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sunday 26/08/2012

A Singapore Guild hasnt win any international event before.. Hope we win atleast one smiley
Atb to everyone tho smiley

wednesday 15/08/2012

It can't be Dudley, he was just out a couple of months ago.

thursday 09/08/2012

Vortex OR Piranhas, Frozn Frozn Wildcard

wednesday 01/08/2012

MaddAddams was talking about Bonnie Ld 's secret mission: "The World's Most Dangerous Waitress". You can find it listed in the Piranas section of your mission list.

thursday 26/07/2012

I predict Pussycats Rescue Berzerk and Frozn

monday 23/07/2012

We are looking for people to help us testing Urban Rivals on Kindle Fire. In particular, we would need to know if you have no problem purchasing credits from the US with the Kindle fire. Here is the link to download the app on the amazon appstore : http://www.amazon.com/Boostr-Urban-Rivals/dp/B008L3B3JK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1343060769&sr=8-2

Thanks for your help

wednesday 18/07/2012

The collectors are not taken into account when working out the total % of your collection. The missing 1% is probally just a small difference between the programs which works out the %.

monday 16/07/2012

@He Who Is Him: All Lds will get released again sometime though the missions will be different.

sunday 15/07/2012

@steel That's right, baby. They're really pro.

friday 13/07/2012

Loving Frozn, but we need more characters fast! And i love to have Tiwi, but i think i missed out on his missions smiley

thursday 12/07/2012

Given it's Friday the 13th, a Nightmare would be fitting to the theme. Or a black panther for the Jungo. Or a goth for.. Any clan.

saturday 07/07/2012

How's it going E.Honda?

thursday 05/07/2012

Thank you for bringing back Extended 25 in Death Match.

friday 29/06/2012

@thaozal, yes thank you for the clarification, I appreciate it!

@kurutteiru, lol, I think hobbyham did, and then others threw in oppinions of it.

Now on a more related topic, I have a question. Remember how all you have to do is unlock the last mission, and then you can do it whenever to get the last reward with ld missions? Did they patch that, or is it still possible for me to finish all but last of say futoshis, then focus on dobbs, and then finish futoshi's after the cut-off date?

thursday 28/06/2012

The only part I really dislike about this new announcement was the very last line:

"X victories in a row" bonus won't be inserted in this battle points calcuation version

The whole purpose of those extra bonus points was to give the low star decks that win several games in a row with skill the ability to compete against high star decks that attempt to win games with 2HKOs. The extra time required to win games with those hands would not be penalized, assuming you continued to win. Without that, the low star decks become much weaker (despite the fact that the matchmaking system will be updated).

tuesday 26/06/2012

monday 25/06/2012

There was going to be more but people complained so they cut the number down.

thursday 14/06/2012

wednesday 13/06/2012

@BZwade15, most people use nanook or gaia, so a 9/4 and a 10/4 are pretty tough. They are typically use in halfdecks, so I wouldn't judge them in ELO. likewise, 3 clans are nearly immune to gheist and roots... Unless if all stop... Even so, some cards, such as liam, spycee, and what not are immune(not that anybody uses them). Gheist and roots are good ways of countering themselves.

If you don't have a good way of countering soa clans, then you've brought the weakness upon yourself. Karen is a good counter, for bangers youcan use randal or loocio for an 8/4, or kluwn for a 7/5, so they are semi stable. Berzerk has norman or bernie. I'd say that melanie is a fairly decent counter against most too. Fang pi has nakata, where even without ability makes an8/5, which can easily be used. 2 hit ko with heitachi(who is also stable against soa(fury to ko in elo)). Freaks have mira, in which is normally a 7/4. Since people would be satisfied with an 8/4 no ability, I think that stopsmileyower + 3 has equivalancy to 1 power(same case with karen) just depends how you look at it. Hula is an soa and sob avoider, and in desperate cases, bikini joe. Junkz has archie, whom is like mira and karen situation. You also have stikko, for a good 8/3, and a stable ability.

Not to hard for stability if you look at most resistant cards. Just remember to have some defense against soa in elo and you should be fine.

Other examples include: ashiko, beneccio, wardog, nahomi, ivana, jayzel, wanda, gianfranco, etc

monday 11/06/2012

Yey! Another two weeks of Spyke! I wonder what 90% of ELO players are going to have in there deck?

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