sunday 26/06/2011

deleted prizes will change


I am taking part in an event and as a challenge we need to create an event and get as many people, green faces and comments as possible.

Please join BB-WW's event, rate green, leave a message and hopefully win a Herman.

saturday 25/06/2011

The battle of the beats between the junkz and the bangers,who does music better? Well it's time to find out.
entrance fee 500 clintz
1st place 60%of pot
2nd place 30%of pot
3rd place 10%of pot

friday 24/06/2011


The seat for this event is now full. Once you applied, you will be placed on the waiting list.
If there a opening when someone in the event forfeits. I'll let you in by the order in which you applied.

thursday 23/06/2011

I agree he only sent 1 message and people act like he is flooding your inbox ..dont complain heck he is giving great prizes

Link is deleted
since the other link got deleted...
2 more spots left

wednesday 22/06/2011

Lots of draws happening too

You don't need a referral to join, just a fair play rating of green or better (5% or less dropped battles) and a desire to be part of an active community.

Good question.... technically Lds are free cards, but you need to own cards to be able to earn the Ld cards so they arent really free. I should probably pick a set price for Ld cards. ill get back to this later

Card Creativity Contest

And here is something different...
You will not have to fight,but only to propose a card.
1)The card that you will come up with must belong to an existing clan
2)It must have maximum 8 power and maximum 8 damage,maximum 5 stars but anything as an ability.
3)You must right a short description about this card.
4)You must present all of the card's level(for example 1st:1/1,2nd:5/3 and so on)
5)You cannot change your mind,when you have written your answer,so think well before answering.
6)All the asnwers must be written in the Italian forum section.

(Warning:The winner's card will not become a real a card of the game,just a design)
And here are some designs from Dxm_Kner21:

Prizes:The winner will be chosen by AOR_kner21
He/She will win El Gringo and his idea will be designed by him.(Warning:The winner's card will not become a real card of the game,just a design)

monday 20/06/2011

Good vs Evil vs Neutral

This is the 11th event of the CC Circuit. My events offer unique formats, amazingly talented, fair, and friendly regulars for a wonderful and pleasant environment, and ridiculous prizes compared to entry fee. If you've not played in one of my events before you have no idea what you're missing and I strongly urge you to join the CC Circuit immediately.

In this particular event all the clans in UR are divided into one of the three categories (good, evil, or neutral) and you'll have to pick one at the start of the event and stick with it. Then, using only those clans, you'll play multiple unique deck formats and duke it out against the other players. Eventually, the event will cut to a top 8, a top 4, and of course a finals in which both players will walk away with prizes that far exceed the value of what they shelled out to play.

So, can you handle the fun, difficulty, and deck building challenges offered on the CC Circuit? There is a reason my events are so popular and my regulars continue to play over and over again. It's also not a coincidence that once players play an event of mine they tend to play all of my future events too. Do you know why that is? My events are a blast! Choose your side and join Good vs Evil vs Neutral today!

Doppiamente RoCk AnD LoL

Hello urban! This is a free lottery for the 2* birthday of our guild RoCk aNd LoL stay tuned and have fun!

Right now my profile was visited 28666 times. If in one month from now I have 50,000 profile visits, I offer 1 card amounting to 10,000 Clintz to 10 players.

If in the deadline does not have the 50,000 visits, do not pay anything. Would they?

Do not waste time, and spread the word among your friends.


Is it possible to give cards out as prizes, im trying to set up a event with that in mind but i have no idea how to do it, or if its even possible


Congratulations to locored on winning this lotto. Private sale sent for 50 clintz.

Free lotto for all!!!! free lotto, a lot of cards to be added. The more people who join the more card I will add. The lotto will be drawn the 14th of July. The winners will be decided by Join today and try your luck and see if you will win a card smiley


Free lotto for all!!!!

So far we have already 5 brave players who entered.
1. jroy
2. NeoNoire
4. DvF-Morgana
5. Travis {TAB}

Anymore players there willing to join? smileysmileysmiley

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