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friday 08/04/2016


thursday 07/04/2016

If you want ot say hello or introduce yourself please use this thread: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=660559&subject_page=0

tuesday 05/04/2016

Maybe he got demoted. Obvious right?

saturday 02/04/2016

They're good if you can get some cards that allow you to pull off your bonus without losing too much.
The problem with the clan in mono ever since Tiwi Ld's ban is it has few options that let you safely pull off revenge without taking a ton of damage and possibly losing the match already.

Most often seen cards (more for half decks) -
5s - Drak
4s - Stompah, Rahanpah, Mikaal
3s - Lowki, Mahimatah
2s - Yodd, Titsouk

There's other staple cards like Nunavik being the go to SOA counter in mono, but usually you would supplement cards from the other half clan that work better than what's currently in Frozn. Ex - Aaron, really great in mono, not so great in half. Or Thorpah, but if you half decking with piranas, you would probably use Dalhia Cr instead anyways.

friday 01/04/2016

wednesday 30/03/2016

@What do I do in events?

read the rules, definitely
not all events are battle based
in case of flashmob, it needs you to post screens of your scores from game modes to be awarded points

Not you, the guy above you.

monday 28/03/2016

Yes, Rb Cards was a stupid, poorly implemented idea from the get-go but we're stuck with it now....smiley

saturday 26/03/2016

They've almost restored all the functionality that was lost during the upgrade.

friday 25/03/2016

And I'm not talking about play style of them. I'm talking about the design and contents.

thursday 24/03/2016

5- naginata. She was SOOO underrated 5 years ago. I bought for like 1000 clints and felt like a bad ass with her when i first started.

4- dyan. She's new but her art is great.

3- drake. I always appreciated his bio. He does have powers but he's still in skeelz and he's a prick. He reminds me of myself.

2- Christelle. Her art is very elegant. Her 1* art was my lock screen for a while

1- Hawkins. This little run away was my favorite card. I used to just have him in my collection just because.

wednesday 16/03/2016

You have a thread for things like this: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2428971&subject_page=last#answers


sunday 13/03/2016

But are they cards that aren't banned in Elo mode? Because if so, the filter works exactly like it's supposed to and the fault is in you not having done your civic duty of levelling the cards up.

smiley smiley Welcome

saturday 12/03/2016

No your star count stays the same and will keep increasing

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