frozn, and like 95% of the Raptors and HIVE. Now I am going for getting all the nightmare! I dream of getting Kerozinn Cr or Miss Twice Cr.

I use urdb.kirlad but i think it's the same XD

Piranas : 1,276,866 Clintz

if we exclude leader then it's
Fang Pi Clang : 389,763 Clintz

Do you keep on asking what the prizes everytime new missions come? No need to do that anymore!

Step 1: Add a lot active players as friends.
Step 2: Go to https://www.urban-rivals.com/community/social
Step 3:

Inflict 25 Damages with Gray
You earned 1 Credits and 0 missions points.

Remove 15 Life points from your opponents with Icaro
You earned 3 Credits and 0 missions points.

Do 25 Poison Damage with Araaknat
You earned 1 Silver Tokenz and 0 missions points.

Win 20 rounds with Quetzal in survivor mode
You earned 10 Credits and 0 missions points.

Win 10 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Quetzal
You earned 1 Gold Tokenz and 0 missions points.

Hope this will be helpfull to someone I saw some people ask so I' posting the results smiley

thursday 12/01/2017

Yes! Change the mission rewards. Getting 200 clintz from missions are not fun. smiley


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