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thursday 28/06/2012

The only part I really dislike about this new announcement was the very last line:

"X victories in a row" bonus won't be inserted in this battle points calcuation version

The whole purpose of those extra bonus points was to give the low star decks that win several games in a row with skill the ability to compete against high star decks that attempt to win games with 2HKOs. The extra time required to win games with those hands would not be penalized, assuming you continued to win. Without that, the low star decks become much weaker (despite the fact that the matchmaking system will be updated).

tuesday 26/06/2012

monday 25/06/2012

There was going to be more but people complained so they cut the number down.

thursday 14/06/2012

wednesday 13/06/2012

@BZwade15, most people use nanook or gaia, so a 9/4 and a 10/4 are pretty tough. They are typically use in halfdecks, so I wouldn't judge them in ELO. likewise, 3 clans are nearly immune to gheist and roots... Unless if all stop... Even so, some cards, such as liam, spycee, and what not are immune(not that anybody uses them). Gheist and roots are good ways of countering themselves.

If you don't have a good way of countering soa clans, then you've brought the weakness upon yourself. Karen is a good counter, for bangers youcan use randal or loocio for an 8/4, or kluwn for a 7/5, so they are semi stable. Berzerk has norman or bernie. I'd say that melanie is a fairly decent counter against most too. Fang pi has nakata, where even without ability makes an8/5, which can easily be used. 2 hit ko with heitachi(who is also stable against soa(fury to ko in elo)). Freaks have mira, in which is normally a 7/4. Since people would be satisfied with an 8/4 no ability, I think that stopsmileyower + 3 has equivalancy to 1 power(same case with karen) just depends how you look at it. Hula is an soa and sob avoider, and in desperate cases, bikini joe. Junkz has archie, whom is like mira and karen situation. You also have stikko, for a good 8/3, and a stable ability.

Not to hard for stability if you look at most resistant cards. Just remember to have some defense against soa in elo and you should be fine.

Other examples include: ashiko, beneccio, wardog, nahomi, ivana, jayzel, wanda, gianfranco, etc

monday 11/06/2012

Yey! Another two weeks of Spyke! I wonder what 90% of ELO players are going to have in there deck?

saturday 09/06/2012

Wat mission

thursday 07/06/2012

First of all, we don't look too high upon necroers.
Second of all, you're wrong.

monday 04/06/2012

Someone can tell me why the fight club says unknown error sometimes when we play against someone and not because it does not change the deck to play against friends that I meet me please

saturday 02/06/2012

I think there may be a problem in the mobile phone payment in the Philippines. I keep selecting it but it doesn't show the options.

thursday 31/05/2012

I think roots would benefit from a 7/7 poison 2 min 2...

Kalindra on the otherhand(judging by the previous leaders of newly added clans) is bound to be very strong(you know, unlike eyrton and what not)...

Ongh, dregn, and cortez all had 8 power, so we might see that...
Maybe she will be a 6/4 +1 pillz per damage, though that is highly unlikely... I think an 8/8 backlash might add some fun, but i digress.

In terms of vortex, i hope they get a good common/uncommon 4*, so that way the players low on funds can use them AND it stregthens mono for type extended. If UR wanted, i think people would be satisfied with a 7/2 support +1 life(basically suzie), but it would help make a difference in the clan(x-odus and dagg are highly priced, so best low priced 4* may be lehrg or kronnen and that 8/5 no ability(forgot name)). But that's just my oppinion on what id like to see tomorrow...

The other thing i thought i might bring up, is maybe we could get card support for frozn survivor. Sah brinak and tiwi are already support, but we might see more support for type standard, similar to jungo in type extended survivor i guess. Vague comparison, but you get my point

wednesday 30/05/2012

Normal players can't help. You need to contact support using the green ? in the top right hand corner of the page.

wednesday 16/05/2012

@UM_AaaBattery, not sure about that.
Melanie, lola, kostner, kenny, cutie, pan, along with 2 2*'s would make a very useful halfdeck(although most ppl are probably already done with this).

monday 07/05/2012

Last comment on next page

saturday 05/05/2012

I used to have that problem with that exact same format idk how it happened but it's fine now...

thursday 03/05/2012

Anuther necroer who can't read threads.

p.s its on the fight screen next to the chat tab.

friday 27/04/2012

@hobbyham, id take the credits. With my luck i can typically get a pack with enough card equity that can give me more clintz.

In the past i've gotten 2 tsubames, kolos, cortez, miss stella when she was new, spyke... But then theres also those packs where te best card you get is aigwon noel... Still taking the creds...

monday 23/04/2012

Detective Gums - Titan - Blowing Mindz Training English
Thursday 19/04, 16:45

I can't advance in some of the Ld missions. I have Naja Ld and Kreenk Ld's last mission.
Fraggle - Admin - Clint Staff English
Thursday 19/04, 17:46

@detective gums: we are aware of this bug, caused by a recent upgrade of the missions backend (otherwise quite better). It shall be fixed soon.

sunday 22/04/2012

Oh God. smiley smiley

saturday 21/04/2012

Of course the two LDs that I wanted most (Skeelz and Ulu Watu) are two of the last three released. smileysmileysmiley

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