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sunday 01/05/2011

In about 15 days, we'll get another Ld, most likely a female.

thursday 28/04/2011

If ur remove event vote system,there will be malfunction of event,scamming.
imagine 1 person making an event then put some entry fees and got some donations
prize : the winner takes all jackpot n donation
,and the event creator then create multi and win that event and since he doesnt need majority approval its really easy to do (i believe ur applied it to prevent this)
i know its really annoying to waiting in uncertain times smiley but it will be more annoying if ppl use an event only to scam and gain benefit for him/herself smiley
maybe lower minimal vote to 25% + 1 or 33% + 1 or just like dragon idea if certain times had been passed after event closed then the prize awarded automatically

saturday 23/04/2011

We need a brilliant Gheist LD or just a normal, we've waited so long smiley

friday 08/04/2011

G.H.I.E.ST, Montana, All Stars and Nightmare/Piranhas that's my prediction

sunday 03/04/2011

"Im sorry since when was Lou Arno noodile Yookie Rico Ratanah even OP in elo?
Shakra sure he is but the rest of the clan is not"

Individually they may not be overpowered, but together they sure are. You can make a half deck, all of 7 or 8 power, and with 4 - 5 damage each, with decent abilities like attack manipulation and DR, all with SOA, for just 13*? That half deck would cripple lots and lots of clans (Sakrohm, Vortex, La Junta, Fang Pi Clang). Then you have the added flexibility of choosing between 2 more DRs, a nuke, and an all stop? (Burdock). Heck you could even throw in a life gap card (Amanie) and suddenly you'd only need 2 rounds.

Unless the SOA clans are nerfed, there is just a revolving cycle: SOA (GHEIST, Roots) vs SOA strong (Ulu Watu, Skeelz) vs SOA weak (Sakrohm, La Junta) and even then SOA vs SOA strong isn't always a sure win smiley

What is with n/a price cards on the market?

saturday 02/04/2011

I just rick rolled urban rivals smiley

if you missed it heres the link again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0

monday 28/03/2011

I'll happily trade your 2000 clintz rewards for the three "20 Prize Draw" tickets I got.

That's the sad trombone reward if there ever was one!

friday 25/03/2011

Guessed 3 of 4 smiley

friday 11/03/2011

A heal freaks card should be
7/4 Heal 1 max 6

Can't wait for Jungo, Pussycats or the Junkz Ld!!

saturday 05/03/2011

It's a very old thread, and I agree with _wise_.

sunday 27/02/2011

This has nothing to do with the cards but the UR guys keep making cards based on books right? So it is in my opinion a great idea to put Mr Mumbles from invisible fiends in the nightmare clan, it would be the first actual SCARY monster and it is really creepy, REALLY CREEPY [so creepy Iellena should quit her day job if MM comes, like I said REALLY SCARY].

sunday 20/02/2011

Please dont bump , just ask a moderator or ask CS they sometimes give answers

thursday 10/02/2011

New cards come out tommorow! predictions are Bangers, Nightmare (both non-Ld), Uppers, and La Junta.

monday 07/02/2011

I for one really liked the updated version it showed card levels and got rid of the annoying hidden pill plus it was similar to the mobile version which i liked from the start

my friend always use kristin along with scubb in mono piranas (I watched him playing with it many times)

first thing that I notice, why kristin good is because it is not hard to win using piranas pillz manipulation

I played 97 times with piranas to get bonnie ld (Along with lots of winning lol.. 80 wins, 13 loses and 4 draw)
I really feel, it is pretty fun to play with piranas, even if you overpillz (and win), you can get those pillz back
you can use kristin potential to the fullest

hit them hard one round before with scubb, next round kristin is ready to attack, or can be used to block opp card, good example in 15 life ELO now would be ojibway

to add actually kristin presence alone bring pressure to your opp
no one said you need to use kristin straight away after you win one round before
because many cards are ability reliant, your opp will plan their move carefully (usually will not pillz excessively)
you can use another card to win again (and gain kristin ability again)

saturday 05/02/2011

THanks Euzebe now i can fuel my credits from my bank smiley

and dont have to use my iphone anymore , and very soon i will buy my first Titanium Pack smiley

ow and there are enough Dutch players around peeps , our guilds are performing very well also smiley

wednesday 02/02/2011

Yikes, Goralion, you don't get ANY of the good jobs, do you? I have never liked the content of a single thread that you have posted. Good job not getting kinda beaten down after a while.

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