monday 28/05/2012

sunday 27/05/2012

Montana/Skeelz is a great combination. Pack your deck with a couple of heavy hitters -- Greem, Logan, Michael, Jay, and Donnie are good candidates. Then add the standard Montana walls/Spiaghi. Watch your opponent squirm.

Ok thank you Elim I'll try your Azel my love deck when the ban is lifted

saturday 26/05/2012

Pro tip: if you want to be able to compete in elo either A) spend real cash or B) Learn to play the game better by playing in DTs while earning clintz/credits at the same time. I haven't spent a dime on this game and about 2 months after i started playing i was able to hit 1200+ elo and after about 4 months i could hit 1300+ each week. I've also have won a DT have been top100 in elo and can afford any card outside of the Big 5 Cr's(which you can't really get by spending $$$ anyway). So i assure you can do well in this game w/o spending big bucks. But you need to put in some effort.

I understand soa is indeed scarce this week, even more reason to pack a little soa yourself to surprise them smiley

Junkz counterpart Sentinel have a stronger option imo


friday 25/05/2012

Bread and butter:
Rescue, Sentinels, Gheist, Piranas, Jungo, Montana, Nightmare
(the clans people use most in elo. Doesn't mean they're the best, just most used. If you play elo, you will encounter them.)

Flash mobs:
Berzerk, Uppers, Sakrohm, Freaks
(they only come out when one of their cards is unbanned. But when they do, they come out in droves.)

Wall paper:
Junkz, Skeelz, Roots, All stars, La Junta, Vortex
(no one trys to counter them, they hardly get onto the banlist. They hang around, ignored and forgotten.)

Pink elephants:
Bangers, Ulu watu, Pcats, FPC
(very rare in elo. Doesn't mean they suck, just rarely seen.)

Interesting deck. I would personally change Tino to Edd Cr (Desmond if you can't) and Ivy to Sharon.

Interesting deck. It might do well.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Cley to Praxie and Deebler to Lorna.

Nice deck. I would personally change Gatline to Arnie and Isatis to Bryan (I find Isatis a bit too weak to Stop Opp: Ability).


Gretchen is not op she worth as much as methane.
Hint: min 10 , most cards do 4 damage , sometimes 4 heal offset by methane ko threat possibilities

wednesday 23/05/2012

Good decks. The first one looks amazingly stable and flexible. A good example of why, with the right build, Roots are still a little OP.

@URHunter: Puff is a defensive card, fine wall to make sure that ur opponent does not win a round with a few pills. It still delivers SOB as the rest of the clan.

Vortex is a good clan to run with La Junta. Dagg, Deea, C Wing and Cyb Lhia are a good 11-star half-deck to use. If you want a bit more SoA to threaten endgame fury counters through DR, use X-0DUS instead of Deea and work Wyre into your La Junta half.

tuesday 22/05/2012

Deck seems okay, but I think Frozn will always be better in half decks.

monday 21/05/2012

The best way to beat it is to just inflic enuth damage on your opponent so there life points are below yours.

Nice deck. I would personally change Dalhia to Selma.

Trippie is right, I think the idea of versing Frozn is to out damage them in a split 2/2 (2 rounds each) match, having DR to nullify their big round on command (or force their hand by threatening a block round 3/fury round 4) is the key. Clans like Uppers or Sakrohm would suffer because Frozn have the ability to throw a round to set up a big round 4.

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