thursday 03/03/2016

Okay, I think I can answer my own question. It looks like the formula is:

+2 clintz per round won
+1 clintz for a win

So, if you win all 4 rounds you get 8 clintz (4 rounds won x2) + 1 clintz (match won). During purge, if you had 4 Raptors (or Berzerks) in hand each gives you x2 for a total of 72 clintz (9 clintz xsmiley.
Winning 3 rounds (assuming you win the match) gets you 7 clintz (3 rounds won x2) + 1 clintz (match won).

Say I win a match by winning only 2 rounds: "you narrowly escaped from Warriorbr2014 (4-2) – your wins: 14 points and 5 Clintz" 4 clintz (2 rounds x2) plus 1 (match win).

Here's a weird one: "you drew with INMORTAN JOE (2-2) – your wins: 11 points and 3 Clintz" He won 3 rounds and I won 1 to salvage the draw. So do I get 2 for rounds won, plus 1 for a draw?
Losses seem to only give you 2 per round won but that's all: "you lost against GORKA-, A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR (0-4) – your wins: 8 points and 2 Clintz "

Ok, so I'm very confused. People can set their decks in public presets for duel and leaderwars, but coliseum can't get the same treatment? It's bugging me because I'm trying to find a decent deck for coliseum, but I can't actually find one because most presets fit this weeks coliseum preset.

wednesday 02/03/2016

U guys are nun but haterz

tuesday 01/03/2016

Yeah, Pussycats would be good. You can't go wrong with attack manip clans, possibly one like Saks that has a lot of life gain.

monday 29/02/2016

If you found a way to uninstall the updates, possibly, but idk.

The stench of de-feet: Win 40 rounds with Gary
We tie, we die: Win 5 000 fights ending in a tie
Juggernaut: Gain 100 attack with Rekved
Necrocannibalism: Lose 50 rounds with Tino
Kotton Kandy: Gain 30 life with Karmov
The Humpback: Inflict 50 poison damages with Quasichoco
WacDonald's: Use Wonald in 25 fights (win or lose, as long as you use him)

sunday 28/02/2016

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Can someone please help me, Ive gotten a few request from people wanting to join my guild but I cant find where to accept them even when I go too the link that kate sends.

saturday 27/02/2016

Im sorry new mod

I agree, they are just losing the plot now. All I see is promotion offers and absolutely nothing new. It is considered boring. DM is fun. I'm not even up for the discussion with staff if they can't keep a simple site active.

friday 26/02/2016

I want a Tanman plushie smiley

thursday 25/02/2016

smiley Yeah I visit them from time to time, great guild, anytime

tuesday 23/02/2016

Yesterday at 15:48
Well, Clover is banned for life, so if you want some defensive 3* for PC for elo, Choko's your man. I mean woman. I mean some deformed pink mess she becomes at lvl 3. You know what i mean.

I agree but she's just that; a pink, mediocre-good, mess.

monday 22/02/2016

- Option to lock the wheel and only be able to spin it when we have 100 tokenz OR if we pay x credits.
- Show at the app the time remaining at the tourney, our current position and points and the position and points of the next "important" position (if we are 160 show the 150th, if we are 67 show the 50th and if we are 4 show 1st). This can be shown at the bottom left and up right as there is space for it.

sunday 21/02/2016

You can read this interview about business and investiments:

If you have any question, ask me smiley

You can read this interview about business and investiments:

If you have any question, ask me smiley

friday 19/02/2016

Heaven Destroyer

Tuesday 09/02, 12:57

You can do the hq of season 1 whenever you want, they don't 'expire'.

you will get full reward no matter when you started playing or purchasing the QG

wednesday 17/02/2016

Buy packs. Clintz are highly inflated at the moment. Good packs are Mega New bloodz but only on release days (this Friday). Obviously Armageddon is the best if you can afford it. Good clans are Uppers, La Junta, Bangers and Raptors.

tuesday 16/02/2016

You don't have to pay credits to continue. Just start over.

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